The Truth About The Square

No, the spinning red bar isn’t shrinking, it remains the same size the entire revolution. Just come inside, I’ll explain.

square pi

    NOTE: Both lines are the same size

What if we turn the square on its angle as suggested by the diagonal line that rests in the seeming middle? When we do this the line rests vertically in the middle. If we place its sister horizontally on top we see a cross in the middle. A cross that suggests a circle.

square pi cross

By placing the “larger” cross back on top you really see the suggestion that is made.

square's radiance

Now look what happens when you add more layers.

full radiance

If you add even more layers the jaggedness will seem to disappear and you will be left with something like this:

the eye

If you add an infinite amount of layers the black core will seem to disappear and you will be left with this:


The core sinks into the circle creating a spiral that in turn creates this:


Wow. Three dimensions created from one dimension. And look at the shape it makes. One radiant spike (spheres are composed of an infinite amount of these babies). Now you can see how the circle gets into that infinity problem. Just like the square it contains an infinity. But which one came first? The circle or the square? Neither. They both need each other to exist. The only way for the circle to fit in the square is by shrinking it (and vice versa). The square does nothing. It sits there looking pure (this is why we think we can be pure, no such thing, the purity comes from the diversity), but it actually contains this infinite energy. Energy it gets from its internal circle, but how do you shrink something that is perfect? Pi tells you the circle is far from and the square really shows you why.

The square seems finite, but the bar in the seeming middle cannot turn without puncturing it so it shrinks and then stretches back out when it finds the middle again. Notice the shape it makes as it does this. The points between the cross become round, but it seems that the quickest way to get from one cross arm to the other is a straight line creating a triangle. The apex of the triangle points to the hint. If you both meet in the middle you create the arc.

When we arrive at the apex we choose which way to go together. If we are smart we go forward because we see all of the friction behind us. Which way is forward? Whichever way we perpetually choose. The arc is made when we realize we can get to the halfway point up the triangle’s plane and take a leap of faith together to the middle of the next by traveling on what? Nothing. But something is definitely there. We subvert time by doing this. This is why religions and philosophies are still with us to this day. It’s why Shakespeare’s tales are timeless. He knew how to exploit the leap of faith.

The horizontal and vertical crosses show friction at the middle. Only when you spin it do you see how you enjoy more consistent movement in perpetual time than friction. Now imagine what happens if we spin it clockwise one way for a spell and then counter-clockwise another way for a shorter spell then back all haphazard like. It would be a relative mess. That’s why we like our clocks moving clockwise and usually give 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock as well as 12 o’clock certain significance. All occur everyday twice a day, but only the poles (12 o’clock) overlap. Within a split second we go from AM to PM and PM to AM. Time’s nuclear reaction. We got time from the universe. Well, the illusion of time at least. If we want to subvert it we would stop all of our clocks. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare?

We triangulate everything because that’s how we measure things. Measuring is a curious concept. Why does it matter to know the exact size of things when there is no such thing as an exact size? Triangulation shows us this. If you follow stars while on a ship you follow an apex of a triangulation. You and your destination complete the trinity. Your vision is even triangulated, we stand in the middle of the road we see an apex pointing to our destination. Even if the road winds, we just follow the winding apex. When we reach these apexes they just snap into bases. we make constellations by triangulating. We think we’re quantifying something. But the illusion of the big dipper loses form the closer you get to it. It’s really just a trick of forced perspective. See, every time you attempt to quantify something it expands (just like my posts always do).

The square seems to pass the circle’s pi test with ease when it makes four turns and lands on the number that represents its composition (4). It even finishes ahead of the so-called perfect circle. But that’s only because it possesses its own dirty little secret. Square’s been juicin’ on some circle hormones. He saw how circle did that infinity trick and injected the round fella inside of him. When the circle tried to bust out it just gave the square life. This is why it takes the bishop longer to travel the same relative distance than the pawn.

Yeah, there’s also a pro baseball angle there. The seemingly perfect game rocked by imperfection. But not really, the game’s always had its problems. If it didn’t then Jackie Robinson wouldn’t have had to sign a contract that said he couldn’t retaliate if people spit on him.

Yep, that’s us. We figured out how to split nothing and now we walk around like we own the place. That ability was a gift and
it didn’t start with Einstein (my dude) or Fat Man and Little Boy, we split that sucka well before them. Let’s just step back a bit and take a look at the Ancient Egyptians and their pyramids (again).


In most pictures of the Giza Pyramids the middle pyramid appears to be the largest, but it’s actually smaller than one and larger than the other. The flanking two pyramids actually seem to be the same size. But then look, you can clearly see how they are staggered. Something looks funny here. Look at the picture below to see how the illusion works.

pyramid view

If you are on the ground and view the pyramids from the angle suggested by the red arrows you will see the pyramids as they actually exist. If you view them from the angle suggested by the orange arrows you will be duped. The circle encompassing everything shows you all of the the different degrees that you can view the illusion. If you walk along this circle the pyramids will seem to dance. They will go from the illusion to the truth to the illusion to the truth to—you get the point.

Air possesses an inherently harmful ingredient to life, the trees break this down so we can breathe it. If it is clean it’s like a damn Red Bull. The trees are able to do this because they are more complex than the most advanced computer program. A tree possesses a tree trunk that when it is severed quickly shows you how long it’s lived for and that it had some more life to go. Remember each ring represents a thickness it once was and inside those rings we see the process it to took to get there (the fractions). Then you have their shapes, the shorter ones have rounded, almost spherical shapes, the larger ones a more cone-like shape. Also, the trunk rises to a point and breaks off into branches that surround it. These branches are just little trees. Relatively diverse little trees that give the tree its illusion of fullness. A fullness that apexes at the top to receive the air. It traps it inside of itself, holds in some of the carbon dioxide and filters out the clean air through its “little trees.” The tree gets denser at the bottom because that’s where the animals reside who need it. As I said above vapor travels on the air. The vapor contains the carbon dioxide. The trees absorb it and shoot out the pure air through their complex circulatory system of branches. It’s not 100% pure, it still has a little carbon dioxide in it, but not enough to harm you. Just enough to remind you where you came from. You understand the tree and you understand why the Egyptians built those pyramids.

Now here’s where nothing gets really crazy and literally smacks you in the face.

Notice how Buster can’t get past the wall (I know it’s his genius and not the wind) of air’s seeming middle. That wall is as impenetrable as concrete. But this wall possess a radiance that is more dynamic than concrete. It radiates constantly and for long periods of time. So does concrete, but it’s dull, seemingly lifeless. Now here’s where are universal quantifiers numbers come in we go from 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then to something plus nothing which gets you 10. Notice how an imperfect number palindrome happens. Look at it this way.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0

When when you add another nothing to the list it grows larger than if the nothings weren’t there. Just relax, take a deep breath. Don’t think, just look, it’s right there. Notice how the the two “little” somethings mirror the nothings. But the numbers inside them do not, But they are a seeming perfect set of 8. You have to account for nothing because a basket CAN and will be empty before it is filled with apples.

This is what Noah’s Ark was really about. We just busied our mind worrying about how he could build a boat big enough to house an incredibly ridiculous amount of diverse life. Had to find them and get one female (-) and one male (+). The sequence above finds them in both groups for infinity. That’s a big boat. The “arc” is created by the suggestive bend of zero. If these numbers are going backward and forward for infinity then that means they cannot truly be quantified because 5 is no bigger or smaller than 50,000,000,000. At that point you also question the veracity of the somethings in the nothings. Are they really somethings. Nope, looks can be deceiving. They can become infinite by being broken down into fractions of themselves, both positive and negative. But notice where the positive and negative cousins reside, on polar opposites. In the illusory world of the somethings only by adding nothing can you expand further and faster. But check this out:

-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5

5 and -5 are separated by 9 digits. Damn, that is a huge expansion. How does something duplicate and move that fast to arrive at two different locations at the same time. They are polar opposites. And as you can see there are an infinite number of polar opposites. And there are various degrees of separation. +5 and -5 are essentially the same because they behave in similar ways, but they are different. -5 + -5 gets you -10, +5 + +5 gets you +10. But -5 comes before -4 and +5 follows +4. If you merge -5 and +5 together you get nothing.


If +5 is something and -5 is a fraction of nothing then why do we get nothing? We should get a number like 10. Not as prominent, but at least something like 05. Looks a little more substantial than a lone zero. Here’s the trick, +5 is also a fraction of nothing. And it shows you how the illusion of time works.

Let’s open up one to find out. We’ll do one because it’s easy and seems the most pure. When you crack him open you can get things like .5 an -.5. What in the hell is a negative point five? If my basket contains have an apple it can also not contain half an apple. This has to be, the numbers suggest it. By breaking down wholes you move ahead. Purity leads to tension which leads to the atom splitting. When you break down the wholes into fractions and then break those down and those down you begin to see the spherical nature of numbers. A spherical nature delivered by triangulation. 5 and -5 triangulate at zero or nothing thus making 0 the apex. When you break -5 and 5 down into fractions and then break their fractions down you discover the same phenomenon, the middle is always nothing (purgatory). But you need the nothing to build the something, that’s where the radiance seems to begin. But you can still break down nothing so what gives?

Oh, I get it. You gotta see the overlap. If the poles of our existence are space and matter then what ties them together? Vapor. We are solid, but when we die our flesh or illusion vaporizes leaving behind a white ghost. The vapor then moves about the air. That moment when the vapor meets the air and seems to transform into nothing is where the overlap happens. It’s what perpetuates the illusion. Death is life. Remember, vapor is the “spirit” form of a solid. Air breaks it down and facilitates its journey back. This is the literal eternal life.


On one side of the number spectrum you have negative and on the other positive, in the seeming middle you have nothing. If zero resides between negative and positive and represents nothing then what is the difference between positive and negative? There really isn’t one, the difference is superficial at best. One quantifies something, the other quantifies nothing. The core of something is nothing. That includes your cells. Everything is porous because everything has to be in order to expand, shrink, divide and vaporize.

Empty Pool 02s

In order to fill up this pool with water we have to determine how much water is needed. How do we do this? By measuring the nothing of course. There’s way more nothing in that empty pool than in an empty cup.

If we want to know what 5 multiplied by 70 is we simply multiply 7 and 5 and then tack on that zero. If we wanted to do 70,000,000,000 times 5,000 we do the same thing. Those big bad hybrids of something and nothing expand so fast because of the nothing. All we have to do is add them up to get a preview of what is to come. We even break them up into groups of three to make things easier. Tallying up the nothings in the above problem gets you 0,000,000,000,000. We know that since there is a lone zero we will have to add two more digits to complete the number. Let’s go even bigger. 45,000,000,000,000 multiplied by 7,000,000,000. Just the zeros gets us 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 That means the number that precedes it will be three digits. Sure enough we get 315,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. The numbers contain hints to how you can make something with nothing. Adding the relative diversity of numbers creates the illusion of wholeness. But all that nothing means something because they represent the seeming middle or core of all numbers. When you get a check for $500,000 you jump for joy because you know those zeros represent a whole fraction. Go out and spend a buck and you’re left with $499,999. Look how one dollar eliminates all of the nothings. This happens because the number has expanded. If I take one away from 5 I get a simple 4, a simple snatch of a whole, but if you take one away from 5,000,000,000,000 you have to break it down in 17 increments to correspond with the digits.


5 Responses to “The Truth About The Square”

  1. 1 JimmyBean October 1, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  2. 2 irisoniris September 20, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I stopped reading at “Square is the Winner…” to gather my bearings and I will read again after a brain-rescuing nap. LOL. i have at least 4 PhD level math lessons that I want to write down, no matter how long it takes, as a proof that you’re dead-on in some parts and not so far off in others. and you didn’t even study them! that’s so unfair. LOL.

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