Let’s Go To Hell!


    (WARNING: Adult Content)

Hell is more than likely not this. Perhaps Hell is a word that evolved to describe the evolution of our negative actions. The same applies to Heaven. But since Halloween is coming up fast let’s slather on our sunscreen and take a trip downtown.


Ever notice how the dynamics in waiting rooms are uncannily similar no matter where you are? Minimal eye contact, minimal conversation, but lots of curiosity (watch all those eyes study you as you enter). The only aberration is the outgoing (typically male) character who feels the need to regale the group with mundane commentary. He usually is only able to engage one or two fellow “waiters” with his conversations about the weather or the Cold War era issue of Golf magazine.

You will also find similarly ubiquitous dynamics in high schools, workplaces, grocery stores, sporting events, preschools, etc. The dynamics, no matter where and when, are eerily similar. A basketball game played in Madison Square Garden isn’t that much different than one played in the Staples Center.

Three thousand years ago we didn’t have car repair shops, but the dynamic that exists in that shop’s waiting room had to come from somewhere. All right, now that that is out of the way, let’s get serious.

What is the difference between a man who murders an innocent person and a soldier who kills his enemy?

Perception. That’s it.

The soldier, no matter how much he is told his actions are justified has trouble dealing with them. As a result he may sink into his own personal hell. On the other hand, the murderer’s actions have a profound effect on the living. His actions cause them to live in fear of others who may commit similar acts. Now get this, the soldier’s actions have the same effect on the people of the country his country is at war with and the murderer may also experience the same personal hell the soldier does. Yeah, killing is a hard thing to justify no matter how much you dress it up. But is it necessary? it doesn’t have to be. Of course many will think this to be idealistic hogwash and that’s fine because none of us will be around to see the time when we fully understand the macabre comedy of the fact that killing only leads to more killing. As I said in another post, the only thing the winner of a war gets is the opportunity to fight again and that is what they inevitably do.

Now if a man chooses to lend a hand to another and a soldier as well as his enemy refuse to fight, well, that gets us a little closer to the literal pearly gates.


What if Germany won the war and the rest of the world got on board with this extermination business and began taking out their “unsavory” types? What would the world look like now? A lot different. The oppressed minorities would be living in hell and so would their oppressors because they would live in constant fear of insurrection. You cannot hold a group of people down. They ALWAYS rise up. What we would have is war after war, civil unrest after civil unrest. You cannot cap a volcano.

Okay, so Germany lost and what did they do to repent? Nothing, just made it possible for this to occur:

That’s how you do it folks. Evolution is a beautiful thing when we want it to be.


Okay, let’s deal with this homosexuality equals evil business. Mutual love between two consenting ADULTS is never wrong. All gay folks want to do is get married, raise families and pay taxes. Man and woman represent positive and negative just like our magnetic poles—north and south. Now what rests in between these poles? All sorts of diverse shades of gray:

There goes your LGBT community. Oh, and straight guys who assume your sexuality is rigid because you are not “attracted” to men, I just want to inform you that sexuality is tenuous at best. You are only attracted to the illusion of a woman. A slender man with soft features and a wig can fool many of you. Hey, I’m not going to to make the argument that everyone is bisexual, but I will make the argument that everyone is sexual. I know it sounds like a riddle, but just think about it for a moment.

Oh, and we must get over this Puritanical fear of sex we have. Yes, promiscuity can be dangerous. The same way going through a forest and picking and eating random berries can be, but the act itself and the pleasure it brings is nothing to be afraid of.


The devil is thought to be the personification of evil. And that is true to a certain extent, but he really is no more than a composite of behavioral vapor. Let’s look at gang violence. It plagues many cites all over the world. As a result, those who live amongst it begin to paint with a broad brush—all young minority youth must be no good. What this creates is a self-perpetuating Catch-22. In the minds of those not involved in gangs the problem becomes incredibly dense. Kind of like water vapor absorbed by clouds over one patch of water and then exhausted elsewhere. The gang dynamic as well as the fear of it spreads this way. There goes your devil. It’s just a concept. A word that evolved to explain a literal phenomenon. Just like Heaven, just like sunshine, just like wind, just like God.

More of Mr. Bosch (the artist behind the painting above) here.


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