Jesus Christ


The above image is a photo-mosaic comprised of many different interpretations of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, by fusing them all together you get a more accurate representation of how Jesus actually looks……now. I say this because the idea of Jesus is ubiquitous. It is the various images of him that differ so drastically and as a result we get Jesus Vapor. Now if we have all of these different interpretations which one is the most accurate? Is it the European looking one with the long flowing hair or the Semitic-looking guy or was he black or Latin in appearance? If these disparate views exist in the minds of believers all over the world then the “real” Jesus is actually a composite of them all. Jesus is such a dense belief that even if he never existed he is made real in the minds of billions. This dense belief is the resurrected Christ, but it is a constant process as the images continue to evolve. This vapor is the literal Holy Ghost.

jesus mosaic detail

    Jesus mosaic detail

There is an ongoing debate between those who believe he was an actual being and others who think he is a composite of other hero figures who preceded him (the above image is part of promotional material for the film The God Who Wasn’t There which discusses the same issue) and amongst the believers there is an internal debate over what he may have looked like. I posit that everyone is right to a certain extent. Jesus has now become a figure that exists in the minds and hearts of those who believe in him. If he contains a few parts Hercules and a few parts Mithra then so be it. It’s called evolution and Jesus nor Hercules or Mithra are exempt.

If you are saying Jesus is the result of a collective belief then can’t you say the same about Mickey Mouse?

Not exactly, Mickey Mouse is not a belief, he is (at the moment) universally accepted as a fictional character. A more accurate comparison would be a pop culture figure like Michael Jackson. Now that he has died his “legend” is only going to grow. Imagine how civilizations thousands of years into the future will view him.

I’m not saying that Michael Jackson is on the same level as Jesus. But just imagine if you had no idea who Michael Jackson the physical being was and then you see some low-quality image of this man who looks like no other human dancing like no other human. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even in a thousand years we won’t see another entertainer like MJ. Suffice it to say, our descendants are gonna freak out. Actually, they may not get a chance to see him at all.


I foresee a new oral tradition arising after all of our analog mediums degrade and digital ones are wiped out. I know it may sound crazy to the folks of today, but someone like Michael Jackson could become a savior-like character in a few thousand years. The notion of celebrity evolved from figures like Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Hercules, Horus, Dionysus, et cetera so it is not too far-fetched to think that our most celebrated figures of today may become mythological in the future.

Celebrities possess relatively rare abilities that is why the greater population celebrates them. They live extravagant lifestyles because of all of the gifts (money) we lavish on them and we seem to find nothing wrong with one man owning a house with ten bedrooms and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. We justify such excess by telling ourselves that he earned it and if we work hard enough we can afford the same. Then there are all of the sacred texts devoted to our celebrated few. Next time you’re in a supermarket waiting in line pick one up and try your hardest to forget everything you know and give it a flip through. Now imagine all you had as reference was that magazine. What would you think of human beings circa 2009? Now think about that same thing when you’re in church Sunday and you’re directed to open your bibles to Daniel 2:25-30.


The Book of Revelation contains some of the most awesome surrealism you will ever see devoted to print and it just begs for a director like Guillermo del Toro to bring it to the big screen. It reads like a transcribed dream. Just a macabre mess of horrific imagery and passive barbarity. Many fear this all going down in their lifetime, but when an event like this does happen I don’t think there will be horsemen or seals on foreheads or poisoned rivers or tormenting locust-like creatures, but it will indeed be surreal because it will be like no other force we have ever witnessed. Something kind of like this…

How would someone during the time the Bible was written describe such an event? Well, you might get something like what is described in Revelation. Even after the Armageddon bit happens we still live on because all our matter is now sent out into the universe, as a result you may become part of a star while I add to Jupiter’s mass. Literal resurrection. Literal reincarnation. Now some of the matter stays behind and over time will help to steer the evolution of new life. Possibly big giant lizards with thick skins to protect themselves from the intense heat. Just a crazy idea, don’t quote me on it.

These kind of unfathomable destructive events are incredibly relatively rare. But here’s something pretty cool, in 2012 Eros, the second-largest Near Earth Object on record will pass Earth. Kind of like a preview of things that “may” come. Now here’s something even crazier—it may be possible to stop one of these things from hitting us without firing a single rocket (just scroll to the last segment).


4th century Sarcophagus, Vatican

Please do not read this post as a debunking of your Savior. Just note that your view of Jesus differs from your neighbors but the feeling is the same and that is the most important thing and together with countless others you form the literal body of Christ and no one can deny the love that you feel because that love is real. Some of you are all alone right now, but feel the presence of love. Don’t let me or anyone else discourage that. Just remember, love is love no matter what it looks like.


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  1. 1 Johan Christian September 27, 2009 at 4:52 am

    We proclaim the person of Jesus Christ in every message. Johan Christian

  2. 2 Lawrence November 6, 2009 at 5:49 am

    How do I get the complete digital image of this “Believe” Jesus mosaic picture? Thank you!

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