The New War

Health Overhaul Protest

If a country has the means to offer universal health care to its citizens then it must. For how can it justify spending billions to kill others in order to protect its citizens? Isn’t health care also a form of protection? Diseases are like terrorism. Actually much worse because when they hit an area they spread and mutate. In order to protect our citizens from this biological terror no bombs need to be dropped or lives ruined.

The real reason this health care business has divided the country (again) is some in the majority believe that this new president who they believe represents the minority is trying to take their wealth and give it to poor minorities. The most troubling part of this way of thinking is that much of it is dictated by cable news celebrities. Now cable news is not unlike the WWE. The personalties may use their real names instead of clever monikers but the act they put on is the same. A lot of grandstanding, boasting and just outright lying without any accountability. Unfortunately since many people trust those that bring them the news they walk outside, hoist up a sign and repeat the lies they just heard on TV while the “characters” laugh all the way to the bank.

I implore people all over America and for that matter the world to stop busying themselves with the volatile dressing and focus on the real issue. Who should die and who shouldn’t? Many thought we needed to kill many inoccent civilians to get to a few bad guys in order to PROTECT life in this country. We spent billions to do this. Billions of your money for what can be described as violent socialism. Just think about it for a moment—the government takes fractions of our money, balls it up in a big ball and uses that massive wad to purchase weapons that a volunteer army uses to kill others. Unlike peaceful socialism that spreads wealth, violent socialism spreads death and destruction. And the resulting body count is excused because it is deemed necessary to protect the invading nation’s people. The irony present here is that many who oppose universal health care were advocates of the war in Iraq. Does this mean they only dig socialism if its purpose is death and not life? When you ponder this throw out all of the political rhetoric and just concentrate on the central issue of who should die and who shouldn’t. When you figure that out then you can take your stand.


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