The Swiss Cheese Phenomenon


Every single thing in the universe is porous or full of holes. This is due to the fact that nothing exists in everything. No object or living thing is 100& dense. If it were it could not have been formed or later broken down. Even a block of steel is porous. Each seemingly dense layer contains holes. Matter of fact, if you were small enough (ridiculously tiny) and patient enough (monk-like) you could work your way through the block from top to bottom. The path wouldn’t be a straight line, more like a maze—a maze with many different pathways and as a result an infinite number of possibilities.

We dig putting our dead in boxes. But the tricky fact is the dead always find a way out. See, our matter breaks down and then breaks down some more and then that particulate matter breaks down and so on and so on forever. Since the coffin is porous like everything else this beyond microscopic matter seeps into it and because this matter continues to break down it escapes and becomes virtually nothing.

Go ahead, stuff yourself in an iron box, you’ll escape that too. Of course it will take much longer, but eventually you’ll get out. And also consider the fact that the coffin and the iron box are both breaking down as well. Same goes for those air-tight ones. They will not be air-tight forever. Hell, they are not air-tight now. Air is such a magnificent force that it always finds a way in. In the case of an air-tight box, just not enough to cause much damage, but it is resilient, it knows no time.


You can also hear this phenomenon. Just listen as a falling leaf makes its way to the ground. Also, when you look at a forest from above it seems dense, impenetrable…


…but from ground level you are able to see its pores. Pores that fragment light and space.


Okay, that’s cute, but what about this guy here:


I thought I already went over this. I know that the ball seems solid, but when you get in there and give it a good look it looks something like this:


Now imagine that magnified a few more billion times. I know it’s not possible at the moment to do that. But it is a possibility because that viewpoint exists. We just can’t see it…yet.

Get back on track man.

Oh, okay, well your precious ball started out as this:

Steel Industry

That should tell you all you need to know about its eventual fate. it may seem solid and impenetrable now but it will be broken down. The primary culprits will be air and it’s fraternal twin water. Air is such that as soon as a so-called solid object is exposed to it it works it’s way through the myriad mazes and over time reduces it to seemingly nothing. Water works in similar, yet different ways. Drop the steel ball above in a tub of water and it will begin to rust and each rusted layer will break away from the larger mass and over time it will be reduced to nothing, but it will still exist in its entirety, it just will no longer be the dense mass it once was. This is the expansion. We do it. Everything does it. Particles come together, they remain dense for relative time-frames and then they disband and expand. Hey, I like that, it rhymes.

Air seems to be nothing, but it literally is a whole lot of something. Just as the leaves that fall from trees eventually turn into soil, the matter that air breaks down becomes air itself. The very thing that keeps us erect while simultaneously bringing us down. It is the same force that allows our celestial bodies to dance. It becomes magnetic when it blends with the radiance of these bodies. The more radiant the body, the more magnetism it produces. Visualize the sun and the planets as Koosh balls, all different sizes.


The radiance is represented by the rubber hairs. The sun of course possesses the most radiance. The sun’s radiance is so expansive that it reaches all the way to the outer limits of our solar system. Actually it’s radiance defines our solar system’s radiance. All the planets are locked up in this and since the sun is so big and so dense it rests in the center. Orbits are created when the shorter “hairs” of the planets lock into the larger radiance. They begin rotating independently as well. It’s kind of like a 360-degree version of this:

Moons which are not as radiant get locked into the radiance of the planets they satellite. They are invaluable because they keep the planets from spinning out of control. Remember, radiance is just a fancy term for the virtually invisible particulate matter each body emits. This is just a theory folks (like everything else on this damn blog), don’t take this one to the bank just yet.


    “Man, you only think you fast because you got everybody and their mama tellin’ you that, but where would you be without me? Huh? Answer that question. What if you had no space to move in? Wouldn’t be so fast then! Would ya? Didn’t think so. Now go get me a sandwich.”

Without space the speed of light could not be determined. Shine a flash light on an object from two feet away, now back up a few hundred feet, now a few thousand feet, now a few billion. At some point the light will not be visible against the object, but the space between the light and the object is constant.

Yes, I often refer to the Great Nothing as God (a word that evolved to describe a literal thing that’s been crafting and shaping long before we were a twinkle in evolution’s eye) since it is ubiquitous. I know that may be troubling to some. If you are one of those folks, no problem, you can just call it nothing and still be right. Funny thing is that philosophy may be more controversial than the God-talk. How can we all be right? Well, it goes back to the Center(s) of the Universe idea I refer to constantly. Everything simultaneously resides in the center because the universe is infinite in all directions thus its center is everywhere—from a single-celled organism to a massive star to little ol’ you.


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