The Universal Equation


    Greetings, this is Spaceman’s Hairdo from Y2K+14, D14/M11. If you like this bit check it out in its evolved form.

    The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics…the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word.
    Galileo Galilei

I have beaten this one into the ground, but there is more to the curious relative shape than I first thought. We already know that he is a lowest common denominator of sorts because he divides up every damn thing.

Now I know some of this stuff is a bit abstract to some so with this post I’m going to try my best to show how he literally makes up every single thing in this vast expanding universe. Please join me. I’ll try not to take up too much of your time.

stansted airport

Okay, let’s get the administrative stuff out of the way first. A square can be broken down into an infinite number of smaller squares, but the triangle gets the job done much faster and in infinitely relatively diverse ways.

What do you mean faster? What does speed matter if both can break down the square in infinite ways?

Good point. What matters is how diversity speeds up the process. Triangles use less energy to expand the square. Here, check it out.

square expansion

With simply four triangles we are able to expand a square. It takes eight squares to perform this same trick. Now if we break down those four triangles into eight the square gets even bigger. To match that size with squares you would need sixteen. See the chase that is happening? The square is always behind. In essence eight triangles equal more than eight squares.

Notice the middle of our expanded square. Absolutely nothing resides there. And as you divvy up the four triangles and expand further the middle nothing expands larger than the outer something. Theoretically you can expand a one inch square piece of paper to infinity (if you had small enough scissors of course). The nothing that resides in the middle is what facilitates the expansion. Also, once the triangular borders of the square begin to get so small that you cannot see them it would seem that all there was was nothing. It’s kind of like our universe which seems to be this great expanding nothing, yet it contains a whole lot of something.

This also explains how the vapor expansion of matter works. Nothing is what breaks something down.

chipped paint
Pic by this person

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Numbers are our futile attempt to quantify the infinitely relative diversity around us. What the universe shows us is that you don’t need to be a mathematician to make sense of the vastness around you. All you need to know is that the three simple shapes—circle, square and triangle—cannot keep their hands off of each other. By virtue of this love triangle (oh brother) it is impossible to tell which came first. It is almost as if each was immaculately conceived, but here’s the deal, without each other none of them exists.

desert road

Here I go with this desert road nonsense again. Okay, if you stand in the middle of this road and look in either direction you see what seems to be a triangle. Actually, your vision triangulates in 360 degrees. The road just provides an obvious “cut out” if you will. Now as you walk toward the apex of this triangle all you do is create new “bases.” You’re basically pushing the apex further and further out. The apex is really another base itself. In essence you are walking along a moving square tile, but if you stop and do a twirl it becomes apparent that you are moving along a disc. But then again as you turn your square tile turns with you.

Pictures man, I need a picture at this point. You really have to not make this stuff sound so damn abstract. I mean I want to ride with you but I…just make with the pictures already.

Okay, here ya go:

vision model

The red dot represents you, the triangle your perception of the road, the square the moving tile and the circle represents how you perceive your surroundings. Now here’s another peculiar bit, when you perform the twirl I mentioned above your square tile turns with you creating something like this:

vision model2

So in essence the square tiles create the disc.

What the hell? You are talking about things that just are. How is something created right in front of my eyes BY my eyes? Isn’t it just there?

Yes and no. For something to be “there” it has to be perceived and that doesn’t mean by a pair of eyes. Evolution in a sense is perception, but I’m saving that waltz for another ballroom (coming soon). Here, check this out:


This is a satellite image of the Taj Mahal. Below is what it looks like from the ground.


How we perceive depth and dimension is based on our vantage point or angle of perception. We can view the Taj Mahal from a multitude of angles and each one will show us something different, but which one represents the truth? Actually none of them because no angle gives us a comprehensive view.


The paper model above was created using the following template:


Notice how the template shows us every conceivable angle. Imagine if we viewed our surroundings this way. It would give us a whole new outlook on life. Instead, our vision points to the center. It is conic in nature. The vanishing point being the tip and our peripheral vision the opening. If we could see in four dimensions our vision would be cubic in nature.

I’m about to give up on you man.

Sorry, let me sum up this segment by just saying that your perception is your reality. Literally. Even when you are staring right at something you are not seeing it as it truly exists. It’s a natural myopia that you cannot avoid. Just more of that physics of behavior nonsense I’m always rambling on about.

Just look around you. Based on where you are sitting or standing a circle may appear oval or a square trapezoidal. Your perspective of the diverse geometric shapes that make up your world vary due to one thing and that is your position in space. Some objects that are larger than you may appear to fit in the palm of your hand because of their relative distance from you. That distance is facilitated by space. Although we view space as negative it is the substance that literally connects everything.

The great Andrea Pozzo exploited this phenomenon to trick us into thinking we are seeing more than what is actual there. Below you can see an example of his most famous work, the ceiling of the Church of Sant’Ignazio in Rome. Click here for a larger image.


This illusion can only be seen from a particular angle. Pozzo literally painted the geometric shapes that only exist in our mind. Just look at this cube:


Notice how the sides seem diamond-shaped when they’re really square. The diamond-shape only exists in our minds. It is an illusion created by the cube and camera’s relative positions in space. Man, I really have to find a way out of this mess. Oh, here we go…

If these objects existed inside of a confined space then their sizes could be definitively measured. But since they exist in our infinite universe we determine their sizes relative to what we know and that is our little blue ball. Sirius only seems large and Mercury only seems small in relation to us? This is a form of perception. That’s all relativity really is. Just another way to perceive. We even use it to justify our actions. Have you ever caught yourself using the at least defense? You know how it goes: “Yeah, I may drink, but AT LEAST I don’t go home with strangers like Judy.” That’s a relative argument and it doesn’t have to be spoken, matter of fact, most of the time it is merely thought and those thoughts are used to justify all sorts of craziness.

The nightmare that was the above segment just goes to show you that it is incredibly difficult to try and wrap your head around this infinite mess. So here are a couple videos that simply show the symbiotic relationship between all three shapes and how they work together to facilitate the infinite expansion.

The universe is not exclusively spherical or cubic in shape. It’s actually both. This is what facilitates the infinite expansion. Now I know this all sounds a wee bit odd to some. They may take issue with the fact that I’m using perfect geometrical shapes to explain an imperfect universe. What the videos show is that these shapes are far from perfect, they are inherently uneven.

Whew! Now that was a navel-gazing extravaganza.

Shut up.


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