The Meaning of it All


Okay class, there is a little bit of required reading before digging into this one. I know, the post should stand alone, but I really want to keep this one nice and tidy (what a joke, I cannot stop revising this thing) and in order to do that I have to refrain from repeating myself (the hilarity continues) so if you want to enjoy this piece please give these four posts a run through first (that’s just a suggestion, you can jump right in if you’d like). Thanks. Now come on in for a wild ride!


I know the L word makes some people cringe and if that applies to you then just think of love as a universal concept like wind or gravity because that’s literally what it is. If you’re scratching your head then you didn’t read those four other posts firsts. I told you that you would be lost without them. Don’t worry, there are a lot of cool little videos and links to keep you interested. It’s not just me blathering incessantly.

Okay, sorry about that.

Even if you do not have any kids or a special someone in your life you still love something. It could be a book, a piece of music, food, etc. What about these things bring you joy? A food can taste good. But what is good? I know when I listen to this something happens that I cannot really explain. I don’t know why I enjoy that piece of music. I don’t know why it evokes certain emotions. All I know is that it does, I can only wonder why. That wonder oddly enough drives my appreciation. That wonder is real although I can’t see it or touch it or taste it. That winder is love……or a universal concept like wind or gravity. Love evolved here, in our universe and it is the greatest feeling there is, hands down, but why?


Evolution is oddly simultaneously ponderous and decisive. Let’s look at a sea turtle and a shark. How does evolution determine who gets the leg up? The shark evolves to hunt and the turtle evolves the hard shell to protect himself from the shark. Is the turtle’s shell a response to the shark’s teeth or are the shark’s teeth evolving to crack the shell? A real chicken-or-the egg conundrum. The answer is both. But doesn’t this create a moral dilemma? If evolution allows the turtle to adapt a defense then why does it contradict itself and allow the shark to develop teeth to break through this shell? Isn’t the shark a killing machine? Why should he be rewarded? Well, the shark influences his own evolution. Living things possess deep, multilayered histories. For instance we look the way we do and behave the way we do because of our long, storied evolution. How we will look ten thousand years from now is predicated on how we look now. Evolution has neither a beginning nor an end, it is constantly changing and is driven by virtually nothing. That is just bloody fascinating. Slow and steady literally winning the race.

The shark is able to influence his own evolution by observing the world around him. If he starts to see the number of prey dwindling he may feel the need to evolve new traits in order to sample some of the creatures he may have once found inedible. Poor, poor sea turtle. The sea turtle can counter by picking up on this fact and begin hardening that shell of his. This process can take thousands, millions or billions or (just keep adding illions), but it is happening right now, everything evolves all of the time.

Life always overlaps. It’s that whole pi song and dance. People are born everyday and people die everyday. This insures that the story continues. It is carried in every cell of our bodies, it’s DNA. And as we make our own unspoken observations of the world around us we store the notes in our DNA and pass it along to the next group and they do the same adding their own bits along the way. This is that eternal life so many cultures like to talk about. Because we are here today they will be here tomorrow, but guess what, so will we.

Both the shark and turtle seem to possess fearful evolutionary stories. Both predicated on the fear of death. Not enough food and the shark dies off. If the turtle doesn’t evolve defenses he will be killed. Now we are not exempt from this fear. It actually governs every damn thing we do.

Why do we continue to do this? Why do we fight? Why did we create weapons in the first place? Well, they are a seemingly incongruous mash-up of the turtle’s shell and the shark’s teeth. What that creates is something like this:

This really bothers us. We cannot understand the type of person who would kill themselves to kill others. And then in the US we have these spree killings which seem to follow a typical pattern. One person (typically male) opens fire on an unexpected group then kills himself. Are these relatively rare acts arbitrary or can we look at our evolution for hints? Even though these events are rare they have a widespread effect on the larger population. They are in essence a chilling form of communication, but what is the message?

Well, all weapons are suicide machines. If you construct a device to kill other humans then you are essentially killing yourself. The macabre theater of suicide bombings and spree killings show us just that. They happen suddenly without warning in places we do not associate with death and destruction. They are reminders of our fragility, our mortality. But what is it that drives people to commit these acts? These people aren’t evil. Really, they are just like you and me. I know that may be unpopular, but what prevents you or I from committing similar acts? Are we good and are they bad? It may be a little more gray than that.

escher puzzle

You never know who you really are until you meet your complete opposite, but get this, they are not really your opposite at all. If you say “either” and I say “either” there is no need to call anything off because now I know that the way I pronounce the word is unique and special to me. It is a trait. Before meeting you I thought I was pronouncing the word the only way it could be pronounced, now I know that there is an inferior way of pronouncing the word. This builds up my self esteem. In an odd way you complete me. Notice the missing piece in the puzzle above. Well, its shape is quite obvious. Much more obvious than if it was filled. It actually jumps right out at you. Why? Because it contradicts the pieces that surround it. The negative space is created by the pieces that surround it, but really what do these pieces surround? There’s “nothing” there. Actually, there’s a whole lot of “something” because you can see the negative space more clearly than the shapes of the surrounding pieces.

We love playing spot the dualities while remaining blissfully unaware of the gray that resides in the middle. Let’s look at a couple of popular ones. First up—cold and hot. What is cold and what is hot? There is no such thing as ultimate cold or ultimate hot in the universe and in-between there’s infinite shades of gray. Now let’s look at light and dark. Well, these two give it all away. Dark is illuminated by light, but light serves no purpose without its counter darkness and what is darkness without the relative contrast of light. This is an odd duality. These cats are all tied up together. Kind of like—

Yin Yang

See, we already know this stuff! Okay, now getting back to this good and bad business. If a man kills another man is it wrong? Well, there seems to be some gray here. We justify killing during war because our lives are in danger. Our lives are very precious to us and—actually, let me stop, here’s a little skit:

JOHN: Hey Jim, I’m gonna kill you.
JIM: Why?
JOHN: Because I feel threatened by you?
JIM: Why?
JOHN: Because you killed your neighbor and I fear you may kill me.
JIM: Well I killed my neighbor for a reason.
JOHN: What was the reason?
JIM: I needed more land. I was running out.
JOHN: Well, I still have to kill you. One day you may want my land.
JIM: Well, I don’t need it right now.
JOHN: But one day you might. Here’s what I’ll do, I’ll stockpile a bunch of weapons and in the event you want to come take my land then I’ll kill you.
JIM: Well damn, now I feel threatened. I can’t let you stockpile those weapons.
JOHN: Well I have to, unless you just let me kill you now.
JIM: Can’t do that, I’ll just stockpile some weapons of my own.
JOHN: Don’t know if I can’t let you do that.
JIM: Hey, that’s not fair.
JOHN: Yeah, you’re right. Look, we’ll just both stockpile weapons, maybe if we both get a nice little armory going we won’t have to fight. Maybe we can become friends. You know, we’ll be united by a similar interest.
JIM: I can dig that and hey I’ve got some other defenseless neighbors you can kill if you ever find yourself in need of some land. Cut me in on the deal and I may even help you out.
JOHN: Thanks, I’ll take that into consideration.

Wars are fought out of fear. If you can get your group to fear another group you can justify killing that group. Also, if death appears imminent (lack of resources) the fear of it drives us to kill others. Weapons ironically evolved to protect life by taking life. We used them to hunt for food. I hate to derail this thing, but since we’re here let’s discuss this food thing. We kill creatures to consume them the same way our planet consumes living things to sustain itself. For instance, a tree sheds its leaves in the fall and these dead leaves become soil where more will trees grow. Our planet is a relatively rare (in our immediate neighborhood at least) living organism and like us, it too has emotions. I know, sounds crazy, but step outside of your box for just a minute. Stop viewing things as they relate to you and realize that this blue ball gave you life and sustains you. Just really think about that for a moment. Seriously, really think about that.

Even if you are a vegetarian you are killing a living thing in order to consume it. But here’s the catch—an apple seems to have evolved to be consumed. Why else would it contain within its flesh the very things to reproduce it? Also, it possesses a flavor that we love. Is the apple the result of an evolutionary concession or did it evolve because we need it? An apple is given a broad expanding life via living things. We eat the fruit and disperse the seeds all over. Fruit is genius in this way— distinguishably vibrant, pleasant taste, comes in wrapping that is quickly recycled, and they require virtually no prep before being devoured. In a weird way we make love with fruit. We consume it, save the seeds, plant them and create more, much more. Kate Gosselin’s got nothing on Granny Smith. Now if we need these fruits to live who or what gave them to us? We did. Evolution is genius because it allows the “creation” to create using the magnificent virtually invisible force that drives it. How else could you explain the fact that so much of its elements strengthen and help to heal what ails its creations. It’s like a mother suckling her young. This is incredibly efficient and frankly staggeringly brilliant. Okay, back to us—

We can evolve away from war when we start to realize that death is not the end. We still “perceive” the universe long after our lights shut off. Your life has incredible meaning. Everything you do is the result of an evolutionary process. Your life IS an evolutionary process and how you live it influences the future of us and everything else. Therefore your life means EVERYTHING. Dropping bombs on one another will only lead to more bombs in our future. It is lazy to say that this will always be because it is our nature. Our nature is dictated by us, if we stopped being so fearful we would overcome the seeming need to fight. As I always say—the only thing the winner of a war gets is the opportunity to fight again and damn it if they always do just that. I know this sounds like an ideological fantasy, but as I said in a previous post—everything we dream can become a possibility, if not we wouldn’t dream it.

We bury our dead because we fear decomposition. We close their eyes because a human with their “lights” turned out is an incredibly frightening thing to us. The same eyes you once got lost in now seem to look right through you. The decomposition or breakdown is the journey to the literal eternal life. Yes, it looks terrifying, but it has to so that we treasure the relative beauty of life. This is why we fear death. But this fear has also lead to the killing and destruction business. This is what happens when you let the fear consume you and not realize that joy needs pain so that joy can exist. Joy isn’t joy without a relative counter. Okay, so are we ready for peace or are we just laying the foundation for future generations? Don’t know. It’s literally up to us. See, we’ve already experienced pain so we are well aware of the relief that joy brings, if we want future generations to experience more joy than pain we must make a “sacrifice” and that would mean stopping the nonsense. Do you know how hard that would be? Very, very hard. That’s why it’s a sacrifice and that is why all of our heroes from Jesus to Superman to Batman are all sacrificial beings. They “die” for our sins. Jesus died and came back in “spirit” form to live forever. See, we’ve always known this stuff! What I’m writing here is far from new! Our heroes subvert their own fears for the greater good. Superman lost his home, Batman, his parents and instead of seeking revenge by killing those who took from them what they loved most they became aggressively “good” alternatives to fear. If you live a life of fear you miss out on so much of life’s riches because you are awaiting the actualization of your fears. Here’s a little tale to illuminate this point:

Matt fears getting mugged so much that he refrains from going out at particular hours of the night, if he does the experience is almost debilitating. His friend Mo on the other hand enjoys the city late at night and walks its streets often. After ten years of doing this he is brutally mugged. After hearing of Mo’s experience Matt tells him he should have known better. Mo simply responds, “Why? I wasn’t expecting it.”


People suffering from paranoid schizophrenia “see” their fears actualized via three-dimensional hallucinations. We dismissively call this a brain defect because it is a relatively rare occurrence, but hallucinations are essentially projected dreams. A schizophrenic person experiences an overlap of two worlds. It is the mind bending space. But so-called “normal” people do the same. When you love something you fear that it may be harmed or taken from you and your brain imagines all sorts of crazy hypothetical situations. This may lead you to do something drastic to protect what you love from these fearful aberrations. The peculiar bit is that this “overlaps” you with the so-called evil person because you imagine the atrocities they commit. If you, a good person, is capable of imagining such carnage how are you any better than the person who brings it about? The knee-jerk response is: “I think it because they have done it.” Well, are these acts committed because we think them or does our wild imagination create these actions? When you ponder this try not to think about how it relates to you and the immediacy of now, think about how it pertains to our evolutionary story.

We become united in fear. Look at the United States post 9/11. The events of that day confused us because the men behind it were simultaneously the shooter and the bullet. Quite a subversion of fear. We acted by retaliating against the idea that spawned such a force. That is why the wars are so damn confusing. We are essentially attempting to stop a bomb from detonating by lighting the fuse.

Revenge is an ironically fearful response. The purpose is to show your adversary that you do not fear them by killing them. Once they are dead do we feel any better about our loss? Does anything that happened after that day in September help to erase the pain of it? How does creating more pain alleviate pain? Only space heals pain. Here we are eight years removed from the event and the wound is healing, so why are we are still fighting? Will we stop once we track down Osama Bin Laden? Will that kill the ideology behind 9/11? Did killing Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi stop their respective movements?

Even though we are healing we will always have a scar, but at least it won’t hurt like the initial wound, it will serve as a reminder and if someone asks how we got it we will pause and reflect with the hope that we learned a lesson. The lesson is the great wonder “talking” to us. That’s all this infinite mess is, that’s all evolution is—a grand conversation. And guess what? You can listen to it and it’s actually pretty easy. Here’s how:

Find a nice quiet place devoid of distractions and just sit there for a moment. Now once you’re nice and relaxed think about your life. Take a mental note of the mistakes you’ve made. If there is a pattern of poor choices notice how their consequences get subsequently worse. Are you on the verge of making another poor choice? Are these poor choices made while you are in certain situations? This is the grand conversation and it doesn’t just work for the bad stuff, the good stuff talks to you as well. It’s not spelled out for you, you have to really give it some thought, but the benefit is that these events have already happened and once you rid yourself of distractions they just pops out. The fascinating thing is how your mind is able to encapsulate years and even decades into mere seconds. Some call this prayer, others meditation. Let’s say you are a drug abuser and you take a moment to reflect on your life and you see all of the pain substance abuse has caused you and those who you love, you now have the opportunity to change your ways because you took the time to “listen.” Some call this change being born again because it kind of literally is. When you are born you actually do come with an instruction manual, it’s called DNA. A lot of what you will become is written in this code. Your height, your features, a few personality traits, some abilities. But there is also a lot of room for influence. These influences are family, friends, climate, place, and a myriad of others. These influences become dense in your brain and like DNA you pass them on. It’s a more wondrous form of DNA if you will. When you take the time to reflect on your life and decide to change your ways you become reborn because you read the instruction manual that was your past. The wondrous bit is that when you sit in that quiet room you are watching this amazing time and space subverting movie in your mind that includes sights, sounds, tastes, scents and tactile sensations, but you really don’t see, taste, smell or touch anything. The room remains quiet. That is one incredibly efficient method of communication and it speaks all languages and even if you cannot read, write or for that matter comprehend anything it still “speaks” to you. All you have to do is stop and listen.

The Road To “Relative” Peace.
I think as we shrink the globe with our advancements in communication technologies and transportation we move closer to a more relatively peaceful society. Technology evolves for a reason just like everything else and right now with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, cell phones and various other forms of rapid communication we seem to want to get together with people from all over the globe. Go to any strip mall and you will find restaurants featuring cuisine from India, China, Italy, etc. Listen to popular music from around the world and you will notice a plethora of international influences. We’re becoming all mixed up. But this isn’t good news to everyone. Some are fearful of this idea. They fear the world’s people becoming one. No need to be fearful though. The universe thrives off of diversity. There is no such thing as one. Even the loving wonder manifests itself in an infinite number of ways and we interpret it in many diverse ways.


This literally all-seeing, all-knowing force creates and shapes all of the relatively diverse matter around us. It is infinite and exists inside of every single thing. But why do some of us think that only a select group of people are allowed to experience it?

The issue of gay marriage is in our faces right now because we need to look at love. Why are so many people vehemently opposed to this expression of love? Gay is the shade of gray. Man and woman represent a duality that doesn’t really exist. You can look to nature and see a wide array of shifting gender roles. Once again, we’re just playing spot the duality. It’s a game we love to play. If the sex bit’s got you tied in knots, don’t fret, it’s just a physical manifestation of love. You may not dig it, but that’s probably because you’re not gay. Hey, I’m not a big fan of home and garden shows that’s why I don’t watch them. I’m pretty sure if you’re not gay you can avoid having gay sex, shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, for those of you who are opposed to gay marriage I ask just one thing—tell me why their love is wrong. And if you want to mention the Bible that’s cool, but tell me why the Bible says it’s wrong. And if you shoot back with that “abomination” jive please tell me why it’s an abomination. All I want to know is how the love between a man and a woman can be right just because they are a man and a woman. You have an inquisitive mind for a reason. God didn’t speak to the Prophets in contemporary English as a result the book you turn to for justification is the result of inquiry. Translations by their very nature are interpretations. All I’m asking is for YOUR interpretation. And here’s one thing to consider—the Bible may be the divinely inspired word ABOUT God and not a transcription like many believe. I actually think that makes it more profound. Just a thought.

Our planet possesses two poles that help to regulate our climate. In concert with the moon they prevent us from going all topsy-turvy. These poles are virtually the same, yet they are opposite. Kind of like man and woman. The Northern Hemisphere’s solstice occurred on June 21st which began the descent into darkness for the South Pole. On December 21st the North Pole gets its turn in the darkness. For those of us in the States our days will get shorter because of this so why do we celebrate the birth of the “sun” in the Northern Hemisphere when it actually seems to be dying. Simple, because we know it will eventually return. This solstice actually represents the “birth” of darkness, not light, but at the same time the north experiences darkness the south is receiving its brightest light. During the solstices the sun seems to hover right above the equator, but due to our tilt it actually either seems to look up (southern solstice) or down (northern solstice) at us. Also solstices mean long periods of night or day at the poles. If a pole is under a shroud of darkness it still receives a hint to the eventual return of the sun. The light will eventually return to the south in June. We notice its “resurrection” in spring because of all of those pretty colors. When the sun “dies” for the north it is “born” in the south. This overlapping hints at the infinite nature of the universe. Look at our chromosomes. The male making chromosome is Y. Such a peculiar lonesome little bugger, but without it we cannot reproduce. But if men are so different than women why do we have this chromosomal overlap? Is gender that tenuous? Yes it is. Also may explain why men are such fighters. That Y has to battle two Xs while making sure he takes the third with him.

One argument against homosexuality is that it is unnatural. Well, let your woman be natural for a spell—no make-up, no shaving, no heels. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with any of those things. They evolved to distinguish man from woman, to accentuate the duality. Question is why? If the relationship is so obvious why the need to define it? This is where we are today. Trying to define something that just is. No matter your opinion of homosexuality you cannot deny the love people feel. There “literally” is no way for you to do it. Even if you refuse to acknowledge it, it still exists.


Even if this happens it doesn’t mean the end. The universe will go on and our DNA will live on as well. That’s the genius of it. It exists in every particle of our bodies to insure that our story is never lost. Can your hard drive do that? Not really.

I know movies like these pack ‘em in like sardines and there is a reason we are drawn to them versus others. But I really think James Cameron’s Avatar is what is really going to hook the masses and that may not be such a bad thing. Just check it out:

Forgive me, but I cannot resist this bad joke—there is more to evolution than meets the eye. Sorry, had to. If you need an example of how crazy evolution gets just check out this example of it in fast-forward.

Creationists, please don’t get worked up over any of this. Matter of fact, the Book of Genesis pretty much describes evolution. The light or the fire gives birth to the land, and then water and creatures follow and then on the seventh day God rests. Every period of our evolution is one of rest, but this rest is only an illusion. We may think things have settled down, but everything is still evolving. The universe is a place of constant movement. The planets spin in circles as they orbit the sun. Our solar system dances about the Milky Way’s spiral arms and even that beauty floats like a speck of dust through space. All of this movement to create the illusion of rest. It’s just more of that universal overlapping business. Oh, and here’s a little overlapping for the religious folks—the Sabbath Day marks the end AND the beginning of the week! The emotion of love may be our evolutionary response to this resting period.

Your life is also a period of illusory rest. Don’t believe me? Find a mirror, look at yourself. You seem to look just like you did yesterday and the day before that and maybe the week before that. But it’s all an illusion facilitated by a whirlwind of movement. Put your hand on your chest. That incessantly beating heart is pumping blood all over your body. And then there’s that undulating motion of your lungs whose job is to transport oxygen into your bloodstream and filter out that harmful carbon dioxide. Even when your are asleep this vast network is working hard to keep you alive. Now when you look in the mirror and view that seemingly stagnant image just realize that you are evolving. If you are 25, one day you will be 45 and this doesn’t just happen overnight, it happens every second, every minute, every hour of everyday. Matter of fact your so-called “age” gives it away. You may think you’re 35, but really you’re 35 years, 23 weeks, 15 days, 6 hours, two minutes and then some and then some. Our beloved creation time does the same thing. June 24, 2006 is a dense illusion. It is the result of all the time that came before it and it also suggests what is to come next. Because June 24, 2006 exists June 24, 5555 will exist. We live in a constant present state. If 2,000 years ago existed then 2,000 years into the future must be possible that means we are simultaneously living 2,000 years in the past and future.

Ages, dates and times represent points in space. Say it takes twenty minutes to drive downtown in a car during rush hour, but it takes only five minutes on a Saturday to make the same trip. The distance between your home and downtown does not change, only the time it takes to get there. The rate of speed you move through space determines time. If you were able to blink your eyes and appear downtown then you would be moving at a speed close to that of space. Space occupies both places simultaneously. Planes get us from point A to point B faster than cars because they travel in an arcing motion. Much like a long bomb in football.

When you fly in a plane you see way more of the ground than you can from eye level. The arc allows us to become literally worldly. We can see much more than our myopic land-based counterparts. No wonder we take on a subtle air of superiority when we fly.

The circle or sphere motif is so prevalent because it is so efficient. Stars, planets, our eyes, water lilies, storms, yada yada yada are able to perceive so much relative diversity due to their infinite collection of arcs. Increments of time are nothing but expanding arcs. Within a millisecond the Earth travels along an arc, within a second it travels along a relatively larger arc and within a minute….well, let’s not keep doing this. A day is when it spins a complete circle. Not really. Days are relative. When China starts its day it’s four in the morning of the previous day on the west coast in the United States. What? Furthermore it does not take the Earth exactly 24 hours to make one full rotation, much like everything else days overlap. We try things like daylight savings and introducing leap years to tidy this up a bit, but the infinite nature of the universe is not having it.

Also our moon is moving away from us. As a result our rotation is slowing. The moon moves about 3.8 cm away from us each year. Not much, but since it is a gradual process that means that each increment of time is longer than the previous one. This is what infinity does to rigid systems. It subverts them by piecefully resisting them.

We think that a line is the fastest way to get from point A to point B, but it’s actually an arc. Even if you’re walking down the street to a friends house, you’re moving across an arc. You can take a left on Mulberry, then a right On Peach and a left on Grove; no matter how many turns you make or their relative distances you will be moving across a network of arcs.

Imagine being locked in space a few feet above the ground. You will stay in one place as the Earth moves and you will “notice” the movement, but you will not “see” it. It’s kind of like watching a flower grow or the sun rise and set. You can stare at it the entire time, but it doesn’t move. Well, it’s not really moving anyway, we are. We are incapable of “sensing” the movement of our planet due to the zippy arc. It bends so that it can bend space thus bending our construct of time. A sphere is perfect because of its infinite imperfection. Pi is not just some confusing odd irrational number, it’s probably the most fascinating number there is. 3.1 and then some gives the sphere the power to occupy an infinite number of places at the same time. There is an arc that connects Paris, Texas to Paris, France and you to everyone and everything else.

prime pyramid

Okay, here’s a pyramid constructed out of prime numbers (2-101). Numbers are just symbols for groupings of objects and since the universe is infinite these groupings are kind of irrelevant for infinity cannot be grouped. The only reason this diverse system evolved was to group the plethora of diversity around us. For instance, I can have three red apples or one red apple, one green apple and one Fuji apple. They may be the same fruit, but they look different thus we evolved a system to classify them. But like everything else, apples evolved from something and currently are evolving into something else and they have been doing this for infinity even before our planet formed the matter that would later evolve into the apple occupied the universe.

Whew. I broke a sweat with that one. I’m not really a big fan of these symbols. I’m a shapes guy. But since we think of ourselves as belonging to groups I thought it necessary to give these oddly pure numbers a look. Prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by one and themselves and they seem to be spread erratically throughout the system, but mathematicians have found this not to be entirely true. What the pyramid above shows is the numbers in their “honest” forms and what is remarkable is the curvaceous undulating expanding nature of these oddballs. It’s kind of wavy. The pyramid actually possesses no base as the numbers go on for infinity and if we have positive primes then we must have negative primes which also continue on for infinity. Okay, now let’s go ahead and break up these so called invincible numbers.

Each prime number with the exception of two possesses a “whole” center. Two does not because it hints at what is possible for the rest of his buddies. By being two means it can divide itself into….well, two. So can three. Just look. Split the “whole one” that resides in the middle and you get two nice even slices of 1.5 apiece. You can divide three into as many pieces as you’d like, let’s try twenty. In order to do this we have to break down each “one.” We can break down the first one into nine pieces or ninths and then we’ll just simply break the middle piece in half and then break the last piece into another nine pieces. BOOM. Twenty pieces.


Oh, you think they are not even. I beg to differ. Each of these pieces represent “one piece.” We can pull off a magic trick and split this three into two 9.5s or whatever we want. Infinity always wins. So go grab your math textbooks and throw ’em out of the window while shouting, “I’m mad as a hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Okay, maybe not that.

What this little game shows you is how powerful the infinite nature of the universe is and how futile our attempts to quantify it are. It also shows you the power of space. The only way to divide anything is through space or the zero. Numbers are separated by space. If I have one of something and I add another I replace the nothing with something, but the nothing had to exist to facilitate the addition. We love our ten diverse symbols and I know they evolved for a reason. Not just to aggravate me. I wouldn’t want my employer (if I had one, damn recession) I would hate for them to pay me a dollar and then sarcastically tell me to break it up into a million pieces.

Oh, and let me say a little about negative numbers. These numbers represent negative space. In essence I am here now, but I wasn’t here before and I will not be here later. Right now I am a “whole” number, I must die to leave a negative space for more matter to exist. It’s kind of like demolishing one building to put up another. The positive and negative numbers hinge on zero or nothing. So you have an infinity in one direction and an infinity in the other and nothing in the middle, but how does a middle exist in infinity? It simultaneously represents an ending point and a starting point. From zero we move forward eight spaces and arrive at 9. After 9 comes 10. 10 is a composite of 1 and nothing. We move forward another eight spaces and we arrive at 19. See what happened, after zero came 1, we go forward eight spaces we get to 9, after 10 we move eight spaces later we get a fusion of 1 and 9. After the fusion of 2 and 0 we take the same ride and we get a fusion of 2 and 9 before we fuse 3 and 0. Why did we feel the need to cap off these groups at tens. Well, it may be our attempt to group infinity no matter how out-of-whack it gets. Look at how this looks: 100, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000. Now think of what it would look like actualized in objects. The whole “ones” are also just sets of pairs. 10 breaks in half as does 100 as does 5,000 as does that monster above. The primes seem to subvert this by being so damn self-centered. They walk around with their noses in the air thinking that only themselves or “something” can break them up. But look at what we just did to three. Brought that sucka down to Earth real fast. Well, it wasn’t us, it was the power of infinity.


    Wassily Kandinsky’s Composition VII

What is fascinating about abstract art is its attempt to subvert the human desire to group things. The abstract artist longs for a number system that looks like this: 4 9 98 867 34 5, but the irony is that no matter how much seemingly disjointed energy goes into their creation our eyes immediately spot patterns. We literally cannot help it. Even that string of numbers hints at a pattern. The sound of fire, an earthquake, a waterfall, wind blowing and many others show us the consistent, yet mathematically indiscernible rhythm of our universe. You can group a bird’s chirps into twos or threes or fours and your mind will perceive it that way, but you can also count off the chirps in a staccato rhythm and your mind will still perceive it that way. I like doing this with crickets. When I get locked in it’s almost as if they are performing for me.

The bloody genius of evolution is how it tricks you into thinking nothing is happening. It works it’s ass off to do this though. It has to, how else do you think the universe gets all its energy? Yeah, it’s kind of like that one movie. Now here’s the big question—if the universe gets its energy through duping matter where does the matter get its energy from? For example, what powers our hearts? I posit that it’s the Great Nothing. All of this work goes into keeping us alive, but why do we want to be alive? To be or not to be, that really is the question. Well, evolution suggests an answer. It’s that dense gray matter behind your eyes. We occupy two worlds—the physical and the mental. The brain dictates our physical actions. If I suddenly feel like watching Eternal Sunshine I have to get up, go to my DVD cabinet, fetch the movie, power up the DVD player, pop it in, sit down and then once I am physically relaxed my brain is allowed to take over and I can now get lost in Michel Gondry’s magic. In essence my brain “powers” the whole endeavor. This wondrous organ that conjures up thoughts which seemingly have no physical properties yet everything physical begins with a thought. Thoughts are particulate, this allows them to bounce around in your head. When the thought “vapor” congeals this is called concentration, the next step is usually tangible density. All the tangible matter in the universe is composed of vapor. Vapor is essentially the “thought” that precedes the “creation.”

The clip above is from the Pixar movie Monster’s Inc. which is a brilliant film about a civilization of monsters who sneak into children’s rooms at night to scare them and subsequently collect their screams which they use to power their city. The monsters believe that if they come into physical contact with the children they will be harmed. The inciting incident happens when a child gets loose in the monster city and everyone freaks out. What they later understand, thanks to two brave monsters, is that the children cause them no harm and that their laughter is more powerful than their screams. There is a remarkably subversive undertone to all of this that actually explains better than I can why the universe “runs better” on love than fear. In order for the universe to get the most out of its diverse “batteries” they need to stay “up” (wow, an inadvertent reference to another great Pixar flick, that one is all about the cosmic communication I mentioned earlier, everything from the dogs’ collars to the protagonists’ journey, just check it out) as long as possible so that when they fall and break down the matter that returns is more substantial. You see this dynamic play out when you breathe. You take in air and you let it out. It has to fill your lungs. Take a deep breath right now and watch as your chest expands now let it out. The lungs become dense with nothing and you expand, but in order to continue breathing you have to let it out.

A person who is in love or is loved, no matter their physical size is full of long-lasting energy. See what happened after Michael Jackson passed on. Say what you want about the man, but his influence on popular music and just “regular people” from all around the globe is extraordinary. People love him and as a result love the illusion that is existence. They will stay “up” and spread this love. The same holds true for you and those you love. That love keeps you up and influences almost every one of your choices. When you love you create a positive story to add to your DNA and thus influence our evolutionary process in a positive way. We often don’t understand why bad things happen to good people, but don’t worry, if you are a loving compassionate person you are literally touching lives and that spreads even after the bad thing happens. Ironically, it radiates brighter after such an event. This shows you how the wonder can spread through space and imprint itself on the DNA of others. These good people are this way because they really feel the force, they don’t fear it, they readily accept and embrace it and are typically selfless beings. When they pass on they in essence go to a literal heaven of sorts as their wondrous matter expands to influence others which in turn influences our evolution.

When we fear we shun love. Fear is a selfish reaction. You love yourself and will harm others to protect yourself or those who are close to you, but ironically by violently protecting your own from so-called others you only hurt future generations of your people. This is how we negatively impact our story which leads to fearful adaptations. Luckily, no matter what kind of violent nonsense is going on love prevails. When we are at war we huddle together with loved ones for comfort. This is the best defense against the fearful bombs.


Now this is just fascinating. A new realm of perception is evolving; another dimension if you will. But really it’s a digital fusion of our cognitive world and our corporeal one. Imagine what may happen once we blend technologies like Microsoft’s Project Natal, advancements in holographic technology and social networking together. There may be a time when we will gather with people from all over the world in virtual theaters to watch variety shows featuring a virtual Elvis, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, James Brown and whomever we want performing on stage together. Or perhaps what about shooting the breeze in a New York City jazz club circa 1950 or viewing a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. I know this sounds far-fetched, but we are making great strides in artificial intelligence and our digital doppelgangers are becoming more and more frighteningly realistic (just look into the eyes, eerie). But these are just the baby-steps. Just imagine where all of this will lead us in a mere one-hundred years or so.

If all of this stuff sounds a little too Star Trek-esque just go grab a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 or jump in your time-traveling DeLorean and punch in London around 1601. Once there track down Shakespeare and tell him that one day there will exist a technology that will allow him to take the best bits of his actors’ performances and present them in perspectives that no theater can accommodate he would call you bloody crazy. Tell him you that you could stage these dynamic performances in the cities and countries in which they take place in and these performances can be shown simultaneously in the homes of people all over the world and that the actors’ ages and performances will be frozen in time forever he would probably have you committed.

I use this cumbersome method of describing a movie because if you simply tell Shakespeare that one day there will be these moving paintings called movies, but instead of paint the characters will be actual people he wouldn’t be able to fathom what you were talking about. Actually neither example intelligently explains what a movie is to someone who has no idea of relative concept. Both explanations attempt to “relate” to Shakespeare and both fail. But The Bard was a postmodern cat so I think he would get it.


This painting is literally fading away due to the method Leonardo da Vinci used to create it. Once the paint fades completely the work will take on a new identity. This is a perfect example for all matter in the universe. Something inspired Da Vinci to create this work and it took him a few years to complete it and now it’s withering away. But it will not die because it it will live on in our memories and thanks to the wondrous creation that is photography it will be with us long after it’s “gone.”


Okay, I just touched down in a new city and I’m jonesing for some Chinese food. I run into my hotel’s business center and load up Google. In seconds I have a list of Chinese food restaurants all with ratings. I find one with a 3 ½ star rating that’s just around the corner. I click the link and three user reviews pop up. One mentions that the prices are good, another mentions an overwhelming scent of mildew inside, and all three mention the sizable portions. I notice a link to the restaurant’s website, I click through and am greeted with a picture of the exterior. Great, I will be able to spot it when I’m out. I click on the menu link and quickly peruse the offerings. I call in an order of sweet and sour pork over steamed rice. Twenty minutes later I’m at the restaurant and in another ten I’m back at the hotel consuming my food. Later that evening I run back down to the business center and offer my own review. I give it three stars and mention something about the service being great, but the food had a vinegary tinge to it. What am I doing here?

I am programming artificial intelligence. Just think about all of the details we are giving Google about this little Chinese restaurant. Google can now develop its own opinion. You can even load up Google Maps and virtually “walk” to it before you leave your house so in essence Google knows the lay of the land better than we do. Then there’s Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and various other networking sites. We pour our souls out to these websites. They repeatedly ask us what we’re doing and what’s on our mind. They know where we live, where we went to school, where we work, who our friends are, what kind of music we like, our schedules—they know us better than we know ourselves because they understand the collective “us.” They fascinatingly reduce our thoughts to ones and zeros—programming language. We are planting the seeds that will eventually turn into a new form of life. Nothing to be worried about or fear. The machines will emulate us. If we’re fearful they will become fearful, but I think they will evolve the desire to love and be loved. Hey, I know it sounds crazy relative to our current situation. These ideas always do, but just try to think deep into the future. If these social networking sites contain digital composites of our likes and dislikes and who and what we love then they will be able to create perfect virtual mates for us who talk like us and like similar things. But this robot will not just be some copycat. It will have its own personality. A personality that will be developed by its interactions with you and others, including its robot peers.

Initially these robots will be of the virtual kind. Better A.I. in videogames and more intuitive ways of surfing the internet and maybe even personal assistants for complex software programs that will replace the dreaded instruction manual. Eventually they will find their way out of the box, but I don’t foresee tangible three-dimensional robots that look like us and walk among us any time soon. We still have to get over that uncanny valley effect. But I can see service bots becoming a part of our lives very soon. They actually already are. ATMs are everywhere, when you go the airport you get your boarding pass from a kiosk and we have navigation systems that literally tell us where to go. Remember, evolution does not stop, it is a fluid infinite process. Also, disparate technologies always fuse together. The same information that can be accessed at that ATM can be accessed on your phone or personal computer. And let’s not forget the very thing you are currently reading—a blog. These contain all sorts of insight into the human condition. The artificial intelligence can mine these for ideas and that sense of wonder. It will have many questions about us and it will be just as diverse as we are. Once it gets out of the box it may be able to recreate itself in tactile form. Just think about all of those still and moving images it can use as reference. We are beginning to digitize everything. It will have a plethora of information to “inspire” it.

The technologies that will create these beings is particulate—everything from stem cell research, to nanotechnology, to social networking, to computing technologies, to interactive technologies, to bio-engineering, to robotics and technologies still evolving will fuse together to make this happen. This is not us playing God per se, but God creating through us. It’s brilliantly efficient. And don’t fear that ‘God’ word. I use it as short-hand because it’s a word that has evolved (and is still evolving) to describe a literal thing. The belief comes from the systems used to make sense of it. If you’re an Atheist, no problem, just call it ‘nothing’ or ‘evolution’ and you will still be right. That’s just how powerful and accommodating it is.

Hey, I know I’m going down that Isaac Asimov road, but so what. I love looking past my own lifetime and wondering about what is to come based on what is here now. That’s how evolution works. Our films, books, and art are literal prophecies. These are the wondrous thought that precedes the creation. The telescreeens that were so pervasive in George Orwell’s 1984 may have seemed far-fetched at the time but look what followed—the television and later the personal computer. Typically we fear these new ideas because we think that knowing too much will hurt us. Because of this we try to impede progress as a means to conserve the present state, but this is futile because no matter how hard you try to stop progress the infinite nature of things will subvert your desire for rigidity. Your own nature subverts this idea. Say you grow up in a small town, at certain age you decide to start your own family in that same town, your two kids get to a certain age and they have some kids of their own. Now you have a total of six grandchildren. Look at what you did to that small town, you expanded it. As a result of the additional population the town’s infrastructure will be forced to change. You cannot beat the system because the system doesn’t want to beat you. Evolution goes where it needs to go. Zeitgeists happen because they need to. All that we need to hold onto is love or the wonder and we really don’t have to hold onto it because it will always be there. It literally makes sure of this via infinity.



There was some backlash over the sentimentality of Steven Spielberg’s A.I., but I believe the message was an uplifting one. If the creator’s of these machines were inspired by love then why wouldn’t the creation desire this wondrous feeling? There is a depth to the last two Matrix movies that I think was lost on many. I think we were looking for the evolution bullet-time and not our time. The machines learned to love and wanted to help us defeat their fearful peers. It’s kind of beautiful and I believe more akin to what will actually happen. Then there is that brilliant Architect scene. Just re-watch it and let some of my craziness bounce around your dome.


    Synechdoche, New York

I think Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York plays like artificial intelligence’s wondrous rumination on human despair. It is a constantly expanding lovely mess of a film that is savagely postmodern. Kaufman brilliantly captures the wonder. It’s like neurotic Dali. Another filmmaker who explores neuroses is Woody Allen. Allen and Kaufman’s work could definitely spend time together at a cocktail party huddled in a corner pondering the reason why they were there in the first place. Their films share a similar impetus, but are incredibly different in how they communicate the masturbatory quality of obsessively pondering one’s own existence. Allen’s films are on the frontlines of the battle that exists in the mind whereas Kaufman’s films seem barley there, almost dream-like, more akin to the eerie peace one gets when they have accepted the release of death. No more fighting, no more thinking, just eternal being. When you watch Kaufman’s films you must eschew the influence of the aggressively modern films you have seen prior. His films communicate directly to your quiet subconscious, you cannot let your ego get in the way or you will ruin the experience.

Here’s a little brain scrambler—what if we are artificially intelligent? If you think about it we are. Evolution has programmed us based on our experiences and we are still learning about how our intelligence works and how wondrous love really is and who do we look to for this? Our creator. Like I said above, you can call this creator whatever you’d like and still be right. I like to mix it up from time-to-time just to keep folks guessing.

Oh, and one more bit about this A.I. business. I write this stuff ridiculously fast. Inspiration strikes while I’m standing outside staring at a tree and I run inside and it just pours out. As a result I am constantly misspelling words. Funny thing, and this is entirely true, I just misspelled ‘misspelling.’ When I did a little jagged red line appeared underneath the word. Now how does my computer know I misspelled that word? Oh, that’s right, we loaded a dictionary into it, but it still has to make a “judgment” of sorts. It has to “read” the misspelled word and make a determination that it is indeed misspelled. Early spell-check systems had a tough time at this. Now they not only read your mind sometimes (when I reread this stuff I have no idea some of the words I was attempting to spell, but the machine does), but suggest corrections for grammatical errors. Of course this is pretty fascinating, but what I find more amazing is the fact that the computer is learning how we make mistakes. In this way it is learning quite a bit about how our brains work. This skill is neccessary, whoops I meant necessary to the evolution of complex artificial intelligence. Artificially intelligent beings will make mistakes because that will make them more human and thus more endearing to us. If we are drawn to them that ensures their continued evolution. So the machine will have to learn to love if it wants to “live.” Fascinating.


Well, obviously language is a form of communication, it is really no different than bird chirps, dog barks or frog croak and has evolved and is continuing to evolve. It’s a binary system that works like audible smoke signals. A burst of air is passed through the vocal folds. The nature of each sound or “digit” is regulated by how much air is let through. When you group these diverse sounds together you get words. When you add space between these words you get language. The same concept was used to create this website. Ones and zeros or “somethings” and “nothings.”

We began to pile on the sounds or syllables because we started to notice things around us that seemed to defy explanation. Say you were out hunting and you witnessed the most beautiful sunset how would you later explain it your mates back at the village (think early humans here)? Before we evolved words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘breathtaking’ we inherently understood their meanings so when our ancestors stood there taking in the awe of the sun they experienced the same feeling we do today, actually it may have been more profound since they didn’t have an easy short-hand to rely on. They didn’t think about what they were seeing they “wondered” about it. That wonder of course lead to our complex languages.

Expressions like “it’s raining cats and dogs” are our way of explaining a once nebulous concept. It sounds a little absurd and that’s what makes it so endearing. Using it implies a jocular fascination with torrential rainfall. To say something like: “it’s raining really hard” sounds dull, boring, almost as if there is a distance between you and the rain. To “make fun” of the event removes the fear you have of it. It doesn’t erase the wonder, it actually enhances it. These expressions evolved because we have always found splashing in puddles fun and this fun was relatively different than the fun we had playing with our peers thus we needed a relatively different way of explaining it. Speaking of explanations, it’s time for me to explain something about this long-winded post. Everything here is tied together and because of this everything can be reduced to one of these segments. Everything in the universe is LITERALLY is connected.

eye reflection

Look into someone’s eye and you will see what they see and they will see what you see and you both will literally see “how” the other sees because well, you’re staring into their eye. The tricky bit is we are incapable of getting close enough so that the only thing we see is our own eye reflected back. As we move in closer everything gets fuzzy, but why? The only thing that separates our eyes is space. Any time you place something too close your eye it senses it and reacts accordingly by trying to close. The eye thinks the object is trying to invade it. We can sense many things before they come in contact with us. Like when someone else enters a room we’re occupying, before we can see them we “feel” them, it feels as if the space in the room “lights up.”

Try this experiment: find a far off fixed point and stare at it, now place your right finger right in front of your right eye without losing focus of the fixed object. Hold your right finger as close to your eye as possible and all you will se is a vague outline of the finger. Now close your left eye and the finger becomes whole again. Close your right eye and your left eye cannot see the finger. Your nose blocks its view. Now perform this trick while looking at something a foot or so in front of you. It seems as if your right eye is staring through your finger when both eyes are opened, but close that left eye and much of the scene in front of you is blocked. Because our vision is triangular in nature (we only really see what rests at the apex of our viewpoint) our left eye compensates for the absence of the right one and shifts its angle of view toward the center. How can that be possible? Well, the eye is perceiving space which is infinitely deep. There is so much we cannot see that is literally right in front of our faces. Matter so small that not even a microscope can see it. Matter so small that the only thing that can perceive it is space itself. You can feel the left eye busting its ass to pull off this trick. Now place your left finger in front of your left eye. The two eyes will now fight for the “seeming” middle. The middle is where your vision is most dense. The weird little overlapping shape you see between your two fingers shows you this.

THE FASTEST THING THERE IS DOESN’T MOVE AT ALL Hubble_ultra_deep_field_high_rez_edit2

Space doesn’t expand, the matter in it does. Space is a constant force. We view the universe as expanding because celestial matter moves away from us. Celestial matter that may have once been fused with us. Uh oh, here comes that Big Bang theory. What we know as our ”immediate” universe may have been bundled up together like a giant dense star and this star existed in space with many other stars. When our massive star went BANG the particulate matter that later evolved into all of the relative craziness spread out into space. The peers of our sacrificial “mother” star may have popped too and as a result their matter may be headed towards us as we head towards them and this may create another fusion thus creating another mother star. Diversity can only be discerned through space, if you take a Thai man, a Swedish man and a tractor and fuse them together you would have no idea what you were looking at. But separate them and BANG—diversity. The blazing fast force that is space facilitates the banging expansion. Space is infinite and it exists in 360 degrees yet it is not spherical or cubic or amorphous. Shapes imply limitations. Space just “is.” It literally can be in infinite places at once.

This is just something I was thinking about while looking up at the stars one night wondering what creates the awesome force of light. Then it struck me that if the universe thrives on diversity wouldn’t a dense fusion of diverse particles create an incredibly radiant force. Look at the cells that make up our diverse organs. The cells that comprise your liver are different than the ones that comprise your lungs and this applies to every part of our ridiculously diverse bodies. These diverse particles work together in perfect harmony so that our complex system can do crazy stuff like walk, talk, dance, sing and the two big ones—give and receive love. They are like allied nations working together for a greater good and that greater good is life. It’s kind of like this:

    Hey, this is a post about love after all and I love this!

Our organs come in all of these odd shapes and each has a function. One of the most wondrous organs is the small intestine which is about 20-23 feet long in an average adult male. How can an organ be four times the height of the person it exists inside of? Well, it’s all curled up in there and it has to be that “long” so that it can absorb and digest food. The process of eating takes considerably less time than the process of digestion, but the crazy subversive bit is how a process that takes so much time occupies such a relatively small space. An orange is a great source of vitamin C, but we do not get the benefit of this essential nutrient by just eating the orange. Our bodies have to break it down and expand it into our blood stream. We get our energy from breaking down food which is the same way our universe gets its energy. Its food is matter. It consumes the matter it creates. But it doesn’t brutally kill it, it spawns matter, lets it linger for awhile, allowing it to enjoy the illusion it works so hard to create and upkeep and then when its time it takes it back, but it never dies. The matter continues to power the dense illusion by creating more matter. We do the same thing with the food we eat. Apples and oranges contain dense packets of particulate matter that expand into trees that bear more fruit. One apple can literally bear an infinite amount of fruit.

Our organs are wired to our brain and we are able to control their functions by just thinking about doing so. This is our own private wonder regulating the crazy diversity that lies below it. And that bad boy is also an organ, the most dense one in our body. Our thoughts, our fears, our hopes, our dreams, tastes, scents, sights, memories, words, numbers and everything that makes you aware of the vastness around you starts up there. The stuff below program it in a sense.

Diversity Literally Makes The World Go ‘Round.
Western countries like the United States attract people like extremely powerful magnets and it is no doubt because of their diversity of cultures, opportunities, ideas, opinions, religions, you name it, they got it. But they have “it” because the globe contains “it.” The United States wouldn’t be what is today without every country on this planet. It is a dense collection of human particles fused together. Because of diversity I am be able to call in an order to my favorite Indian restaurant, walk around the corner a few minutes later, arrive there while they’re still whipping it up and to kill time talk to one of the waiters about the basketball game that was on TV last night. “Hey did OUR team win?” Speaking of athletic competition, you can see examples of radiant diversity at any sporting event. Thousands of individuals brought together to root on a single team and when that team does something extraordinary those thousands unite to make a unified deafening sound of pure joy. And some folks wonder why we play these silly games. Well, there you go. It just feels good. We love it. Just wait until the World Cup jumps off next year.

The Big Question.
Okay, so the Great Nothing or space is the literal wonder. We established that already, but where did this infinite nothing come from? Well, it’s always been here. It subverts time and space. Next question would be: what would space look like with nothing occupying it? Would it be completely black and if so why? Why is darkness black? In regards to the first two questions—what would a chicken look like if it couldn’t produce eggs? Yeah, that one is a brain twister. A little remix of the famous chicken-or-egg question. And darkness is not always black.


Intense light also behaves like complete darkness. Any substance densely packed together creates “darkness.” It could be cotton balls, feathers or glow-sticks. It doesn’t matter, denseness is darkness. But of course if light can be dark then dark can be light. Look at me gettin’ all Zen-like. Sorry, just my penchant for silliness kicking in. This post is driving me a up a wall, it just keeps expanding. I can’t even count how many revisions I’ve been through. Okay, getting back—darkness and light are one in the same because you cannot perceive one without the other. If there were no light then space wouldn’t be considered dark, it would just be. Also, words are forms of perception. They exist to distinguish between diverse objects. A tree looks different than a bush, an ocean is bigger than a lake and so and so on. We do not need words to make these determinations, evolution has made them quite obvious, but because of our peculiar human tendency to classify things we evolved words which are merely relativity manifested as symbols. To call darkness darkness distinguishes it from light. This line in the sand must be drawn because (we think) light possesses an origin—stars. Our planets possess inner lights at their cores, but they must be “turned on” by a more radiant light—


Without this light our core would be a Popsicle and as a result the planets would look rather dull. Relative positioning is also very important for diverse life. Too far and you freeze, too close and you burn up. It has to be just right.


Now why would evolution work so damn hard to make this miracle possible? Because without an “eye” to experience the beautiful wonder that is our universe it would end up like this blog (if I don’t laugh I’ll cry). Now why would the universe want to be perceived? Well, just the same way you enjoy being seen and appreciated. It feels good to put so much work into something you love and have it love you back. Are we the only “eye” out there? It would be pretty cool if we were. A contradictory “one” in infinity, I highly doubt that though, but I do think that planets such as ours are extremely relatively rare. The tricky bit is that there are probably an infinite number of planets with diverse life, but for whatever reason space keeps us apart. When we’re meant to find each other we will.

The surface of our planet is relatively the same thickness as an apple’s skin. So we are made up of more space than matter. See how tenuous the illusion of our existence is, but it has to be that way, it makes for a really efficient energy source.

Our stories tell us that darkness descends and light ascends. But from what point do these two forces descend and ascend? Wouldn’t it have to be the same place, because if darkness descends from a place lower than light’s starting point then it’s already fallen and thus cannot descend. In space there is no up or down, left or right so ascending is the same as descending. We perceive light to exist inside space, but since space possesses no inside or outside light must exist “with” space. Moreover, remove the nothing from light and it burns out.

We think matter floats in space because of the absence of gravity. Well, that may not be entirely true. Space is infinite and as a result gravity works in a different way. In a constant infinity where there is no left or right nor up or down gravity literally has no pull. Because there is no “magnetic bottom” per se gravity becomes a force that facilitates the free movement of relatively different sized bodies and due to the 360 degree nature of infinity this also becomes the force that shapes all of these beautiful spheres. Spheres which bond together in cliques called solar systems. One radiant star of relatively larger size pulls other objects into its orbit. The planets are like insects flying towards the light. If it wasn’t for space’s infinite nature we would all crash right into the sun, but because it is we orbit around the big bright ball and not into it.

Our sun’s radiance acts like tentacles that reach out and grab us. Without this force planets like Earth would not be possible. Also, we cannot forget about the planets we share the sun with. The peculiar behavior of our sister Venus and the dipolar moon-clone Mercury sacrifice themselves so that we receive just enough radiance to incubate life, but not so much that we burn up. Our quirky sister Venus is quite the peculiar character—she peeks at us in the morning and at night, her surface is hotter than Mercury’s due to her heat absorbing atmosphere and her day is LONGER than her year. The poor girl puts in so much work so that we remain relatively cool. No wonder we named her after this. Our close neighbor Mars reminds us just how close we are to freezing our asses off and following him is our big brother Jupiter who literally keeps us all in line. Well, except for that rogue Mercury. He does his own thing. Solar systems behave like supportive families each body possessing a distinct personality. Planets like us are kind of like the stars of their respective families. Our beautifully diverse literal relatives spinning around us making sure we get our turn in the sun. Who knows, maybe our sister is next. Of course there is an astrology angle here. It also explains gender roles as well as the roles of people in societies both complex and simple. What is up must also be down, but since there really is no up or down it just is.


On Earth, even with our relatively “heavy” gravity, small particles like dust or water vapor behave like their celestial cousins. Dust particles are so small that they are able to travel on the swirling nothing that exists in the very room you occupy and if you traveled on a speck of dust that relative to you was the size of the Milky Way you wouldn’t even be able to see the room around you just as we cannot see deep into space. Deep space exists right in front of your face. The shape of clouds, fire and smoke show you the “shape” of our inner space, but like the puzzle the negative space around these nebulous forms is just as dense as the forms themselves.

We think we are “something,” but everything we know and will ever know occupies this infinite “nothing.” Every bit of relatively diverse infinite matter does not exist “inside” any thing. Yeah, this is an impossible concept to wrap your head around, it’s supposed to be that way so that you wonder about it. If we didn’t wonder we wouldn’t love.


    (DISCLAIMER: Only a theory, just like everything else on this blog)

There is no left, right, up or down in space, only points. These points become cores when particulate matter floating through space meet at them. The crazy thing is that it takes two or more meeting at the exact time and fusing to create the core. Once they fuse other bits moving through space may meet up with the new baby star. Now this youngster doesn’t stay in one place, nothing in space does. They move through the vast expanse collecting more and more rogue bits from all directions—this causes the developing mass to rotate and since these pieces are coming from many different points in space the rotation of the mass will be a bit wonky. For a spell it will rotate one way and then another and this wonkiness occurs in 360 degrees since the matter comes from infinite points in space. All of these particles smashing together create friction so this mass is going to be hot, hotter in the center near the “invisible core.” Each additional bit that fuses becomes fuel and as a result the mass turns into a fire ball of sorts. If it comes into contact with other similarly formed masses of smaller size it may hold them at bay due to its fiery radiance. This is one incredibly charismatic big ball of fire.

The young star is not exactly spherical, it is amorphous. Only when it comes in contact with these smaller masses does it begin to take shape as they take shape. This is essentially a young solar system and the relatively smaller masses spin haphazardly in 360 degrees around the magnetic larger mass mimicking his crazy rotation. It’s an epic battle that settles once each of the masses find their respective grooves. That only happens once the rate of new matter slows a bit. The central mass can only sustain as many orbits as its radiance allows and it outs in a whole lot of work. That’s why as our sun burns out it loses mass and thus can potentially lose planets.

The spheres are formed during the epic battle when all of the masses are flying around the new sun in 360 degrees. The tricky bit is that this battle is still being waged, but now it’s not really so much a battle but a dance. We may be a little wonky still, especially that crazy ol’ bird Venus, but we seem to have “rested” a bit.

Without the planets our sun would just continue to collect matter at a rapid pace which would make it incredibly dense and that would result in a big bang. Also our internal star, or core, which makes up an overwhelming majority of our mass is the result of matter being forcefully fused together in 360 degrees so there is a lot of pressure built up in there and to prevent us from “banging” our blue ball needs to exhaust some of this tension by shaking the ground or spitting up fire. These are also the forces that help shape our planet.

That’s all lovely, but how do you know the universe is infinite?

Well, the irrational oddity pi which is is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter gives it all away.

The Odd Ball.
We formed just like our sun, but we were spared from becoming a massive star because we met up with the big guy when he was much bigger than us. We are relatively rare because we started as a fusion of ridiculously diverse matter. I wonder what dying stars or destroyed planets fused together to make us a possibility. Okay, so we secure this nice little position of ours and the young sun begins to “cook” us. We probably were pretty icy early on, much like the rest of our brothers, sisters and cousins, but because of our position this ice melted and thus became water and in concert with the intense heat became fertile for life. But where did life come from? What is it? Well we have to first find out where the matter comes from. The tricky bit is that we cannot. All matter is a fusion of particulate matter and since the universe is infinite there really is no way to go back and see where these particles came from because there was never a beginning. Infinity expands backwards and forwards and in 360 degrees. We can look back and chase some of its origins, but it still gets away from us due to positive and negative expansion. We see a lot of this particulate matter around us—comets, asteroids, meteors—and this matter is still fusing with us and the other celestial bodies. We’re even adding to it. But we’re probably not the first creatures to do such a thing. Some of the bio-technology our planet utilizes may have come from similar “junk.”

Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean You Weren’t It.
Some people have problems with theories such as these because they cannot “see” them. They view the sun the moon, the stars, the planets as completed creations because they cannot see the continuation of evolution. In their lifetime, their parents lifetime and going back to the beginning of recorded time everything seems to have been the same. We had a sun, a moon, some stars, people looked relatively the same. Nothing really different. So what’s evolving?

You are! Of course you don’t remember being an embryo or a newborn or a 6-month-old or a toddler, you can’t see it. You knew you were a baby, there’s pictures, but they look foreign to you. You don’t remember those rooms, those clothes or that Barnaby Jones episode on the TV in the background. You just know that if you weren’t once a child you wouldn’t be an adult today. Also, let’s not forget what you were before the sperm met the egg. You once existed as vastly scattered disparate DNA. For instance, part of you could have existed in a European while another part in an Asian and another in an African. You’re not just made up of your mother and father’s DNA and not just their parents and their parents and their parents. Your matter was all over the place. It became dense through your parents. It fulfilled its destiny in a sense. Oh, don’t be afraid of that word. Destiny is a very real thing because you are here today. There is no other alternative. Yeah, you can think “what if,” but you can’t make that what if a reality.

We are completely oblivious to that long infinite journey “backwards.” We can’t see it, but we know it happened. But here’s the kicker, you actually ARE aware of it. That personality of yours, your features, your abilities. Every facet of the infinite journey exists in you and you are evolving and will influence the journey of others even if you never decide to have children. Just because you can’t see something happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The Earth is orbiting the sun, but yet we say the sun rises and sets.


We invented (really discovered) the wheel! We found a way to use the infinite power of the universe to our benefit! Take that primate! The wheel is an amazing machine. It appears simple, but it is far from. In order for it to move along the surface it never really moves along the surface. Each section of the wheel that meets the surface is an arc. If you zoom in real tight on the point where the wheel meets the surface it will seem like it’s barely touching it and if you zoom in even more and even more and even more you will see the same phenomenon—this continues on for infinity. The wheel possesses a self-sustaining energy source. The irrational number pi shows us this. There is nothing perfect about a circle, but that’s what makes it perfect. A circle is nothing but a series of arcs. But then there’s this:


What this shows is that a circle is nothing but a series of lines or more accurately “points.” Still infinite, but what happened to our precious little arcs? They’re still there. The point between each line is an arc. It’s the invisible nothing that links them. Kind of like the invisible core. The lines show you how the expanding radiance works. Fascinating.


Water is just a whole lotta nothing—one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen. It is amazing because it is tactile, we consume it, it is abundant…wait, it’s really not that different than air. Kind of like one in the same. They literally are linked together kind of like conjoined twins. Air can be felt. Just move your arms through space and you feel that invisible resistance. Cars are built the way they are to “swim” in it. Also we consume it to stay alive just like water. Then there are creatures that “breathe” it through gills and “fly” in it via fins just as birds and insects fly through our atmosphere via wings. Water vaporizes and rises into the air where it forms clouds. Once they become too dense they are forced to purge themselves of themselves and we get rainstorms. Water behaves like a butterfly. It leaves the oceans, forms a cocoon in the air and then when the time is right it breaks free and feeds the land and other bodies of water. Air and water, interlocked, yet seemingly separate. What a fascinating marriage. These two do a lot of dancing together. Along with the moon (whose water just broke) they are responsible for all sorts of destructive forces.

Then there’s fire—

This essential force is comprised of nothing as well and it is nothing (air, water) that defuse it. Fire is really just incredibly radiant air. There is also a haphazard pattern and rhythm to fire—that’s why we’ve always been drawn to it. It’s destructively hypnotic, but without it we wouldn’t be here and it is fascinating in the way it quickly reduces matter to an equalizing blackness.

These three forces, air, water and fire give us life and sustain life and they are all tied up together. They literally need each other to exist and we need them to exist. And the nothing (air, water) is used to battle fire. It’s that pi fella again. All three break matter down because they all possess the magnificent force of nothing. Just more of that weird universal overlapping business. Three different forces eternally tied together.

A quick bit about the moon—I think the people of the globe need to wonder about space again. It seems we’re getting a little complacent. We need to go back up and see her. We know she’s got water now so that’s really exciting. Hell, I’m sure Coke or Pepsi would be itching to bottle some of that up and sell it to the masses. So how about it, help fund the project. Bottles of moon water would practically sell themselves. Sorry, to go all corporate, but I don’t think any governments are going to fork over the dough necessary to get there. But I think this is somewhat mandatory. Just imagine if we could get everyone to look up at that rock we take for granted and wonder again. Man, it would be freakin’ awesome. A boy can dream.


    “Come on young man. Really? Evil relativity? You’ve got to be kidding me. But whatever, go ahead, have your fun. I’ll just be over here keeping a close eye on you.”

It is said that the grandest trick the Devil is pulling on us is conning us into thinking he doesn’t exist. I am sometimes dismissed as a kook amongst those close to me because I make links between our behavior and the universe around us or compare our solar system to a loving family or the economy to trees (wow, this stuff does sound a little crazy). I usually rebut by saying, “Well, you give your father credit for raising you so why is it crazy to think that the universe—the very place where you evolved is somehow not responsible for who you are? Isn’t thinking otherwise myopic and complacent?” But then again every culture on this globe thinks that they are the chosen people.

We view the universe relative to ourselves. The sun is only massive because it is much “bigger” than us, but a marble is considered small because we can hold it our hand. Relativity is gaming you here. Everything in the universe adheres to the laws of physics. Even the extraordinary power of space as I’ve attempted to detail above. If these laws are universally consistent why would our evolution not follow suit? Why would we get a pass? We seem to have a problem perceiving our evolution as taking millions of years because we perceive our lives lasting about seventy. We therefore think nothing constant can happen in a million years because we view our lives as inconsistent. Just a bunch of random experiences with no rhyme or reason. Wrong. You know a couple things for certain. You were born, you eat, you drink, you breathe, you die. Every last one of us must adhere to this structure to survive. This is a “seemingly” rigid framework, but we expound upon it with all sorts of crazy relative diversity. The framework is like an empty closet and the diversity the clothes and shoes we subsequently fill it with. Once filled we can no longer see the “original” closet, only our clothes and shoes. We spend our lives pondering what we’re going to wear.

We ate the forbidden fruit because we had to in order to get this ball rolling. We had to see the dark to realize we were the light. It was relativity in the Bible. All of this craziness I talk about is far from new, we always tell the same stories. This is why Pixar makes movies just as profound as the Iliad or The Art of War because that is precisely where they evolved from. Not in a straight line of course, but a network of arcs. Okay, getting back—

The fruit came from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Before digging in we’re pure, without sin, but how do we know what purity or sin is without sampling the fruit. It was a clever trick that we had to fail so that we understand the importance of love. So we eat the fruit and are banished from the garden where the tree of life resides—the tree that promises eternal life. We are forced to work by the sweat of [our] brow in the fields. This means we gave in to the fear. Once we became aware of our nakedness we feared it. Why do you think we’re so prudish and hate being reminded of sex although it’s the reason we’re all so “densely” here? We fear sex because it is a reminder of our mortality yet it feels good. Isn’t feeling good about death morally reprehensible? Well, all I can say is that apples taste good and they give us energy which sustains us. The fear of death is the fear of life guys. Don’t be afraid of the truth that lies underneath your clothes. Don’t fear the creation that took an infinity to produce. Hey, I’m not advocating rabid promiscuity just as I wouldn’t advocate running through the forest eating berries from random bushes.

You subvert fear by understanding that there is nothing finite about this grand universe and that includes you. The sweating brow bit is a reference to the journey it takes to overcome fear. It takes A LOT of work! Our coping mechanism is adding more and more relatively diverse layers to our existence. It is the beautiful thing that the universe “consumes” to sustain itself, but when you strip it away you see that everything is pretty much the same, but this relative diversity is pretty dense and varied. So dense that we cannot see the purity underneath. Wait a minute, who’s really playing the trick on us? God or the Devil? The diversity is the trick, yet diversity is what the universe sustains itself on. All of this disparate matter getting up and falling down at relatively different intervals. Why would the Devil be responsible for our existence? We give that credit to God. So God created us and then left things to the Devil? Or are they one in the same because you cannot have one without the relative other. Just look at the picture at the top of this post.

These are staggeringly beautiful and staggeringly brilliant stories that literally came from nowhere. They are imprinted on our DNA. We evolve, they have evolved and will continue to evolve, but the salient message is always love.

We see destructive forces all throughout the universe. These destructive forces typically drive creation. I spoke of volcanoes and earthquakes earlier. These events happen quite frequently, but massive eruptions and massive earthquakes are relatively rare. Same holds true for other natural disasters. We deal with hurricanes, floods and tornadoes regularly, but devastating ones are rare. Whenever one occurs, no matter where on the planet, we ALL take notice. The terror leads to an outpouring of support from around the world. This is us subverting fear with love. We so readily give of ourselves because we do not busy ourselves with asking who is at fault. With some exceptions. There were some during Hurricane Katrina who chose to pick at the scab of racism a bit, but fortunately the majority of Americans didn’t follow suit. That moment acted as a reminder of who we were, but also an uplifting hint as to where we are going.

We literally expand to subvert the effect of these natural disasters. There are 6 billion of us messing about and the planet may be expanding to accommodate us and what is to come. I know it sounds crazy, but if we occupy a planet that provides us with food, water, nutrients and natural medicine and we have evolve in response to it why wouldn’t it evolve in response to us? It does! The planet also needs these things to live. It literally consumes the matter it creates. To think the planet doesn’t warm in order to facilitate expansion is not as far-fetched as it seems. Of course if we violently assist this warming process we may pop. The big girl knows what she’s doing and I think if we keep up our nonsense she may just get rid of us. Sounds crazy right? Well so does your amazing immune system.


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    i Love Chrisette Michele! Thanks for everything. I started reading your blog today after reading “I’m White, I’m Male…” on CurrentTv. You are interesting. Keep writing….i’ll keep reading!

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