Life is Death, Death is Life

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After this leg of our evolutionary journey runs it course many of us are buried deep in the earth. Why? Well, maybe to get to heaven faster. The literal heaven that is. Just like the leaves that fall from the trees our bodies become soil as they break down. Plants and trees sprout from this soil which supply us with food as well as oxygen. In essence “death” exists in every piece of food you eat and breath you take. More when you click below.


All matter is made up of diverse particulate elements. These elements originate from different points in space and through miraculous efforts are fused together for a period and then return. The computer you are using to view this blog is composed of diverse elements and it is breaking down right in front of your face. The nature of the fusion is tenuous. As soon as we become “whole” we begin to “die.” Our elements come from our parents and their parents and their parents and…it just keeps going and going and going. These diverse elements fuse together in your mother’s womb and as soon as the fuse they begin to break down. Your “life” is nothing more than a journey to “death.” This is nothing to get depressed about because you never truly die. Your matter will occupy the universe forever and will coalesce with other elements. This is the expansive nature of matter or the creation begetting creation. In order for this system to work everything MUST die. In this sense life is a gift because it is a chance to witness the creation that it is a very integral part of. Even with that said life is but a dream. All of the matter around us is evaporating at relatively diverse intervals right in front of our faces.


Our hero stories, from the story of Jesus to Batman are grounded in the principles above. A hero sacrifices himself for the greater good of mankind. The hero is the “whole” that evaporates to touch the many. It is a rapid evaporation because the hero views his or her life as possessing a purpose beyond self. They are tacitly aware of the nature of the universe and their lives reflect this understanding. In essence they are living sacrifices.

Oddly enough, the villain follows this same logic, but while the hero sacrifices himself, the villain is a nihilist who sacrifices others. The villain believes there is no purpose to life and protests this lack of reason by destroying it. He is angered by the myopia of the masses. He does not understand why they do not share his nihilistic viewpoint. He knows he cannot preach to them because they will not listen, instead he plays on their fears. That always seems to get them to stand up and pay attention.

Now here’s the M. Knight Shyamalan-like twist—one man’s hero is another man’s villain. An overlap between these two so-called dualities exists and the only thing that really separates them is perception. Destructive force is used by both the hero and the villain. In order to justify these actions the hero and the villain must reduce his victims to lesser beings. But what about forces like these:

These forces radiate so brightly and then are inexplicably cut down. They are aggressively postmodern yet their principles reflect the very nature of the universe. In other words they get it in ways many of us don’t and they are driven by something that is so beautiful and so loving. They sacrifice themselves to deliver the message of the inherent benevolent nature of our universe and after their so-called deaths this message radiates brighter than it did during their lives. They knew this would happen though. They realized that the message was bigger than them and in order to deliver it the had to subvert their fears. They knew their fates, but it wasn’t their fate they were concerned with, it was ours. These relatively rare forces will continue to visit us until we understand. For the better part of the past decade the flip-side of this force has had us scratching our heads.

These forces sacrifice themselves and others to deliver their message and much like its opposite it creates confusion. The peaceful force confuses because we cannot understand why it refuses to retaliate when it is attacked. We view this as a sign of weakness as well as a defect. We want our heroes to fight back. It just makes sense. We want our heroes to beat our enemies into submission. Make it so they won’t even think about messing with us again. This attitude is fearful. We fear death and our enemies want to kill us. So in order to protect our lives we must kill them. But why do they want to kill us? It could be for any number of reasons. But when you break it all down the primary reason becomes resources. Life-sustaining resources. One can only acquire total power when one monopolizes these resources. These resources that are the result of death. The very thing we fear.

The suicide bomber confuses us because he does not seem to want to control resources and therefore does not desire power for himself. The Gandhis of the world possess this same rationale. While the peaceful force is usually taken out by a figure representing a minority, the suicide bomber or self-sacrificing destructive force represents a minority that takes out the majority. Our response to this destructive force is destruction. But unlike most fights where both parties go in with strategies steeped in self-preservation, the suicide bomber sacrifices himself and us simultaneously. In doing so he subverts the ideology of the fight. Much like his counterpart:

You cannot defeat the destructive force with destructive force. The only way to stop his destruction is to understand why he does it. Typically we do this by comparing ideologies. They do this, we do that. But to really understand we must stop judging based on how his culture is different than ours. We must look at our similarities. Strip away all of the relatively diverse layers and you’re left with fear. We’re all afraid. Interestingly, both forces are attempting to deliver the same message. The message is that there is nothing to fear because death is far from an ending, more accurately it is a new beginning. When we die we get the opportunity to aid the creation and literally touch many more lives than we ever thought we would. Life is a gift. It is our opportunity to experience everything that came before us. We have to fall down to allow others to stand up. It’s the great sacrifice. Nothing and I mean nothing is exempt. Death is nothing to fear. Just look at all of the beauty it creates:

Go ahead, call me an idealist, I’m not afraid.


These stories endure because we are creatures of this universe and as a result its nature is literally written in our DNA. These stories are as integral to our evolution as environment or climate. We do not exist in the universe, we are the universe. It is infinite, without boundaries, there is no in or out, it is just constantly, infinitely there.

That crazy deoxyribonucleic acid.
Particulate matter or vapor literally contains the information that influences and shapes evolution. Life perceives the universe and quietly takes notes and the vapor carries these notes and spreads them throughout the universe. No wonder we share a third of our DNA with lettuce. Think of life as the universe’s eye which looks around and stores pertinent information via DNA and this is what steers evolution. To us this process appears painfully slow that is why some of us believe evolution has stopped. This period of rest is only illusory because everything, even a ham sandwich, is evolving all of the time.

Life is the great question. Death is the answer. This answer is whispered to the life which follows. But there will always be more questions than answers so life can sustain. An anteater’s long snout or a lion’s sharp teeth would not be possible without the life which surveyed its environment and then was later sacrificed to spread the results of its findings. We are born and we die every fraction of a second. This system is genius in its efficiency because it insures universal sustainability via its creations begetting infinitely more creation. One divides into many because one is composed of many. In this way all life possesses a profound meaning.

The course of your life is simultaneously destined and completely up to you. Your circumstances—which start with your DNA (hair color, race, traits, etc.) and as you develop your environment (location, family, friends, etc.)—affect your evolution. Now here’s where it gets interesting, you can influence your evolution and the evolution of the universe through your actions. Because no one or no thing occupies the same exact point(s) in space twice your life and what you do with it is profoundly important. Don’t get scared, you don’t have to go out and lead a peace rally or anything like that. Just do you. What evolution shows us is our inherent benevolent nature. We may come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we may worship different gods and practice different customs, but our biological story is 99.9% the same. And when you really look at our so-called differences you will find out just how tenuous the distinctions we make really are. An overwhelming majority of us want to love and be loved. It really is as simple as that. It is a wondrously miraculous thing that we are so genetically similar. That means when we asked the question we kept on receiving the same answer over and over again. That answer must have been a loving one. Well actually, it had to be. It is the magnetic force that draws us together. Oh, and don’t forget that bit about the lettuce earlier. It’s all connected. We also must not forget about fear, which is the necessary contrast to love. Without it we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of love. But the cool bit is we don’t have to live in fear for an eternity in order to sustain love. Theoretically the sacrifice need only be made once and the story of it passed on. One nuclear reaction to power the massive expansion.

I said above that all life is made up of death. For this to be true that must mean that all death is made up of life for something cannot die unless it has lived. But what about a PlayStation? Is it alive? It must be because it too breaks down and life provides the energy to facilitate this breakdown. The PlayStation is a fusion of elements that came from our living breathing universe.

As we learn more about genetics or what is essentially our literal story the closer we will get to an understanding of how amazing this universe really is. I highly recommend this fun little page turner by the late Michael Crichton. The scenarios it presents may scare some, but I believe it works as a witty satire that details how we feel about this relatively new frontier of our condition. Genetics, stem cells—this stuff scares us because we don’t understand it, but we will. We’ll never fully understand it because as I said there will always be more questions than answers.

What we really know
You don’t have to know the word ‘grass’ or for that matter what grass is to understand that it is relatively different than you and the other matter that occupies the universe. The contrast that relative diversity provides is the most pure and honest form of communication there is.


Above I talked about life being the grand question. Well, faith is a manifestation of this question. It asks the profound question—what is the meaning of life and what happens when we die? This is a strange hybrid query of sorts since it brings these two states of being together. Interestingly, the answer to both questions is the same. You must live your life according to a certain set of standards and based on how you adhere to these standards you are granted eternal life in heaven or hell. But get this, if you eschew these standards you can repent and be forgiven.

Okay, let’s give this a run. What would be the eternal fate of someone like Hitler? Both. The ideas that he represented live on long after his death, but his matter dissolves to facilitate the creation of more life. Does this matter assist in the creation of great whites or cobras? These are creatures whose evolution is indeed fearful, but then again so is ours and every other creature so that doesn’t really work. I think the universe in a sense literally forgives, but it is that other wondrous particulate matter we call influence that sticks around to punish the creation. Now I am not capable of determining what is absolutely wrong and what is absolutely right, that tricky thing called perception sneaks up and makes a relative mess of that. Religions try to layout moral absolutes, but they too run into a lot of trouble. I think that if we simply ask ourselves before each action who or what will I hurt we will be better for it. The moral absolutes dictated by most religions seem to stem from fear, but the salient message is what we are drawn to—a message of love, compassion and understanding that was already written long before we set quill to parchment.


The force is undeniable. It is positive and negative. It is inside everything and outside everything. It is simultaneously something and nothing. This enigmatic, yet beautiful force is composed of dead matter. Particulate matter to be exact. Now with all of this particulate matter covering every inch of space—most of it too small for us to see—then isn’t space incredibly dense with matter? If we are a fusion of particles and space is full of particles then isn’t calling the gap between you and I ‘space’ a bit of a misnomer? Well, not exactly because there is space between these particles. But then again within that space is even smaller particles. However, between them is more space and…you know where I’m going with this. Space is infinitely multidimensional. That nothing that exists between all of these particle layers is the force or the wonder or God (a word that evolved to describe a literal thing). When we die and our matter breaks down we travel through it. It is incredibly dense and it seems the particulate matter is racing to the seeming nucleus or the bottom (the ultimate answer), yet it will never find it. This chase drives the expansion. But it’s no race to the finish line. It is a swirling mess and sometimes the particles collide at points in space. When this happens these points become nuclei. The subsequent “nuclear reaction” that occurs is the force that triggers the expansion. It is also the force that creates matter. When two particles collide they fuse together. The force of the collision causes smaller particles to break off from the two fused particles. These particles go off to collide with others and the process continues ad infinitum. The fusion inevitably attracts more particles and the mass will begin to grow. This may be how all matter is formed. The sphere motif is prevalent in space due to its infinite nature (more about that later). The diverse shapes we see are shaped by gravity. Well more specifically, by how particles behave due to this gravity. Particulate matter is swirling all around us and through us and it is literally shaping and molding all of the matter diverse matter we see. From trees to bumblebees to Gary Sinise.

Adaptations, like a turtle’s hard shell, are one incredibly minute fraction of the turtle’s evolution. The moniker turtle is also an incredibly minute fraction of the animal’s evolution. The creature that evolved into what we know as a turtle may have looked nothing like the creature we know today. The turtle is an illusion, just like all life. Lions, tigers, bears and pears seem to have stopped evolving, but they are literally being shaped right in front of our faces. Evolution rests for no one or no thing.

In our atmosphere particulate matter must become lighter than air before it can ascend (check the cloud video at the top for an example). During its breaking down process it takes on different roles. Let’s look at how our matter may behave.

BOOM. You’re dead.

Your body begins to decompose. As it breaks down and begins to ascend, the matter will still be a but “heavy” so to speak so it will hang around on Earth for awhile fusing together with other particles which will either begin the process of creating new matter or may fuse with other densities. Now when you were alive you took in all of the relative diversity around you via your many and varied experiences. These experiences will be imprinted on your DNA, like notes. This DNA will survive the infinite breakdown and as your particles begin to fuse with other diverse elements so will the story of your life. Everything you absorbed while living will be used to influence the progress of other diverse life forms. You become part of the force which creates, drives and influences. This is why no matter how insignificant you may feel, you are actually very much valuable to the course of evolution. This is also shows us how literally we are connected to everyone and everything around us. The staggering beauty is that it is a contradictory ONE in infinity. But it is a ridiculously infinitely diverse ONE. Just take your amazing body for instance—a liver cell is different than the cells that make up your lungs, your heart, etc. But what is remarkable is how they all work in harmony to keep you going. Even more remarkable is how they work together to eliminate disharmonious elements. All of these diverse organs fit inside ONE you. But how? And what about the amazing eye? How did that evolve? What diverse set of elements fused together to create that?

Whew, why do I ask these questions? Well, let’s give it a spin. First, let’s look at our nervous system.

Looks like an absolute mess doesn’t it? But these nerves are what our brain uses to perceive the universe it occupies. Your body is the tool it utilizes to answer these questions. Our inquisitive nature is an evolutionary necessity because we must be curious about our surroundings in order to be driven to sample them and subsequently take the notes needed to influence our future evolution. We knows we will one day become nothing but dust, but we have a lot of work to do before then. Our brains govern this curiosity with the help of its favorite partner—the eye. This fascinating device can perceive relative diversity matter and life through the vastness of the space that surrounds us. Sure the nose and ears can do this, but without the eye they have quite a time trying to detect the physical nature of the sources of scent and sound. The eye allows the other senses to be utilized sparingly. If you eat a certain food and you have an unfavorable experience when you later “see” it you will know instantly you don’t like it—all of the senses work in tandem and there is a lot of overlapping going on, but the eye is what we rely on for the truth. Smells, sounds, tastes and tactile sensations can be deceiving—a lot of snakes share the same skin texture, but some are deadly while others are not. And the other three, without the aid of the eye, can be fooled in similar relative ways. But that doesn’t mean the eye is infallible. Far from. Just check out the picture below.

What colors are the two swirling stripes? Let me save you the trouble since I’m pretty sure you’re hip to what I’m getting at. The two stripes are the same color although one appears to be green and the other blue. Here. I’ll prove it.

Even though the bar shows you that the colors are indeed the same your brain still sees two colors. Well, let’s remove the orange.

You still see a difference, but now the two stripes look a little closer in relation than before. Well, let’s remove the magenta.

Now the truth is revealed. But why did your brain lie to you in the first place? It was distracted. The eyes have the arduous task of absorbing dense particle fusions and then the brain has to make sense of them. The brain spends most of its time questioning what the eyes see. After it determines what the eyes witnesses it stores it away. You see a rabbit for the first time it is peculiar, but you store the image away. The next time you see a rabbit you are able to make better sense of its characteristics. The more often you see rabbits the shorter the question/answer process becomes. Essentially the eye says, “What is that?” and the brain says, “I don’t know. Let’s find out.” After witnessing the same thing several times when the eye asks, “What is that?” the brain replies, “It’s a damn rabbit. We’ve seen a hundred of them already.” But then there are phenomena like the picture above. The eye asks, “What is that?” and the brains says, “It’s some sort of spiral thing composed of a blue and green spiral.” and the brain is content with that summation because it cannot “see” anything else. But when you begin to strip away the relatively diverse layers it turns out the eyes and the brain have been duped. Seeing is not really believing. Once the eye finds out it was tricked it turns to the brain for consolation. The brain can offer no reassurance because it doesn’t understand how the trick occurred. The orange and magenta lines suggest a relationship that doesn’t actually exist. It is this suggestion that fools us.

I must pause here to mention that I know these organs appear to be far more complicated than how I am describing them. The main point of this blog is to show how tricky relativity is. I do this by attempting to reduce complex organs, issues and assorted universal phenomena to their lowest common denominator. That means throwing out all of the relative diversity for a moment and studying the core. The brain and the eye can be broken down into an exhaustive amount of different parts. All of which are crucial to their functioning, however, I want to explore why they behave the way they do and the purposes of their respective evolutions. My hypothesis is that this purpose is singular in infinitely relative diverse ways. Basically, I am using my ignorance of certain issues to my advantage as all living things do. Prior to the creation of this blog if something interested me I would jump on the net, grab a few books and just tear into the subject. Now I just wonder about it. By defeating ignorance with wonder you learn something new. When I stare at a recently fallen leaf and wonder about its formation my ignorance almost overwhelms me. This question I am forming is too complex. I’ll never understand this leaf. Why am I even wondering about it? I’m only setting myself up for disappointment. But then I notice a relative similarity—there’s these vein-like deals that seem to carry something to the outer reaches of this leaf. What is it carrying? Is it like my blood? Does it give this leaf life?

See how quickly you get going towards understanding when you defeat ignorance by using it against itself. You pushed it over the edge like a waterfall and as it descends it seems to fade away. But it rises right back up to ask another question moments later. But what pushed it over the edge and causes it to rise again? It’s that same thing that repels the magnets and creates space (more about that later). Okay, moving on. The lying eye…

The man narrating the video explains our inability to see the convex face as it truly exists is due to its unlikely nature. We have seen many diverse human faces over the years, so we should know when something’s off. But we do not, because it is not the nature of the face, it’s just its basic structure we seek out. It doesn’t matter what a face looks like, we first recognize it as human and even twisting it out of proportions does not distort our sense of what it is because we have asked the question so many times.

    “Weeping Woman” by Pablo Picasso

We see faces before we see races. We have to first recognize that the being standing in front of us is like us before we begin to notice the differences. Since we know the former bit quite well, it seems that we begin to forgo the latter the more faces we see. But we never actually do. We always check first. It may seem like it has become second nature, but we always make sure. It’s why when you see this…

The being looks human, but something is off (kind of like Canadians). You ask the first question, “What is that?” You get the “human” answer back very quickly, but seemingly right on its heals, almost ahead of it is doubt. Another question is forming: “Is that really a human being?” Then when it is confirmed that the face is computer generated you are relieved. You knew something was odd, just didn’t know exactly what. It was in the eyes. They give it all away. We are experts at locating the light in the eye.

The eye must have formed via a constant 360 degree onslaught, but what incubated this evolution? Look at all the varieties it comes in. Where did the diverse particles that went into its creation and fuel its evolution come from? Why would they fuse together?

I think the answer is right above our heads as well as right below our feet. It’s actually all around you and no matter how many rockets we shoot into space or how far we can dig into the ground we will still be met with more questions than answers, but the beautiful thing is we love the chase that is not really a chase when you think about it. It is all in you and all without you. Therefore it can never be quantified. The kind of energy that could power a star or create our eye which is so bright, but internally dark They don’t seem to move smoothly, they dart between points in space as if magnetically attracted to those points. You wonder what drives the movement of your eyes. These movements that can precede to earth-shatteringly profound moments in your life as well as follow them. You may not look at things the same way after a particular event occurs.

This darting from point-to-point creates a visual constellation of sorts that form a visual story of what the eye witnesses. The two eyes fuse together at a point in the middle to form this triangle that points directly to whatever the both of them are looking at (it is not possible to look perfectly straight), but when you cross your eyes the two images never link up. They actually appear to expand away from each other. Notice how each eye follows its image away from the center and there is a force that gives the impression that if it snaps the two images will fly around your head and merge in front of your face once again. The apex of the triangle or vanishing point seems to open up the more you try to concentrate on the middle. Inside this widening expanse you see a perfect fusion of each image’s polar opposite. And if you could cross your eyes further this fusion expands and expands, but it doesn’t theoretically exist. But at the same time it actually does. This odd overlapped rhythm is at the core and the “more” of everything. Our eyes possess this rhythm, they seem to dart around aimlessly, but they are putting together a story that you will one day look back on to understand where you are and to know where you are going. That point where you stop and wonder is a remarkable fusion. The eye needs to be deceived in order to see the disconnect between points in space. Cross your eyes while staring at the picture below.

These flat images appear to be three dimensional when you cross your eyes. You can now perceive space in an image where there does not seem to be any. If you reach forward and touch the screen you cannot penetrate it, but it really seems to be there. Soon, you realize it is just an illusion and you relax, but it is still very curious. When you cross your eyes it feels as if there are two counter forces working against each eye. It’s pulling them together while it expands away. It seems to want to cause a nuclear reaction. But in essence it wants you to endure a challenge so that you understand how easy it is to just look “straight.” But the thing is you never look straight. Your eyes fuse to a point that darts around in space. It settles on some things and it darts away from others as if it is on a chase to find something. It darts around witnessing evolution. Every point you view is expanding away from you and toward you. Your eyes adjust to what is near and far. But it can’t see too far and it can’t see too close.

When you cross your eyes the battle that is taking place in the middle seems to want to resolve in creating a square. Two dueling triangles whose apexes seem to be fighting for dominance. One cannot invade the other without great force. But eventually they will either have to agree to compromise and pop out to create the square. But the force of that compromise will actually quickly spin that square into a circle. The crossed eyes seem to be fighting the deception, but they settle when they realize that fighting it only leads to…well, you see the picture above. Seems like life is no more than an infinite number of frames flying in front of you. A repetitive force penetrating your vanishing point to show you it never vanishes. It is a “cool” force that allows for your eyes to “seem” fused together at the middle. When you split it you see its power and you see how hard it tries to fight against you. Your eyes cannot split two points in space and even if they could the split only facilitates further expansion.

That space right between each eye is the point where the countering force rests. When you cross your eyes to see it, it expands, because you have to fooled. But by seeing the trick it kind of winks at you. And you allow to invade your brain in an attempt to flatten the image. You and everything around you is evolving to relatively different points in space point by point. The one thing we all share is our diverse ways of infinitely evolving at every infinite point in space. A constant bang has to occur to make this necessary. If you froze a point in time and documented how all matter was evolving at that point your list may seem a bit unyielding. But continue doing this at successive points in time. Eventually your list will look similar to your initial list and when you notice their relation the lists in the middle start to make a little more sense. And it is those middles lists which magnify the similarities between the first and the last.

An aside about magnetism
if this stuff is not making sense just think about the basics of magnetism—opposites attract, likes repel. Well, opposites need space to determine that they do indeed attract. What creates that space? The repulsion of the like elements. No matter it be two positives or two negatives, they have to come together through space. The cool thing is that likes attract too, because they repel for infinity. When opposites attract. the only way they can be separated is to pull them apart. The likes create the force that can do just that, but it rarely does. It seems to hold this thing together. It does this by repelling at the seeming center. The point that attracts the opposites. When you roll too like magnets around each other you feel a spherical bubble in between. That is densely charged space coming in from 360 degrees.

The point in the middle seems to be one of repulsion, but it cannot be broken because the opposites are so tightly bonded in the center. The likes tear slightly at the bond sending its charged particles through the widening gap. These particles use the force of attraction that resides between the opposites to pull away from one another. The opposites are now engaged in a a battle to reconnect. The likes will relent eventually and it will be an easy process, but when they bang in the middle it uses that force to repel further away. Also, the like is attracted to the opposite that resides in the middle. But only one, because it is the same as the other. And the two like magnets have to have a space to exist in as well. That space is created by relative opposites hovering above the likes. Now imagine all of this taking place in 360 degrees of space infinitely. Nobody really gets over on anybody. But the force of attraction seems to defeat the force of the repulsion. But it needs that force in order to connect because it creates the space for the connection to occur. Thus the magnetic force creates space for its own attraction. It is a constant pulsating force that exists in everything. It is the force that divides cells. It is the force that fuses matter. As you travel through space all of these magnetic forces around you fueling your journey, but what fuels you? The same force. It holds all of your particles together. It doesn’t squeeze you. That would hurt. It just holds you gently. Your beating heart a reminder of its power because when it stops you break down. Just goes to show you how charged full of energy you are.

Its infinite nature allows for the so-called impossible to happen. Although our hearts beat at different speeds all over the globe there will come a point in space when they will all beat at once. No matter the relative speeds at one point in space they line up. It seems impossible, but infinity makes this very possible. It’s like if a theater showed the same movie on ten screens and started each movie one minute after the other, and then ran these staggered showings in a loop twenty-four hours a day. At some point all ten movies will sync up perfectly. The theater could add one-hundred more screens and continue the staggering process; there will still be a point when they all line up. Why? Because the movies are running over and over and over again. This impossible alignment is you. All of these diverse cells partying together and how often do you stop to marvel at it? Rarely if at all. Only time we really notice it is when something is wrong (the tear).

Infinity ensures a moment of so-called perfection. It does this every fraction of a fraction of fraction of a…just keep breaking that second down infinitely. It’s showing you a new picture and a new picture and a new picture. It’s doing this so blazingly fast that you cannot pick up on it. But you can. When you cross your eyes you see how hard it is to split two points in space. The images slam back together when you straighten your eyes and that tension is gone. That same tension you get when wearing 3D glasses. They are attachments that force us to concentrate on that vanishing point. Once we relax, we settle in and enjoy two layers merged together to create the illusion of space. Imagine an infinite amount of particulate layers existing at infinite points in space all being held together from a force outside and within. Space squeezes us tight without really squeezing us tight. Just look at the diversity this power allows—beings as fragile as birds to ones as rough and tumble as rhinos. All cradled in the gentle arms of space or absolute nothing, but the very thing that allows for everything. Now this force can be torn. But the tears are entirely necessary to facilitate the expansion, but they are relatively minor affairs compared to the periods of healing and eventual cooling. It is the tearing/healing process that drives everything. The magic lies in the fact that although both sides exist infinitely the healing period seems longer than the tearing period. It’s kind of like having a child over and over and over again.

Back to the list…
At what point the similarities return is infinitely diverse. A broad similarity can be noticed quickly. Whereas something minute may take a little more time. It is possible to compare the first two to the third and notice infinite similarities amongst the first two. But you needed that third to form the relationship between the first two. But then you may spot similarities between the latter two that the first magnifies. Or perhaps a relationship between the first one and last one magnified by the middle. Whatever way you choose to find relations you know there is a fourth on the way and you’re infinitely curious about its prospects.

The Trick

To maintain the illusion we must be kept virtually in the dark about the multidimensional nature of space. Just think about what you can see and what a dustmite can. You cannot see a dustmite with your naked eye, but a dustmite can perceive other dustmites as well as particulate matter too small for you to see. But just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it does not exist. A hair follicle under an electron microscope looks like this:

But when you roll a strand of your own hair in your fingers that is not what you see, nor do you feel the jaggedness that the picture suggests. But the truth is you actually see and feel what that picture shows. Just stare at the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Imagine the “E” magnified two-billion times. We talk a lot about venturing into deeper and deeper outer space, but the same infinite depth exists right in front of our faces. The more and more we “zoom in” the more invisible the object we are magnifying will become. The bionic eye will be able to breakdown the particulate matter that composes the object and literally see through the particulate layers. Thanks to relativity there is no clear path through the matter. The more and more we zoom in the longer and longer the journey inside becomes. The inside of an artery magnified two-billion times may possess the relative space to house our entire galaxy. Thing is, it already does. Inner-space and outer-space are essentially the same thing. It’s right in front of your eyes. It is the space between your face and the monitor. It’s full, it’s dense, but damn it, why can’t you see it? It’s that Tricky Relativity. Your eyes are too “large” to see something that “small.”

Your ability to fuse
Quick, picture Michael Jackson giving dancing lessons to Steven Seagal. Notice how fast you were able to create the scene. Your mind provided a place for the two characters as well as clothing and mannerisms. Now others pictured the same scenario, but their mind’s eye saw something similar yet different than you. You may have placed the two in a dance studio whereas someone else pictured the King of Pop and Mr. Marked for Death dancing on the moon. Who knows. But answer this question, where are you seeing this? Where does this three dimensional image exist? You know it is entirely fabricated, yet it seems to exist somewhere. You can “see” it after all. It doesn’t seem as clear as if you witnessed it live, but even if you did view this odd scenario in person as soon as it ended you would be left with an image just as nebulous as your mind’s fabrication. As you begin to move away from the point in space where the event occurred the images will begin to fade. Only key details will remain. But if the moment was particularly life-altering then you may be able to recall every detail. Just like you notice every detail of yourself, your cell phone or the monitor in front of you. But as this whole mess moves through space it all fades away. The moment is all we have, but we have it infinitely. Infinite points in space equal infinite moments in time.

Constant Banging
We think our universe began with one big bang. Well, these bangs occur every fraction of a second and have been occurring for an infinity. All of these diverse particles swirling around colliding with each other through infinite space. Space is incredibly powerful force because it is made up of literally everything. We found out how powerful this force is when we split the atom or the so-called definitive center. Well, the center of an atom is nothing but space. The resulting nuclear reaction was devastating. Like nothing we have ever seen before.

Space bangs all around us and it too destroys, but it does so in a much more gentle way. The matter that occupies the universe expands via this gentle force. The violent destructive nuclear reaction rages for a brief spell and then cools for a relatively longer spell. The seemingly invisible nuclear reactions that occur within the space that surrounds us facilitate an expansion that will expand forever and ever.

We may think that we are born into sin due to gravity. I know it sounds absurd, but just stand up and jump. No matter how much force you put into your leap you will return to terra firma eventually. We can look up and see the “heavens” teasing us with its splendor, but we cannot seem to reach it. We seem to be stuck here. Gravity is a mysterious magnetic force that adheres us to the ground and to break free from it requires great energy…

…or no energy at all…

The helium balloons float in our atmosphere because helium is lighter than air. Particulate matter is also lighter than air. Imagine a rotting carcass (sorry) lying in a field. As the flesh decomposes it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles. Eventually these particles will get so small they will be lighter than air and begin to rise into the atmosphere. It’s kind of like a literal spirit. This vapor will continue to break down for an eternity as it expands to the far reaches of the universe. Even while living we are evaporating. One obvious form is sweat. Anyone who’s ever been in a locker room knows just how expansive perspiration is.

Universal Dervishes
All of this incessant spinning around is what keeps us adhered to our magnetic bottom. The dance is genius as it tricks us into believing everything is still. But at the same time it offers all of these hints that there is indeed some trickery involved. But why are we being duped? Because we have to be. It’s that forbidden fruit deal. We had to eat it to really understand the ubiquitous benevolent power of the universe. But we only had to take one bite.

More about that forbidden fruit
Gravity warps our planet. We are an imperfect sphere or oblate spheroid due to the pull of gravity. We’re a bit wide in the hips. Oddly enough, in space where gravity is subverted by 360 degrees of infinity, all matter, no matter the size, weighs nothing. How is this possible?

First off, the vapor of a lion and a cheeseburger become more and more similar the more it is broken down. No matter how large or small an object once its vapor becomes lighter than air the differences become literally virtually invisible. Death exposes the illusion of relative diversity. Basically, it shows you how some become one. Okay, now onto the bottomless pit…

Imagine dropping a rock down a bottomless pit. The rock will “fall” forever right? Not really. If there is no bottom how can it theoretically fall? It is actually floating in space while moving. Now imagine the pit being bottomless in 360 degrees. The rock could “fall” in any direction and and continue falling in this straight line forever. Space subverts gravity by being devoid of a magnetic bottom. But what’s up with solar systems and orbits? Why do these diverse particles get together and dance so well?

What we call gravity or magnetism is really just the result of all of this incessant spinning around. We are in a sense pinned in by the radiant forces of the sun and our neighbors. Our location is relatively perfect. Solar systems are essentially cosmic families that “fall” together through space. Just imagine yourself falling down the bottomless pit. After awhile you may wonder when you are going to reach the bottom. A whole week could pass by and by that point you would be praying to reach the bottom for at least that would provide an end to the debacle. But what if as you fell you came in contact with fellow fallers? Probably would want to hold onto them so you could at least have some folks to hang with which could possibly make your ordeal a little easier to bear. Essentially that’s what these celestial bodies do. Without the rest of our family and that big bright star we adore our planet as we know it wouldn’t exist, nor would the sun be its relatively perfect size to make this cosmic waltz possible. What keeps everyone in line is radiance which works kind of like gears—

All celestial bodies radiate. Including us—our core radiates, along with all of the matter that exists on the planet. This magnetosphere acts as our grooves and facilitates the dance. It also allows for diverse matter to be circulated throughout the universe.

I mentioned in another post that the universe is simultaneously cubic and spherical. The spherical celestial bodies are made up of particles from all over the universe smashing together. It begins with—at the very least—two elements coming together at a point (the invisible nucleus) in space. After these two combine more particles smash into them as the pair travel through space (there’s that falling together bit again). The more particles that smash into it the “bigger” it gets and as a result it will attract more relatively “smaller” particles as it now occupies more points in space.


These cats terrify us because they seem to deny the dance. They would rather float through spae by themselves. But every once and awhile this happens:

These beasts have the power to instantly evaporate all life on our planet. After it hits our planet bleeds, but it will eventually scab over and begin to heal.

Our matter as well as all of the matter that occupied our planet will remain, some of it in space and some of it still on Earth. all the asteroid did was assist in its dispersal. We may find these objects menacing and tools of evil, but nothing can truly kill us. What occurs is a universal mulligan of sorts. Who knows what fate awaits us after the impact. Our matter will travel through space looking for other bodies to influence and impregnate.

There is a lot of talk going on about the Mayan calendar and 2012 doomsday prophecies, but the Mayans viewed their calendar as perpetual or circular without beginning or end. Even if something of this magnitude were to occur (well, not really a question of it, but when) it would only facilitate further expansion. If we knew one was coming and had time to prepare for it we may be able to stop it by nudging it off course a bit. It would come back eventually since asteroids do not wonder aimlessly. They too succumb to the power of magnetism and they travel in families of their own, just not as relatively diverse as solar systems. In a way they are curious, much like the loner archetype. The only reason the loner feels alone is due to the relationships they witness around them. They may not feel comfortable engaging in these relationships out of fear. But the irony is that we fear the loner because sometimes they hit us for seemingly no apparent reason and afterward we are left asking why and we search feverishly for answers. We want to why it happened sop we can prevent it from happening again. These relatively rare events freak us out because we never see them coming. There is seemingly no way to “nudge” them out of the way. Well maybe if we attempted to understand the loner or the relatively rare peculiarity as opposed to fearing them we may be able to more accurately predict these hits. There are always signs, we just have to know where to look.


    “The Key” by Jackson Pollock

If the universe is perfectly amorphous (I know, I know, just try not to think about it too long) then why are there all of these spheres floating about? Well, the infinite universe exists in 360 degrees and the matter that composes these bodies comes from many different points in space. The matter does not suddenly all congeal at once from relatively similar points in space. The matter comes from flying in from all over at relatively different speeds. Since space is literally full of particulate matter, most of it too small for us to see, the floating mass will grow larger and larger as it collects these bits and the bigger bits and the even bigger bits and…here we go again. The sphere in essence is a hint to the infinite nature of the universe. If there were a definite boundary then maybe we would see cubic planets. And these spheres are far from perfect. We cannot forget about that irrational number. The ratio between a circle’s diameter and circumference is 3.14159 and then some (don’t worry about the numbers, they mean nothing, if you consider the numbers you’ll just get confused).

What pi shows is the great universal overlap. Just stick a stake in the ground, tie a rope to it and on the other end of that rope tie another stake. Now pull that stake to its limit and begin to make a circle in the dirt. The rope is the line between two points. The circle you create in the dirt is nothing but a collection of points. Let’s simplify this a bit. Grab two rings that are the same size. Hold one between your thumb and index finger, now take the other and turn it sideways and try to fit it inside the other. Of course it is not possible. If you force it in you would expand the circumference of the right-side-up ring. Now obviously if you’re using say a wedding band the outer circumference is larger than its inner circumference. Imagine if you’re holding rings composed of an incredibly thin substance, let’s say absolutely nothing, but still imagine that you could “feel” the rings. Okay, this is giving me headache. I’m sitting knowing exactly what I want to say, but I cannot say it. Why? I cannot literally wrap my head around it. Pi indeed is an irrational number.

Wait a minute, let’s try this (sorry, I’m kind of working this out as I go). Here is a circle:

Now let’s take a section of that circle and zoom in.

Okay, it’s the same. Let’s zoom in again.

More of the same. What’s happening here? The circle is consistently round. When we zoom in we just get smaller and smaller arcs.

These arcs continue on infinitely. We will never reach a finite point. Why? Because the circle is made up of nothing but points in space. The circle or sphere is a remarkable shape because it is essentially a model of a point in space. Speaking of points, try to imagine a cylinder composed of nothing but infinitely progressively sized circles. Thing is there is no way for us to imagine such a shape. Our minds keep searching for a “point.” All we see is a cone. But try this:

    WARNING: If you suffer from motion sickness or epilepsy do not click play, the rest of you jump right in. Immediately after watching the video look away from your monitor.

When you look away from the monitor the objects around you seem to be coming at you. Remember, whatever you are looking at—meaning whatever you are focused on—is your center or point of view. You will notice the objects “attacking” you from this center. This phenomenon goes away after awhile, but let’s say it didn’t. If it remained the center point would rush right to your face. In essence your vision would be magnetically inverted. This cool little trick shows you the reverse or the seeming core of the expansion. Normally your vision vanishes to a point (doesn’t really vanish, kind of like that impossible-to-picture cylinder, beyond your “wall” lies infinity).

When you stare at the middle point of the video the clockwise, counter clockwise spiraling mess in your periphery distorts your sense of spatial relation. The peculiar motion is inverting your “vision cone” and your brain just goes along for the ride. When you look away matter seems to be magnetically drawn to you. Not only that, but the objects seem to be expanding. The vanishing point which previously existed on the horizon of your vision seems to now be moving toward you. Your vision seems to be bending space although the objects do not change their position in space. After a spell your vision returns to normal by expanding away from you. It’s a crazy positive/negative effect.

If you’re still lost…
The two videos below show you the magic of the expansion. The Xs in both videos do not “actually” change size as they rotate, they only appear to.

This video shows the circle that exists inside the square. In other words it shows how it “seems” possible to square the circle.

This video shows how the circle expands outside of the square as well as how it “seems” possible to circle the square. If the square is composed of flat planes and the circle is without edge then the circle cannot be boxed in. As we “zoom in” on that point where the roundness meets the plane we are looking for a point that fuses the two of them together. What is the shape of that point? Doesn’t matter. Only one shape can break them and everything else up, and that is the triangle or simply “three points” in space. Two points form a line, the third creates dimension or space. The tricky bit is that all three of these shapes need each other to exist and they are far from perfect nor are they imperfect, they are actually imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect.

If you’re still scratching your head the following video shows a single bar rotating inside a square. Just like the Xs it does not change size. If you’re the skeptical type you can pause the video at any point and use a measuring device to appease your doubts.

Just a tidbit…
Some of us choose to consume psychedelic substances to quiet our inner gravity or ego. No wonder we call this experience getting high.

You can’t wrap your head round this stuff…
Here’s something that is completely baffling—since the universe is infinite that means there are an infinite number of loving forces as well as an infinite number of destructive forces. What the expansion does is create an illusory ratio that tilts overwhelmingly in the favor of benevolence. How on earth is this possible? Think of it this way—a candle on your nightstand illuminates your room while a candle held to your cheek burns your flesh.

An atheist and a theist walk into a bar…
The atheist believes in nothing, and he is absolutely right. The theist believes in something, and he too is absolutely right. This duality is tempered by the agnostic who hangs out with both of them.


We enter the universe as single particles but before we are even cognizant of the fact we quickly become members of different groups or factions. Just for starters we find ourselves a part of a family, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and religion. And we can’t forget how your location defines you—it starts with the city or town you grew up in and then expands outward to the county, state, nation and region of the globe. Each of these groups is composed of densely packed together human particles. Of course the nature of the density is relative as relatively more particles are packed in a place like Shanghai than say Clovelly. What is peculiar here is the expansive nature of these groups. They are incredibly dense at different points of the globe and they expand out to broader reaches. For instance, the greater majority of English people reside in England, but you will find English people all over the globe. This works with races, religions, families and the like. If it is in our nature to expand, then why do we love lumping lumping so much?

The universe is full of relative diversity and we are very much aware of this, but we also notice groups of similar items so we assign them names. It’s our attempt to quantify infinity. The universe throws us a curve-ball though and shows us that even within these groups there is diversity…

But that doesn’t slow us down. We just start dividing up the groups. But even amongst a group of Fuji apples there is diversity. No two look exactly alike even though they look exactly alike. Same holds true for the people of a particular nation. During times of war we reduce an entire nation of individuals to a singular title (Iraq, Germany, Japan, etc.).

Nations, in a way, are like bodies. The political leaders represent the protective exterior or the skin. The people represent its interior or organs. The politicians usually work diligently to create a tough exterior and the people have faith that his protective layer will keep them safe. When another nation breaks through the exterior and harms the vulnerable interior the people act as an immune system scrambling to heal the wound. They look to the politicians for support, but instead of assisting with the healing process they go after the attacking nation while the scab is still forming. Once the attacked nation attacks its attacker and penetrates their exterior all hell breaks out. The two nations go back and forth creating fresh wounds and cutting into the ones still healing. After one nation has been beaten to a pulp the other lets up for it has won. But what did it win? It too is badly wounded and will need to rest and take it easy as it heals itself. While it undergoes this process it may also strengthen its armory just in case it has to fight again. This may scare the other nations and they may work to build a comparable armory. Now everyone’s packin’ heat and itching to use their new toys the moment somebody messes with them. But what happens if the “victorious” nation decided to extend its hand to its vanquished adversary and the two healed together. The adversary may balk at the idea initially, it may even want to fight again, but what if the victorious nation refuses to fight and maintains the extended arm. Eventually the defeated nation would grab hold. The nature of the universe wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course this would take a profound sacrifice from the triumphant nation as well as the defeated nation. But if each side truly wishes to cease the bloodshed they must make this sacrifice. This is from an abstract concept; we do it all the time. Look at the relationship between the U.S. and Britain or its relationship with Germany or Japan. These are not perfect relationships, but nothing is.

Right now, the cradle of civilization is erupting and we’re all confused. We thought we had it confined to a region, but it expands. We call it an ideology, but it really is merely rage. Where does this rage come from? What sustains it?

Well, it may come from the forceful entries into its body from outsiders. Its immune system is scrambling to rid itself of this destructive cancer. But the cancer keeps spreading or occupying. So it must find a way to spread beyond itself and establish itself elsewhere and occupy other areas just like the cancer. In this way it becomes a cancer itself. Now you have dueling cancers. Neither party seems to realize the incredibly destructive nature of this absurdity and they just go back-and-forth, back-and-forth until…

Well, neither will accept defeat, but when one is sacrificing its cells and the other is working hard to protect its cells something has to give or else the two will spread all over and cause widespread destruction as they duke it out. Perhaps if the more cautious cancer pulls back and uses its substantial power to heal the damage it has caused it may be able to send the other into remission. Now this may be a reach, but I think that this method may work to defeat the cancers that seize our actual bodies. Maybe we can engineer “benevolent” cancer cells to heal the “malevolent” ones. We may be able to use the incessantly expansive force of the cancer cells for our benefit. Hey,we might even be able to do the same with virus cells. Let’s conduct a quick experiment. Grab a sponge and run it under some water. Here’s what is happening:

When a drop of water impacts the sponge it expands. As more and more drops of water impact the sponge the expansion is sped up. Now when the sponge is nice and soaked set it in a dry area. Over a period of time the water will evaporate and the sponge will be dry once again. The water has now ascended into the atmosphere. Imagine the soaked sponge as being a person stricken with AIDS. Is there a force comparable to our atmosphere which breaks down the water into near invisible particles that can break down this virus? Well, death renders it innocuous by virtue of decomposition. What this tells us is that if the universe can defeat it so can we. There may be a way to turn the virus against itself. In essence make it lighter than air and return it to the body where it can break down its destructive counterpart. In essence (I really have to stop using that expression, maybe I can replace it with essentially or in other words) evaporate the cancer or virus. Now how would we develop such a thing. Maybe if we…oh no…

Okay, put on your seat-belts folks, it’s about to get real tricky. Buckled up? All right, let’s go.

Stem Cells

To do what I illustrated above may require the use of these controversial cells. First, let me touch on the abortion issue.

Abortion is like a cancer in that no woman wants to get one and they leave behind emotional and sometimes physical scars. Some view the act of abortion as murder—well, I won’t go so far as to make any absolute claims in that regard, but I will say that it is in a way a self-sacrifice. A woman who is contemplating an abortion may think that by having the child she could possibly suffer a figurative death. She may not possess any motherly instincts or she may be poor or she may just not want to sacrifice the life she was living up to that point. There are a myriad of reasons why a woman may choose to have an abortion, but it is rarely just a flight of fancy. With either choice—having the baby or not—a sacrifice is made. The question becomes what sacrifice would the woman rather endure. I do not envy anyone faced with such a decision and I think both sides of this debate need to realize the weight of this question.

If you call yourself pro choice then understand that this choice is not like deciding what to eat for dinner. The woman considering an abortion has no idea how profound the effect of either decision will be. If one was truly pro choice they would present her with stories from women who have been in a similar limbo. A diversity of stories may help her with her choice. To just blindly assist her with getting the abortion is pro ignorance.

If you are opposed to abortion what about it are you opposed to? The idea that a woman would choose to abort a pregnancy or the fact that she would even consider it in the first place? If abortions were outlawed tomorrow that thought would still remain because it is a manifestation of the question we all ask ourselves: to be or not to be. This is not just a matter of deciding whether or not you want to live or die, there is a bit of gray there as the question also deals with fear. Do you run from it (to be) or do you face it and face the possibility of death (to maybe not be). That maybe is what these women are dealing with. We all deal with this maybe, but when that maybe concerns another life matters intensify quite a bit. Interestingly enough, many people who are anti abortion are pro war. Wars kill many women and children, but since they are used to protect the lives of them and their families these deaths are justified. This is the same dilemma facing the woman considering abortion. You actually understand her more than you think. Hey, I’m not trying to get all self-righteous here, but I think we need to start treating each other with a little more compassion. The debate is misguidedly polarized because there is so much gray in-between.

Now in regards to stem cell research—if there are indeed excess embryos created for in vitro fertilization then perhaps we need to really consider the possibilities. But we must avoid going into this discussion with fear, level heads should be the order of the day. Just think, these embryos have a purpose just like we all do. There is nothing dead about them. If we use them to rid ourselves of terminal diseases then we “stand up” longer and in the process learn more about the universe around us and pass on our findings to the next generation. Long life provides profound wisdom because it is able to perceive more relative diversity and as a result the following generation is better prepared to deal with the world around them. Each generation inevitably lives longer than the previous one. Why? Well, it’s the universal expansion which is driven by the compassionate nature of evolution.

When considering these issues we must remember that a sacrifice is necessary to facilitate the expansion, but it need not be a painful sacrifice. It’s literally up to us.

Oh yeah, vaccines
The immune system is like the audience of a Jonas Brothers concert. The vaccine is like a middle-aged man attending that concert. As soon as he joins the throngs of adoring teenage girls one will inevitably ask what the hell he is doing there. Soon others will join in the protest and this force will deter any other straight middle-aged men from attending. But the poor guy has to attend in order to know he is not wanted. He is the sacrificial lamb in a sense. Prior to his attendance the teenage girls were not bothering themselves with the possibility. Now the girls know to be on the look out for any more of his ilk. But what if the middle-aged man came with a bunch of his middle-aged buddies? These cats could possibly shut down the whole show. Unless the teenage girls mutated into warrior princesses and scared them off. But that would disrupt the concert and might even cause harm to those precious Jonas Brothers. What if the girls welcomed the presence of the middle-aged men? What if they even went so far as to ask them in a curious, yet polite manner what they found interesting about the Jonas Brothers? What if they continued this process after busloads and busloads of these cats showed up? More than likely the answer would be something like: “Oh, I thought this was an Eagles concert.” The girls could then reassure them that the Eagles concert is tomorrow, thus preventing a scene and the Jonas Brothers wouldn’t miss a beat.

Of course I’m being a bit facetious here, but just think about it for a moment.


Where in the hell did you come from? Are you the product of your mother and father? Okay, well where did they come from? And while we’re at it where did their parents come from and their parents. You’re just the end result of a an infinite amount of particle fusions. Your parents fused together to create you and their parents fused together and…why do I keep doing this to myself? Okay, moving on. So we are all just ridiculous mash-ups of a bunch of people. Well, what is the constant strain that flows through everyone? Yeah, it’s that love thing again. But hold on before you roll your eyes. Love is just a word that evolved to describe a feeling or better yet an essence that has been with us and everything before the word was even a twinkle in evolution’s eye. The force that we call love is the constant strain because it is the constant drive. It’s joy, it’s beauty, it’s art, it’s every bloody thing. Just look at this:

It’s awe-inspiring, there’s no way around it. Is this emotion arbitrary? A reminder of the ignorance of petty humans. Well, we’re not the only ones who dig this beauty stuff. What about this:

Beauty and the perception of it are a universal constant. It is a curious thing. It has to be or else you wouldn’t wonder about it. And the only way it can be perceived is through space via relativity. Some cultures call these two things God and the Devil or Good and Evil. Space is the constant infinite force and relativity the deception that seems to betray it’s constancy. But remember, relative diversity is infinite as well, but space mind-bogglingly wins out by using the “relation” to drive its cause. It breaks down relatively diverse matter to virtually nothing which in turn facilitates the expansion. In essence (I’m through apologizing) it defeats evil by loving it. But get this, the force is both good and evil, but because of this process the ratio tips in the favor of good. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. I stay up late nights trying to wrap my head around that. But why bother, just enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of it.

Okay, let me take my abstract hat off for a second and speak in plain terms. We all seek out things that bring us joy. This drive is inquisitive by nature as you have to try things to see if you enjoy them in relation to others. You have to sample the diversity in order to develop your tastes which then define your identity. Of course we all have different tastes and thus different identities, but the link is that even though I love Woody Allen movies and you dig Adam Sandler flicks when you really look at it we love different things in the same way. We have to. If not diverse matter could not be created and the universe loses its power source. Yeah, it’s all an illusion and the beauty of it is that is shows you the smoke and mirrors and you still love it because the deception is so damn gorgeous.

We love relativity. Without it we wouldn’t have our number systems, class systems, money, groups, cities, nations or anything that futily attempts to quantify infinity. But even with all that, we are not blind to the truth. We know because we have to know.


The overlapping mess I detailed above is just pure absurdity. So is the bit about self-sacrificing peaceful and destructive forces, so is the bit about cancer defeating itself, so is everything on this entire blog. While I’m at it, let’s not forget about our religions and philosophies. So bloody absurd it all is. Interestingly, we don’t take too well to new absurd. Not fighting back when you are attacked seems crazy. Killing yourself to kill others seems even crazier. But a man dying on a cross for your sins and then turning into a spirit and ascending to heaven with the promise to return again seems to be all right. But that idea was also feared and dismissed at one point when it was new. Now it’s a lot of folks reason for being. It makes sense though. There is nothing about that story that isn’t true. One could even replace the players and it still would work. Heck, you can throw out the whole lot of them and it still works. No matter what the belief or lack of belief everyone is right. Now that idea is the most absurd of them all. But to me it’s also the most beautiful. And while I’m at it, since I brought up Jesus. Just look at what this story tells us. A sacrifice leads to an expansion that saves us all for eternity. Life, death, resurrection and then infinite life or simply one (life)…two(death)…three(expansion)…infinity or 3.14159 and aummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………..


It rests between something and the lack of something and it defies both parties. If you have three oranges and you eat them you no longer have three oranges but what’s that weight in your belly? Those oranges will continue on in some form or fashion. So then how do you get zero? It is an impossible number. I can never actually have nothing. If I don’t have a dollar I DON’T HAVE a dollar. If I have never been to Paris I HAVE NEVER BEEN to Paris. If I’ve never seen a unicorn then I HAVE NEVER SEEN a unicorn. It seems like even I don’t have something I HAVE SOMETHING. So zero seems unattainable. Not actually. It is a virtual entity. It rests between positive and negative. It is what fuses the two together. It is a neutral force and it literally exist in everything everywhere infinitely. And check out how we use it to quantify things.

We start with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then we add nothing to one to get 10. Together that’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 or more accurately I I I I I I I I I I or two groups of IIIII IIIII. But that same group can be broken down to II II II II II and there is something peculiar about each set of groups. They’re uneven. To make them even you have to add another pair which gets you IIIIII IIIIII and IIII IIII IIII, II II II II II II, but also III III III III which is an even group of unevens just like the two groups we started with. But there seems to be more possibilities with this grouping that can be divided into six equal groups. It can be 12 ones or 2 groups of 6 or 6 groups of 3 or 4 groups of 3 or 3 groups of 4. It is diversely evenly uneven due to its overlapping nature. We’re pretty fond of this quaint diversely divisible grouping. Ten is neatly square, but it’s just not as diversely beautiful as twelve.

We go eight more steps and get 20 which is two groups and then nothing or a beginning. But wait a minute, is 10 the end of one through nine or the beginning of ten through nineteen? It’s actually both, it overlaps. Check it out, here’s twenty:


Say I have ten bags of brown rice and ten bags of white rice, how many bags do I have total? Well, I have twenty, but they are separated into two distinct groups. In order to break twenty into groups you must add a space so we get:


Now what links those two groups together in succession? Say I’m counting off like items. Well, I must bring them back together again. But what if I have two dogs, three cats, four snakes, one penguin and two hamsters, well then I get this:


Space separates the groupings, but they can easily be brought together if need be. The numbers expand to accommodate for relative diversity. Okay, moving on…

We fear the so-called nothing because of its negative connotations which center almost exclusively around death. If you are deprived of food and water you will die. The universe consumes itself to stay alive and will always make sure it has plenty of food. So even if you are without it is within you because there is no such thing as nothing although it is the only true thing. It is the only ONE in infinity yet it is made up of infinite relative diversity. Damn it, I need a drink…or even better…


The urge to create is a wondrous thing. Art, films, architecture, technology—all the result of disparate particles fusing together to create new “whole densities.” Ms. Keys’s voice (and her absurd beauty) is not her own, but an amalgam of everything that came before. This is why we marvel at the relatively rare nature of talent. It is miraculous how so many diverse elements fuse together to create it. Well, let me spare you any more of my rambling. Just enjoy. Sorry, it’s kind of a random assortment.


Dreams are particulate elements fusing together to create fanciful mysterious communications whose dynamics we understand but meanings are oftentimes lost on us. The most fascinating thing is the fact that our subconscious blends created characters—which may be virtual mash-ups of the people who make us up; after all, there is an infinite pool of talent to choose from—with people we see throughout the day, in films, magazines, on TV and our friends and family. And what about those foreign settings? Perhaps these are mash-ups of the various places those who came before us witnessed. Think of all of this coming together to create a dense hyper-real three dimensional experience that you can literally see even though your eyes are closed. It’s pretty miraculous.

Remember, you breathe in all of this virtually invisible particulate in order to stay alive. I wonder what is imprinted on that. What about sudden inspiration or the sudden chill you get for seemingly no apparent reason or that feeling that you are not alone even though no one is in the room with you. Why are people compelled to commit acts of violence or where do bad dreams come from? Why do some people feel haunted? What is it about their evolution and how they compose the matter in their subconscious? Is this the hell we speak of? A handed down eternity of damnation. Can we stop it by expanding to mitigate its powers? And how would we expand? More love, less fear perhaps. Is that where we are headed? All of our technological advancements seem to bring us closer and closer together. Are we really starting to get it? Okay, enough pondering, go get some sleep.


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