The Drive

There is a ridiculous amount of diverse life on this planet. Much of it we aren’t even aware of yet. But why such diversity? Well, each species perceives the universe differently. Senses are just as diverse as the species that utilize them. What if these diverse senses are the universe’s way of perceiving itself?

Hey, stop rolling your eyes. Just bear with me for a moment. Come on inside, I’ll try to make this (relatively) quick, but as with the rest of my posts (and the universe) this one will probably keep on expanding and expanding.


Imagine if Windows could upgrade itself. I’m not talking about automatically updating a service pack. I’m talking about going from Vista to Windows 7 with nary a programmer’s interference. To pull this off it would need to build a consensus of what Vista users like and dislike about that operating system as well as what features they would like to see implemented in the upgrade. How could a simple computer program do this? Well, if it worked like our brains it would be a relative piece of cake.

Our brains utilize our overlapping senses to make sense of the world in which it occupies. Let’s say you come into the world with Windows 1.0 installed. As you progress through life your programmers (senses) work diligently to upgrade your operating system. They are driven by curiosity, much like the actual developers of operating systems who fastidiously tweak and test their creations until they are just right. But they will never be “just right.” Curiosity will continue to drive more changes. Your brain has a profound task. It is what programs evolution.

But I thought you just said the senses are the programmers.

Yeah, they are programming the brain. The brain provides the fuel which is curiosity. The senses are robot-like in their precision. They just get the job done. The brain interprets all of this diverse data and files it away. Its job is to make sense of relative diversity. A peach tastes like a peach because it doesn’t taste like an orange. Grass feels like grass because it doesn’t feel like cotton. We define things based on their relationship to others. Same thing with emotions. But why does fear feel bad and love feel so good? Would love feel differently if we were unaware of fear? Does love even exist without fear? Well, I have written at length about how fear is the sacrifice that begets love. But we also fear because we love. If I love my life I may fear losing it and as a result do everything in my power to maintain it, even kill others if I must. There is a profound irony there. I love my life more than I love life itself. Essentially, the fear forces me to commit suicide. By destroying another life I only make it possible for further destruction of life. All I really did was prepare myself for the next inevitable fight. But what other option did I have? Let the guy kill me?

Oh yeah. That’s right. The chain of destruction. But this chain can be be broken. It just requires amazing, unrelenting, absurd strength. Hold on, getting off on another tangent. Let’s get back.

Our brain processes relationships between the diverse matter the senses experience. It also processes the relationship between us and this diverse matter. Our thoughts are how we feel about these relationships. I may prefer an orange to a peach, but I have to eat the peach in order to make this determination. Or I may like a particular piece of music based upon the relationship of the sounds that compose it. It’s all about relationships. Some are very simple while others are incredibly multi-faceted. In this way the brain is nothing but a relativity sorter. But the cool part is that the brain plays an integral role in creating new relationships. Relationships that will live on for an eternity. How you “feel” about the relationships is what sustains. Now this occurs in a myriad of different ways. You may record your feelings (books, art, newspapers, oral histories, etc.) or you may pass them down to your children or the universe will take care of it for you via DNA. An anteater’s long snout is the direct result of perceiving his environment and adjusting accordingly. His snout relates to his environment.

The relationship of the hammer and the knee creates a reaction. Evolution works in a similar way. Just imagine the hammer taking a million years to connect with the knee and the leg rising over the course of another million years. Now repeat this process for an eternity.

Okay, cute kid, but please get back to how the brain performs this magic trick.

DNA is like a Word document (sorry Mac fans for all of the Microsoft references) that is populated by the information the brain receives via the senses. When matter breaks down this document is copied and copied ad infinitum and these copies are distributed throughout the universe. It combines with other “documents,” they compare notes and “new” matter is created.

But how?

It’s kind of like that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon bit. The information is distributed via complex relationships not unlike the relationships between your senses. In order to taste an apple your hand must bring it to your mouth.

And how do you know any of this?

Good question. I mainly wonder about things and then a thought formulates. Most of the information on this blog is the result of speculation. Is it true? Don’t know. I like to think of it as the preceding curiosity that may lead to future scientific discoveries. I think that much of what we currently think is metaphysical will be proven to be literally physical. Including the force that the word God evolved to describe. We live amongst an infinite amount of particulate matter too small to see even with the most powerful microscope. I think what we may find in our inner space will wow us as much as the things we find in outer space.

So this blog is just some sort of navel gazing extravaganza?

I prefer to call this blog a Wonder Companion. Something to pull up on your iPhone or iPad (there ya go Mac users) and have a few laughs while pondering some of the profound mysteries of our existence. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Consider this blog the Starry Night to a starry night. Hope that makes sense. Now let’s get back to the task at hand, the brain and how it drives evolution.

As you go about your day-to-day lives your eyes dart around to different points in space. The eyes do not pan smoothly. Because of this darting we see a series of animated three-dimensional images. And we only see a fraction of what is really going on. A snowflake under an electron microscope looks like this:

We do not perceive a snowflake this way. What we see is another dimension of the snowflake. If we could magnify the snowflake a million more times we would see another dimension, one that would drastically differ from the picture above. There are multiple dimensions of sensory space. For instance, you cannot stroke a dustmite, nor can you hear the sound it makes while munching on a piece of dead skin. There is a cacophony of sound and a plethora of textures around you that you cannot hear nor touch, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

No one being can perceive the absolute truth of their existence. If you could it would be a living hell. Imagine closing your eyes and vividly seeing the details of the back of your eyelids. There would be no silence, no peace. No illusory rest. I must thank evolution for this cool little trick. I have trouble finding peace within my own head, I could only imagine having to deal with noisy particles. The universe is populated with diverse life forms who perceive it in a myriad of different ways. It seems like evolution (or God(s) if you get down like that) ensured that it places moles in every facet of space to keep an eye on itself. The only “being” that can truly perceive the infinite dimensions of space is space itself and as I have said numerous times (more like beaten into the ground) space is dense, it is full of particles wandering and smashing into one another. These particles create space or the distance between matter. Without this distance relationships between the relative diversity cannot be made. Bloody genius.

But how do little particles create space?

Watch this:

Imagine the two cars colliding at some ridiculous speed. At that speed the car’s respective densities become moot. They will fuse together at the point where they collide.

The FUSION POINT in the picture is where the fingers are most densely packed together. The EXPANSION is the necessary “sacrifice” to make that density possible. Imagine the cars in the video above colliding and subsequently fusing in space. The shrapnel or particulate matter would explode outwards in 360 degrees. Now imagine another collision happening nearby. The discarded particulate matter from that impact would collide with the particulate expanse from the other fusion. These smaller collisions create smaller particles which collide and create even smaller particles which collide and create…this process continues on and on in 360 degrees. The particle collisions create a counter or “negative” force in response to the “positive” force created by the collision. It is an equal AND opposite reaction because the upon impact the particles shatter and reverse their direction, much like the test dummies who after impact fly backward against the blow. If the dummies weren’t restrained they would fly through the windshield into the other car. If the dummies collided the force would send them backward. If they flew past one another the would land at a point relative to the force in which they were launched from the cars.

The nature of the particulate expanse is determined by the relative size of the colliding masses and the speed or force in which they collide. Two large masses colliding at great force jettisons a particulate cloud relative to the force of the collision. Let’s go back to the car’s colliding in space example. If we have two collisions the particulate clouds can link up and a relationship between the two fusions develops. The particulate cloud is incredibly dense although it seems invisible because the particles are continuously breaking down. Okay, this is getting messy, we need a picture…

Think of the “body” of the sea urchin as the fusion and the spikes as the particulate radiance. The radiance is forever linked to the fusion so when this radiance comes in contact with the radiance of other fusions they lock arms in a sense. Remember, all space is infinitely dense with particulate matter of relatively different sizes. It’s right in front of our face, but we just can’t see it.

    I must embed this video in every other post I write. Sorry, I just think it’s awesome. Also, it explains this stuff in a much more fun and pithy way than I ever could. Enjoy (again).

Okay, I’m a little bit confused, if space is full of particles then how do they have room to move around?

It’s the multidimensional nature of space. Say I had a cookie and I wanted to share it with you I would split it into two equal pieces. In order to do this I would have split to “sacrifice” the true middle. When you cut anything in half you are creating space between the parts. The cookie is a dense fusion, when we cut it in half it loses a bit of its mass. You may notice crumbs, those are visible particles, but there is so much more we do not see. Let’s say we could magnify the halving process a few hundred-thousand times. If we use a knife it would we would see cookie particles begin to tumble down the canyon being created by the knife. It would look almost like an intense rock slide. The bits that tumble down the canyon represent the sacrificed middle. The knife doesn’t cut into the cookie, it is a powerful force that creates space. Particles are able to move about space because they are of infinitely relatively diverse sizes as well as shapes. Also, all particles are fusions. No particle is “pure.” The infinite breakdown which is facilitated by these collisions is like a race to purity, but it’s a chase without end.

What happens if two masses collide at a ridiculous speed? Like a billion miles per hour or something crazy like that.

Well, these objects may vaporize upon impact, but it doesn’t matter the speed or size. It is the relation of those two factors that determines the nature of the event. It is possible for two minuscule particles traveling at .0000000003 miles per hour to evaporate upon impact. It’s all relative.

I don’t think this is really making sense…let’s try another angle
Here, just imagine being shot out of a cannon at some ridiculous speed, say 1000 mph, into a brick wall. Imagine the brick wall is approaching you at the same speed. When you and the wall meet, some of your elements will fuse with the wall, the elements that do not will continue moving in the direction of their respective launches. Since the brick wall is denser than you the fusion may consist of more of it than you. If you and the brick wall were traveling at a much faster rate of speed then you and the wall would vaporize upon impact. Just think of the Wile E. Coyote “poof.”

Even though the matter evaporate upon impact a fusion is still made in the center. When you and the brick wall meet you and the wall shatter into a bunch of little bits. Several of these little bits fuse together. The other bits try to navigate through this fusion, but they end up fusing with their counters. All this fusing creates a growing cloud of dust as the particles collide with this expanding particulate wall. In the car collision above the central core is discernible—a mash-up of both cars. When they collide some bits of the Fiat and Audi penetrate the point of impact and collide with the bits that are sent back (remember the dummies) in response to the collision. These collisions expand the particulate cloud outward and inward (think heartbeat). As a result of this back-and-forth action the dense core (fusion) also expands. The visible size of the cloud and core are determined by the relative size of the objects as well as the force in which they collide. Once the core expands to the outer reaches of the cloud the whole thing goes pop. The core is the most dense part as it contains a gaggle of particles traveling many different directions, but the core is infinite because you cannot pinpoint an absolute center. Particles are colliding and shattering all over the place. The core is just the most dense collection of particle collisions.

When the core expands to meet the outer wall it stretches itself thin and thus becomes just as dense as the particulate cloud. The core is what creates the gravity or magnetic force that pull the particles inward. When they collide with the particles being sent outward expansion happens. If it can be held together this will preclude the inevitable pop. For instance if another such event was taking place nearby and this event was relatively greater than it the particle cloud of the larger event would push against the wall of the smaller one.

The sun is this greater event in our solar system. It’s particulate cloud wraps around the planets and causes us to orbit it. The sun would pop if it wasn’t for the relative densities orbiting it and pushing against its particle cloud wall. The sun of course is our favorite star (it gave us life) and it may have formed when several bits of matter performed the seemingly impossible feat of colliding with great force in 360 degrees at a point in space. The self-sustained energy is the result of such a force. If the sun has been burning for billions upon billions of years then the “bang” that created it must have been something. Interestingly, the particles that created it were relatively cool. Perhaps asteroids or meteors. Asteroids are not the result of a 360 degree direct hit; they are more like amorphous cosmic snowballs. One particle hurtling through space bumps into another and that pair bumps into others and over relative time you get a big ol’ space rock. When these lonely souls all come crashing together at a point in space the force of the impact gives birth to a star. The relative force of impact and size of the matter determine the star’s lifespan.

Our planet, as well as others, is composed of ridiculously diverse particulate matter. Our planet may have began like a star, but was later bombarded by cooler particles. These cooler particles fused with our baby star at relatively slow speeds which cooled us down. Our core remained, but it became a cool orange, not a super-radiant white. These cool additions may have caused the baby star to scab over. In order to prevent a “pop” this scab opens a bit to exhaust energy. Before we found our beloved star (who, along with our brothers and sisters) helped to cool down a bit, this exhaust cooled when it reached the surface and transformed into ice and when we hooked up with the sun this ice melted and became that life elixir we call water which then became an incubator for diverse particles to fuse and create the relative rarity we call life. Early water was probably boiling hot, especially around the equator where it all began. Early life was more than likely unicellular. When like cells grouped together they formed organs or muscles. These diverse masses then grouped together and the resulting bang created space, these organs remained linked via a circulatory system which is not unlike the magnetic linkage I suggested earlier. Water made this free-forming creation possible as diverse particles were able to move about just as they do in outer space. Each cell that comprises these muscles was the result of a diverse particle fusion. These collisions sent smaller bits elsewhere which fused to create other life. This may explain the many genetic similarities we see amongst the planet’s diverse life forms. Once we got a comfortable distance from the sun the boiling water (more like plasma) cooled and allowed this life to slowly develop.

When these masses died their subsequent vapor became part of the water which made it less dense by creating space in between the plasma molecules. As the water evaporated it created our livable atmosphere and softened the hard scab which allowed for these burgeoning organisms to surface. Earth’s early atmosphere was incredibly dense, much like Venus,’ just a tad bit cooler. Think ridiculous humidity. The surfaced organism absorbed this atmosphere along with light particles from the sun. The diverse shapes of life are experimental. The particles moved about their space fusing and shattering forming shapes relative to their respective environments. These shapes are aggressively temporary, much like these…

This period of rest is illusory. Everything, including us, is evolving as you read this, but the speed or force of the movement is too small for us to see. Evolution is like an obsessive-compulsive mad scientist. It keeps on experimenting and experimenting but it will never get it “just right” because in the infinite expanse that is our universe such a finite idea doesn’t exist. We myopically (we can’t help it) call ourselves humans, but this human point of our evolutionary journey is but a blip and even that is a gross overstatement. Of course we cannot perceive the truth. The illusion is what drives us and evolution. Well, maybe. Don’t hold me to it. Just a thought. Remember, this blog is a Wonder Companion, not Encyclopedia Britannica.

Here, let’s get a little dirty with some of the stuff I loathe—numbers. Okay, here we go (sigh).

7 + 3 = 10

All right, that’s simple enough. But we only get 10 when we pair the two numbers together. What if we smash the two together with some force. Let’s speed seven up 3 times and three 5 times.

7 x 3 = 21, 3 x 5 = 15

21 + 15 = 36

36 – 10 = 26 which gets us…


Once we remove the fusion or 10 we are left with 26 particulate “ones” which are infinitely divisible and we must not forget that the “numbers” we started with are no more than groupings of particulate “ones” as well. Also, think of the expansion as occurring in 360 degrees around the fusion. Okay, enough of that, let’s give it another go…

80 + 60 = 140

80 x 2 = 160, 60 x 2 = 120

160 + 120 = 280

280 – 140 = 140

120(E) 140(F) 120(E)

Notice how the expansion is larger than the fusion. In the previous example the expansion was smaller. This example shows you what happens when the relationship between force and mass causes a massive collision even though we only sped up the numbers two times each. Just goes to show you it’s not really the size or speed, but the relationship. Okay, I’m going to leave this number stuff alone. I have no idea what I just did there.


Intelligence is nothing but the ability to facilitate a vast network of relationships. The more you attempt to answer the brain’s queries the “smarter” you become. Say you visit an art museum and spot an awesome Rembrandt piece. This piques your curiosity so you run home, jump on the net and plug the artist’s name into Wikipedia. You don’t get that deep into the article before you come across something about the Dutch Golden Age of painting. Now you gotta click that link. But wait, he apprenticed under Jacob van Swanenburgh and wouldn’t you know it, another link. Matter of fact the article is loaded with ’em. See how an innocent little interest in some painted apples leads to a vast network of relationships. That’s why I concede to dilettantism. I have a cursory knowledge of a few things. Just enough not to feel completely lost, but that mini universe up there gets frustrated and begs me to click those links. That’s when I remark how curiosity killed that infamous cat. The brain counters with, “So what’s the other option? Kill curiosity? You know that’s impossible right?” At that point I just click the damn link. Why do I torture myself this way?

Are you done with this narcissistic rant? I was just starting to get a little interested.

Oh, sorry, one last thing… Before the rant I mentioned something about intelligence being nothing but a network of relationships. The broader these relationships the more advanced the intelligence. If you want to see something really, really intelligent, just go outside look around you. Notice all of that diversity. All of which you literally share something with. Also, look up. We’re part of a remarkable solar system. Without the relationships of the planets the relative rarity that is Earth wouldn’t even be a possibility. And what keeps this dance going? I know there is an astrology angle here and if you’re adverse to the stuff don’t be alarmed. It evolved in response to the universe. This is stuff we always knew. Not in explicit detail, but a sense of it is with us. It is enigmatic, a bit mysterious, but that’s why we’re curious about it. We want to understand it, but this curiosity also lead to much of the distracting manmade relative diversity that we think makes our lives worth living…

Our urge to create is not a bad thing, we literally cannot help ourselves. We’re just fulfilling our literal destiny. It’s relative diversity that keeps this infinite expanse rocking.

Relativity confuses, that’s why it’s tricky. The diversity tricks us into thinking that there is no constant strain that ties it all together. The trick is pretty convincing, but there are also several hints that expose the smoke and mirrors. No matter how bright we shine the lights in our cities those stars are still up there even though we can’t see them.

We need to stop being so dismissive about our so-called “primitive” past. We still have no idea how structures like the Pyramids of Giza were built or how giant stone heads found their way to the coastlines of Easter Island. Speaking of those pyramids, they were built a few thousand years ago and they’re still standing tall. Think this will have the same lifespan?

I’m smelling Intelligent Design theory in here.

I guess you just got popped in the knee like the kid above. It’s okay, I get the knee-jerk reaction. This all seems to fit and just for good measure I’ll add some fuel to the fire—the design is intelligent and intelligence is the design. Evolution is far from stupid, sometimes it just wants you to think it is. It knows our egos are fragile. Look, I belong to no camp. I’m just a part of this universe like you and every damn thing else. It’s our home and I appreciate all the work that goes into keeping it up. In other words, I love the illusion (sometimes).

    Your brain creates a relationship that doesn’t actually exist. Once the relative diversity is removed you see the truth.


I had to take a break from writing this post so I went outside and stared up at the Wolf Moon and Mars, which was a relative thumb’s length away. I stood prostrate marveling at the fact that the only thing that separated me from Mars was space. We were just two bodies hanging out, watching each other spinning in a circle while we orbited that big ball of fire. That big ball that gives our planet life and may have once done the same for Mars.

During the day the sun illuminates the particles that make up our atmosphere giving the illusion that we occupy an enclosed planet, but at night that illusion is shattered and we get a glimpse of the truth.


Ever been out for a walk and notice how you cannot accurately judge the speed of oncoming people or vehicles until the person or vehicle passes you? If you are walking along a bike trail and you see someone jogging and someone riding a bike in the distance, the further away they are the more they seem to be moving at relatively the same speed. Once they begin to get closer you will see the biker pull away. You know he must be going faster than you, but you just cannot tell how fast. Then he buzzes by you and you can tell in a split second just how fast he was going. The jogger runs by and she takes just a bit more time to pass you. Just something cool to pay attention to on your next walk.


Let’s say you are a talented snowboarder, where does that talent come from? Is snowboarding talent an evolutionary necessity or is it the manifestation of an evolutionary necessity? All talents are handed down. This doesn’t mean that if your father was a great pianist you will also be a great pianist. The ability to play the piano well is an illusion. The set of skills that fuse together to create this ability come from different places. Together these diverse elements create a harmonious relationship that we call talent. We find talent remarkable because it is a miraculous fusion of diverse elements. A relative rarity like Michael Jackson moves us so much because he possessed an absurd amount of talents. If we consider one talent a miracle then a collection of them seems almost God-like.

People like Cleopatra, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Leonardo da Vinci and many others are celebrated because of this. But is this fusion truly a miracle? That’s up to you. The infinite nature of the universe allows for the impossible to become possible. Say I throw a pin in the ocean and tell you to go find it. After cursing my name you would probably tell me it was impossible. But what if you had an eternity to find it? It may take you three billion years, but if you are determined you will find it. This is how the universe makes beings like Michael Jackson possible. They are direct hits (note the infinitely recurring shape in the fractal zoom that heads this post). Evolution is relentless in its efforts and as a result relative rarities are inevitable. We see relatively rare species, planets, civilizations, cosmic events as well as many other anomalies, but these wondrous transgressions are infinite just like the things we consider mundane. The rarity is only relative. It is a clever trick that is impossible to wrap your head around. It forces you to wonder about it. It is a literal miracle and when you do that something amazing happens.


You may think you’re wasting time sitting here reading this crazy blog, but this moment, like every moment of your life is of profound importance to our universe.

So what are you saying? Surfing for pictures of custom bikes while chugging a beer gets written on my DNA? Oh no, I’m sorry, I meant to say “documented.”

The force that compels you to surf for the custom bikes and chug that beer is what we must look at. The minutiae of the act not so much. The beer and the custom bikes fulfill a human desire. That desire has evolved, but it still contains vestiges of what it once was. What you are doing while you sit there is adding more information. Kind of updating it a bit. If a DNA test is done on you the technician will not find a gene for internet surfing or custom bike appreciation, but one day we may find that you possess a genetic predisposition to that type of behavior. What will be incredibly tricky is how we define that type of behavior because the predisposition is a fusion of other genetic elements.

Your various personality traits are like clouds (I really have to find a new analogy); the water vapor that composes them could be considered the “spirit” of the bodies of water they originated from. The clouds may later dissipate or become so overwhelmed with water vapor that they are forced to “resurrect” the water in the form of rain. This rain also evaporates and the process starts all over again. Your traits are composed of vapor fusing together, when they become too dense they release the stress. For instance, you may be a cool tempered person, but if people routinely poke and prod you, you may deviate from this nature. The trait “rains.” It has been tested over and over again. Each time someone challenges you, you are forced to refer to the trait for solace. It’s that internal dialogue:

“Be cool Joe, be cool. You know what this jackass is trying to do. He’s trying to push you over the edge. Just remember, you have no edge. Keep your cool.”

But the jackass keeps at it. The trait expands to accommodate. If you possess an unfathomable resolve like MLK Jr. or Gandhi then it will expand and expand and expand. If not you may just pop. Here comes the storm. If you give yourself some time after the blow-up the particles may fuse back together, but if not you may lose a part of yourself. But it doesn’t really go anywhere, it’s just in pieces which are scattered everywhere. It’s now going to take a lot of work to put it back together. Traits can also peacefully dissipate over time. Say you’re that jackass, as you grow and develop positive relationships it becomes nearly impossible to keep it up, the jerk may just easily fade away. But just like the mild-mannered trait, it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s in pieces and it will also require a lot of work to resurrect. When we pass on, these traits slowly dissipate via the infinite particulate breakdown.

The energy within our brains is immense. It is a supercomputer, but it doesn’t just store information like sights, sounds, scents, textures and tastes, but also how we feel about them. The feeling is our interpretation of the relationship between diverse matter. After we die our brains seem to power down, but they are really preparing for a long, long trip. While we are alive our brains send and receive a ridiculous amount of signals every second of everyday. When we die the energy that powered this vast network of neurons and synapses is released. Much like a car releases exhaust. We call this release of energy decomposition.

Are you trying to tell me that when I die my personality traits literally go somewhere else? Are you saying they are tangible?

Tangible to space, but not us. They are too small. These traits are written in our DNA. You are the result of your mother and father’s DNA getting together and exchanging notes. What you do with this compilation determines the nature of your evolution. It is a malleable collection of traits, you can add to them, but not take away. You can mitigate the effect of undesirable traits by working to expand desirable ones. When you pass on…well, I’ve already explained that. I know it sounds crazy, but just think—you leave a strand of hair or a fleck of skin behind at a crime scene and they gotcha. Your identity has been reduced down to a minuscule piece of matter. Now imagine that speck divided infinitely. Imagine those infinite particles occupying the universe for an eternity looking for other particles to collide with to create new relationships.

I think you’re reaching a bit here. Clouds and personality traits? Come on.

I know it sounds absurd, but think about the literal relationship your organs have with one another or your eyes with the sun or your flesh with water. We live in a universe teeming with diverse relationships. Each party influences the other. To reference the cloud again, we water our plants because we noticed the universe doing it first. We understood the nature of the water/plant relationship. Once again, that’s all intelligence is—understanding the nature of diverse relationships. That understanding shows us how the two are connected. We share one-third of our genes with lettuce—that should tell you something pretty tricky is going on here.

We know painfully little about our genetic makeup and as a result we are far, far, far away from cracking the code, but here’s the thing, we will never be able to fully understand it because it is constantly evolving. Ironically, studying it also influences it. Are those who desire to study our genetic makeup predisposed to that “type” of behavior? It’s a mess folks. A gloriously sublime mess and no matter what, we will chase the disparate elements that compose the fusion while the fusion is breaking up and expanding elsewhere. The more we find out, the better we understand just how connected to everything we all are. Interestingly, a movie that proposed this very idea is captivating the globe as I write this. Were we genetically predisposed to create it? Is this genetic predisposition business the literal destiny? Can it be subverted? Probably not, since subversion could also be a genetic predisposition. Oh brother, I gotta get away from this one. Time to run back outside and stare at Mars again!

But before I go I would like to allay some fears we have about genetic testing, modifications, splicing and general tampering with our beloved blueprints. One day we may be able to engineer beings who possess the acute vision of an eagle, the speed of a cheetah and the grip of tree frogs. Some view this as us playing God. I beg to differ. Even if we go down this Doctor Moreau road we get no closer to playing God than a three-year-old with a football helmet gets to being Johnny Unitas.


A seed is planted in the ground, the soil gives birth to a tree, the tree sheds its leaves, the wind carries these leaves to far off places where they settle and become soil, a seed is planted in the ground…

The universe runs on an incredibly efficient engine—it consumes its creations. This phenomenon is not unlike how we receive nutrients from the food we eat. As food moves about our digestive system the nutritional elements expand into our blood stream and the food is processed into waste. Life’s nutritional element is DNA which expands into the universal blood stream. But the universe makes no trips to the toilet, it renders the life it consumes into virtually nothing. The seed may have begun as one, but it becomes many, but where did the seed come from? E pluribus unum baby!


    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
    -Albert Einstein

Wonder is the constant force. We come into this world curious. It is that curiosity that drives evolution. It is that same curiosity that drives us to our respective callings. When you find yours you expand like a flower opening its petals to the sun. Your life seems to now mean something, but even if you don’t find your calling it will find you. Everything leaves a mark. Literally everything.

    To view the entire film click here.

If you wanna go further down this rabbit hole check out this post, but I must warn you, it is a meandering stream-of-consciousness mess. Just like that sentence.


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  1. 1 troy February 2, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Thanks for the most excellent read. Just so you know, I put off cleaning the house AND going for groceries so I could skim and check out some of the links you’ve provided.

    The Fractals movie from Arthur Clarke was great …and the Mandelbrot set was something I haven’t seen before. I love how its graphical representation seems to follow proportionally with the Golden Ratio.

    Lots to digest!

  2. 2 Spaceman's Hairdo February 2, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. You don’t know how much. If you’re interested in learning more about Mr. Mandelbrot, Gaston Julia and Georg Cantor check out this interesting NOVA special. It’s called Hunting the Hidden Dimension.

    Funny thing, I emailed Mandelbrot a few months ago in regards to a particularly underdeveloped post on density I wrote and he responded with this: “I hate to disappoint you, but to think through your text would take me more time than I want to invest at this point.” Thankfully, he closed with “best wishes.” I have never been more ecstatic about a dismissal in my life! I’m actually glad he didn’t invest the time. That post was an absolute mess. But I think he would dig this one, but I dare bother the poor guy again. 🙂

  3. 3 Franco March 6, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I’ve just been reading through your blogs. So much of what you wrote is so spot on and the rest just makes me think about other points of view. Keep up writing your streams of conciousness… although at times they ramble I can relate to the your thoughts about the mysteries that exist here. And after thinking you might be a nihilistic scientist with all you eccentric beliefs about the universe you write about “listening to birds chirping in the morning” brilliant!!!

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