The Terminal Sacrifice

    Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain

We can create vaccines that make us immune to certain illnesses but it’s nothing evolution wasn’t working on anyway. All we do is speed up the process. Our means are relatively simple; introduce a weakened form of the virus in order to give the body a lesser opponent to prepare it for a possible bigger fight. Evolution does this by afflicting in relatively small numbers. Once a disease spreads healthy people become aware and avoid the diseased as well as the things they have now learned made them sick. It is the doctors and researchers who come in to fill this space created by the exodus of the healthy. Religious institutions also provide comfort to the sick because some of their members feel called upon to aid them. They are fighting a formidable opponent with what is considered a weaker force and that’s simply good ol’ TLC.

The more we’re drawn to help the more we separate the disease from the person. Through terminal diseases we learn about areas where we are vulnerable. These cells attack hard and fast and try to shut our bodies down faster than intended. We fight them. They fight back. Why are they so determined to kill us? Perhaps they are the desperate attempt to bring us together. For one they are communicable. That means they are like a message that is passed from person to person. The more people who read this dire message the more aware the general public becomes. It seems evolution is testing us. If we want to stop them WE have to stop them. Evolution takes its time. It waits for us to strengthen our immune system after repeated tests. But we look to plants and rocks for remedies. And just like evolution, through trial and error we find out what works and what does not. Drugs are nothing but fusions of universal elements. The “cure” is out there. We just have to find the right bits and bring them together. A reverse big bang of sorts. The fascinating thing is that we possess an inherent drive to seek out and fuse these elements. That means there is a not-so-subtle trick being played on us….we ain’t doin’ a damn thing….it’s evolution working “through” us.


    AIDS virus

Considering that terminal illness is rare I don’t think evolution likes using this card that often. AIDS got us looking at the oft-neglected LGBT community. Evolution had to bring this community to light for some reason. Was it to show us that homosexuality is a sin? And since we let it go on so long we too can be infected? Or was it to give both parties pause? The LGBT community had to look at itself…

Just because the sex we partake in doesn’t have a reproductive purpose we shouldn’t go crazy and spread our seed like a wildfire. Afterall, we wouldn’t run through the forest eating random berries. In essence it was a moratorium on arrogance.

The other side was forced to look at the people they often denied. People who were members of their families. People who weren’t allowed to express themselves the same way you were able. But look, all the while they have been expressing themselves…through sex. They spend so much time suppressing who they are that when they get a rare chance it manifests itself as sexual promiscuity. It’s like a volcano erupting or an earthquake. A build up of suppressed sub-surface friction finally getting a chance to exhaust the energy. Perhaps if you allowed them to surface some of those tawdrier bits you’re not too fond of will go by the wayside. It is the suppression that forces the explosion. If allowed to openly express themselves they may shock the general public by how mundane their relationships truly are. Why does it take such a viscous disease that attacks the very thing that protects us from contrary universal elements to get us to realize this. AIDS exposes us by obliterating our protective surface. It shows us just how vulnerable we are. Without the immune system the universe rapidly gobbles us up. Our immune system is the result of an absurdly complex evolution. It evolves and grows stronger the more it is faced with challenges. This is an efficient strength as our bodies require a lot of energy to fight disease. Evolution has to make sure that it develops defenses for the most common ailments. When faced with an unfamiliar strain it tries to find similarities with one of the ailments it routinely dismisses. The appropriate chemicals are released, but they are over-matched. This is no cold. This is an atomic bomb. Our poor little T cells cannot bear the onslaught. But this is changing of course. The more people who get infected the more opportunities we get to learn about the disease. Also, our immune system gets more opportunities to learn as well. But here’s the beautiful question: why are we able to develop medicines (which are near-genius fusions of universal elements) faster than evolution is able to heal us?

AIDS seems to be evolution’s way of saying this:

“Okay, I know this sex thing is awesome. It has to be. I had to find some way to bring you guys together. I prefer the love angle, but some of you have a problem reconciling with such a mysterious concept. It’s taking a lot of work. I have to tinker with the program constantly. This AIDS thing is horrible. I know, but you guys were running around here just going crazy. I had to do something. I understand you lot are curious, but that can be dangerous sometimes. I had to warn you.

This universe is a constantly changing experiment. New hypotheses are being tested infinitely. Sometimes the results of these experiments don’t jibe with you guys. I’m trying to exhaust as many possibilities as I can. I mean I have infinite time and space at my disposal so why not? I want you guys to be safe so I have to drop some warnings every now and again. If you’re going to partake in the ‘pleasure’ of sex then use precautions. How about those prophylactic deals you helped me to evolve? Remember, your methods are just a dense actualization of mine. Sometimes you even get a little postmodern and get the jump on me. Like those condoms. Not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll consider something similar. I tried that with the foreskin deal, but some of you didn’t dig that too much. Found it unsightly and difficult to clean. Don’t worry we’ll figure it out. We got time. We got space.

Oh, and those prophylactics are not foolproof. Nothing I do is. It kind of has to be that way for this whole thing to work. If you want to ensure your safety find a regular partner. I don’t care what sex they are. Just make sure they are regular. If you guys enjoy the pleasure of my creation exclusively you reduce the risk of suffering my punishment. And if you have the disease exclusivity ensures that you won’t spread it.

Look, I couldn’t have you guys out there just gettin’ it on all the time. You have a purpose. You have to drive evolution. Get to work. Just be safe with the sex thing. Besides, if you have too much of it it gets kind of boring. It’s an awesome evolutionary creation, but it can’t touch that love thing I still haven’t figured out yet. Oh, and leave the gay people alone. They’re just the shade of gray between man and woman. They exist to expose the fraud that is the duality of man and woman. Oh and men, women are your negative reflection. That’s it. The differences are superficial for the most part. For whatever reason they have been placed in this subservient role. But check it out, I’ve protected their reproductive organs while I left yours out there to dry. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s time for universal penis length reform. No, I won’t do that, just respect each other a little more. Right now the gays are fighting for their density. They are fed up with being merely particulate vapor. They want to be just as ‘real’ as everyone else. Hey, I’m not trying to tell you how to think, I just want you to. Without you thinking and processing diverse matter this evolution thing doesn’t work.”


    Cancer cell

Cancer attacks our organs to remind us just how important each of them are. It invades one and then spreads to others. It is a relentless attacker that shuts down our bodies piece by piece. But sometimes it goes into remission. Especially if we blast it with intense energy. Energy too intense for our bodies to bear.

Cancer seems to be evolution’s way of showing us the importance of each of our diverse organs as well as their inter-connectivity. Evolution is nothing more than a grand communication. The reason for the communication is what is left up to us. I gleaned the possibilities above by looking for relationships between diverse subjects. Some call this a stretch. But the sun’s light stretches 149.6 million kilometers to reach us and we have developed quite a few relationships between us and it so it may not be that far-fetched.


I think we will be able to fight these plagues and others by finding countering benevolent forces. The universe always provides a counter. These dualities are separated by infinite shades of gray which exposes the fraud of duality. If shades of gray can reside between two poles then what lies on the other (negative) side? More gray. That must mean those poles aren’t really poles. More like points of triangulation. We seem to possess an innate need to dissect this gray which is quite promising because that means with infinite time and space we will find cures for whatever ails us.

Each person who suffers through these horrific diseases is a literal sacrifice. Their lives possess incredible meaning for they are the question. How we react leads to the answer. Maybe the cure will come from a particular flower’s pollen. What if when this pollen is entered into the blood stream it attacks viruses and cancers and the only thing we suffer is a bout of fatigue (the fight will require a lot of energy). The more we learn about our constantly evolving genetic makeup the better we will be able to spot relationships with viruses and possible benevolent counters. Diseases force us to look for new diverse relationships. Perhaps that alone is their reason for existing. Disease may be evolution’s drastic way of asking this question:

“How much do you really love each other?”


I am not going to delve into the politics of the reform bill. If you want that there are plenty of cable networks and online destinations to satiate you. I want to briefly discuss the evolutionary significance of the “idea” itself. Universal health care we may be trying to learn as much as we can about diseases and how they affect diverse populations. A certain flu may affect a certain race differently. There may also be regional differences. Maybe one group is less-affected than another group. What’s up with their immune systems? Oh yeah, check the results of their blood tests. Compare them to the other group. Note the relative differences. Run some experiments. See what is happening there? We are mapping the DNA of sickness by building diverse relationships across the spectrum. Someone has to take the unfamiliar trek so that the map can be drawn. The more of us who take the journey the more fleshed out the map becomes. We are all silent cartographers whether we like it or not.

Infinite Possibilities
Imagine the record of blood types we will amass. Need a blood transfusion? An organ? Think of how we will be able to pinpoint a match. Also imagine how humbling it would be to receive a letter requesting these things from you? Don’t worry, they’ll be incentive. I’m sure Big Pharma can find a way to make it worth your while. I know this sounds scary. But it may be the very thing that saves us. Sure, some will donate their blood and organs for free. Maybe get a tax write-off. Their organ helped to keep someone alive. Another consumer. Another employer or employee. But more importantly, another human.

The health care industry may attempt to buy organs from private sellers, but bulk buying may not be that lucrative. Keeping them “fresh” is tough. But of course that changes over time. Still, if there is no market for the organs those who buy them up will be left with nothing of any real value…once again.

Actually, wait a minute. A surplus of organs is “valuable” to researchers battling diseases. Another market! I know this sounds a bit late-night SyFy channel original movie-esque, but one day there may be an organ market and this is really nothing to be afraid of. Yes, there may be some exploitation, but there will ALWAYS be a force of moderation to keep tabs. This is how greed gets capped. When any civilization, regardless of species, gets greedy it dies out. Evolution tries to “heal” this by creating ratios that tip in the favor of bounty over dearth, but this “favor” is relative. Here’s how…

The gazelles outnumber the cheetahs. This seems to insure that the cheetahs will always have a steady supply of food. But look how much brutal work is required. The cheetah spends most of its time conserving the necessary energy needed for the hunt. The hunt can be considered the “highlight” of the cheetah’s life. The preceding and following periods of rest are the more mundane aspects of a cheetah’s life. Ironically, the same holds true for the gazelle. But who controls this dynamic? It seems to be the cheetah since they are the ones who “take” life. But this doesn’t seem fair. Why would evolution “favor” the killer cheetah? Well, it seems the current evolutionary incarnation that is the cheetah is the result of a fearful evolution. The cheetah is a marvel of evolutionary engineering. It is adequately strong while being extremely agile and fast. This awe-inspiring collection of traits is directly linked to its continual consumption of flesh and blood. Bodybuilders consume protein in order to look like this…

The cheetah is building an empire. It is not happy with peacefully coexisting with these “lesser” beings. It consumes them. Interestingly, the gazelle feeds on vegetation and the cheetah eats the gazelle, so not only does she get the benefit of all that protein she also gets a little fiber to go with her meal. The gazelles “work the fields” in a sense. They are creatures of great sacrifice. Each time one of these big cats gets a little hungry there is the possibility that they will suffer a blood sacrifice. This relationship of predator/prey or more accurately predator:prey seems to be locked in. But on the contrary. If the gazelles worked together instead of acquiescing to the cheetah’s desires by leaving one behind, they may be able to steer the cheetah’s evolution in another direction. This is a shift of relative favor.

The truth in the middle

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of political dualities can see where I’m going here. The elephant represents the liberal and the lions the conservative…or vice versa. It’s all a matter of perspective. The same holds true for any other political, cultural or racial duality. The favor of the grand ratio is relative. Just think, each side of the debate over health care thinks they are the elephant. But who is right? Neither and both or as Newton brilliantly quipped equal and opposite.

The urge to rise up and be free
History shows that it is impossible to keep any species or people down. We always rise because we are driven to be free. We pop out of the womb lacking essential vitamins and minerals. We have to seek them out in order to maintain our existence. We have to literally consume rocks to live. These are extreme densities, but wait…we consume them in moderately fragmented forms.

Many feel the “idea” behind what this bill may be a precursor to approves its passing regardless of the monetary risk. To pull this off it’s gonna hurt the pocketbook. But compared to chemotherapy it’s small potatoes. Our sacrifice is material. The irony is the material seems to be what we live for. But are we willing to die for it?

The rancor on the Hill is good for us. It’s spirited, but for the most part it’s pretty respectful. They’re throwing barbed words back-and-forth but at least no one’s dusting off the Civil War muskets just yet and I don’t foresee that. Americans know we need each other. Especially when others are starting to get a little skeptical of our struggling empire. We’re a peculiar bunch and even if we have African, European or Asian lineages the folks in the respective “Old Countries” have no idea what the hell we’re doing over here. But they’re interested.

America seems to be entering puberty. Remember, we were the young prodigy on the scene at one point. Just crushing empire after empire. Old ones too, not just the little firecrackers that pop up on occasion. But hulks like the USSR and Germany and Japan and before all of that Britain! For a punk kid we did pretty all right for ourselves. But these were all bitterly long fights. To keep this streak alive would require incredibly painful sacrifices of material wealth and lives. Eventually we have to stop, grow up and put the fighting behind us. I wonder if we’re getting close. And by close I mean a hundred or even a thousand years from now. If we want to speed this process up it’s going to take a significant amount of work. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be inclined to put in the effort though. If we hold the cure to our most destructive disease which is war why aren’t we using it?

These wars attack regions and destroy their spirit. Even after the initial infection subsides the healing process goes on for generation after generation. But we seldom have a chance to heal because there’s another fight just around the corner. And we jump right in wounds and all. To make the fight easier to bear we celebrate these wounds. The younger generation of fighters is comforted by the fact that someone who came before them made the same sacrifice. This oddly justifies the fight. But what happens when the old warriors die before the new fight? Who can our young warriors look to for solace and understanding? What reason would they have to fight? Why would they even want to? It’s like asking someone to go wrestle a lion for no apparent reason.

“Why am I fighting the lion? Who else fought the lion? Why do I have to make this sacrifice?”

If an entire generation of warriors dies before another fight breaks out then the younger generations are spared the post-traumatic stress of the legacy. The older generation made the sacrifice so that we don’t have to. In essence the younger generation becomes strengthened by the vaccine of their parents’ sacrifice. This is utopia via evolution. And don’t start throwing the naive idealist tag at me. Like I said, this could take a few thousand years and utopia is relative. If every year a hundred people in my community die of malaria and then on one odd year only twenty-five people die that year could be considered a “good” year for my community. Hell, we may even throw a party.

We have evolved things like sports, mixed martial arts, boxing and videogames that allow us to interact in an excessively brutal alternate reality that is based on icons we once feared and revered. Now we just rip their heads off while munching on potato chips and sipping a Mountain Dew. We love a good physical challenge. It’s how we exhaust some of the excess energy that is used to power our bodies. It is completely necessary. But why can’t these relatively innocuous pursuits be our sole outlets? Perhaps the stakes aren’t high enough.

When the threat of premature death looms we find out just how strong we really are. The soldier faces the fear and goes to fight while the pacifist struggles to comprehend the rationale that drives a man to fight when he merely perceives a threat. The threat seems relative, but the soldier, aware of his loved ones back home, doesn’t want to sit around and wait to see how “relative” it is. So who’s right? They both are. Each is driven to protect life. Each asks themselves this question: is my life more important than life itself?

The pacifist labors over the question this way: if I allow myself to be killed will others make the same sacrifice? Can they not see that this is the only way we can defeat the disease of war. If I don’t react to the initial blow maybe I can defeat my attacker over time. He can keep swinging his saber, but if I never fight back he will get tired. He will spend his time and money on different methods to kill me. But I will still do nothing. I will take his blows.

The soldier words it this way: if I allow myself to be killed will others make the same sacrifice? Can they not see that this is the only way we can defeat the disease of war. Don’t they know that we must react to the initial blow with greater force? We do not have the time to wait and see if and when they’re going to stop hitting us.

You see how no civilization can exist without both of these forces. The soldier fights directly while the pacifist fights indirectly. The point of triangulation between them is their drive to protect life. When they acknowledge this shared principle they literally can do anything. America is starting to realize this. Although at the moment they’re creating a lot of space between them. Don’t worry, the moderate grays will keep them in line. It is them that create the space between the false dualities. After enough space is created they get a chance to really look at each other. They don’t like some of the differences they notice so the two move closer together to get a better look. The grays resist a little, they don’t want these two fighting. But they are driven. Each side recruits some of the grays to get them out of the way. Then they smash together squeezing the remaining moderates between them. But it is these crushed moderates that disallow the fusion. The moderate does not want fusion, only an awareness of their existence, and there you have it. The force that creates seeming polarization is the very force that eschews it. But it has to because the repulsion is what creates the space. It is the unfathomable answer to the great question: what came first? The chicken or the egg? Or does life adapt to its surroundings or do the surroundings adapt to it? The answer is the question itself. Life and environment adapt to each other. This ensures infinite progress and regress. No beginning, no end, just existing. The left/right duality that is tempered by the middle exists infinitely via a sort of “Russian Doll” infinitely successive encapsulation. This force manifests itself as many things. One is magnetism. Positive and negatively charged particles repelling and attracting based on the relative nature of neutral particles.

Our planet bulges in the middle because of this force. We are imperfect because this force renders us so. We are literally born into perfection. We must be for the physical density that is existence to work. Much like DNA the universe is composed of infinitely evolving relatively diverse matter. Space allows these densities room to evolve as well as relate. This makes space deceptively dense. It’s like an infinite cloud of interconnected neurons. No matter how far or how close relative matter is to one another there is a connection that links them. In order to exist matter must adhere to a set of physical laws. The way they do this is relative, but they all do it.

Another manifestation of this force is the way we perceive matter. In the picture below you see a car covered with dust.

In the picture below you see a magnified image of what that dust is composed of. Notice how much more space you percieve between each dust particle. Also, note the diversity. In the image of the car we don’t detect this.

What image shows the “truth” of the dust? Neither and both.

In order to perceive the multidimensional nature of matter we must change our perspective. The Hubble Telescope does this brilliantly. Just check out this dust…

And since we’re on the subject take a look at the dust that keeps us alive.

What an odd density. It can be seen, felt and penetrated with relative ease.

Guys, you better stop me. When I start making these relationships I literally cannot stop myself. But you know what? I’m gonna make a sacrifice and abruptly end this. Well, for now. I’ll be back to “evolve” it later. Oh, and I know I discussed such unpopular matters like disease and war, but there’s no reason to fear, death literally is the road to awe. But don’t be too eager to zoom down this road. Death may be the road, but life is what creates the awe…via death of course, but we’ve just spend nearly 4,000 words dealing with the “neither and both” quagmire so let’s wrap this up. You need to build up the energy to make the journey that much easier to bear. The longer you live the faster you reach the awe. As you age your body breaks down. The older you get the more broken down you get. Your body is running out of energy. It’s going to have to park itself eventually. When it does, since you lived through much of the sacrificial breakdown, you are spared a long bout of that yucky stuff…

But wait, notice that new life sprouting as the other fruits and vegetables decompose to virtual nothing. Although the decomposed particles of a banana seem to look no different than those of an apple the DNA programs of each fruit is still intact. Now imagine what happens when all that diverse DNA gets all mixed up together. Actually, you don’t have to, here it is…


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