Us and…

We may think the most obvious distinction between us (humans) and them (these guys) is intelligence. Actually, it may be how much stuff we create. Is this drive to create linked to our “superior” intelligence? Well, according to us it is. But I wonder what they think. No, seriously, if there were a Serengeti equivalent to Mark Twain what would he have to say? Click below for how I think it would go.


What on EARTH are these humans running from? Every few seconds it seems they invent something new that they think makes their lives better, but then later another one of them expounds on that invention and while this is happening the new inventions do not relent. What is it they are afraid of? What was so bad before it got better? How much more better can these inventions make them? Is there a best? Will they settle at their best? They often talk of absolutes and polarities as if they are anything but tenuous illusions. They must be shooting for for some absolute vision because all this fussing about is getting to us. I’m not saying they’re causing the planet any real harm. Ol’ girl will do away with them before they even get close to doing that. What they can do is speed up the process by using those egregiously misguided attempts to harness her inner power. The explosion and fallout of those should put them asleep for a little while, but I’m sure they’ll congeal back together some day to stir things up again. I know I sound bitter, but I really do hope they get it together. When this creativity stuff really started to get a going things seemed a little wobbly with them. Always teetering on the brink. They try to duplicate everything they see. Perfect example, they see large land structures and they feel compelled to create their own geometrically defiant ones.

“Hey mountain, look at my Parthenon!”

But the mountain doesn’t frown. It knows the truth. There’s this funny little irrationality that seems to get in the way of all of their attempts at perfection. But that’s just one of many things that flies in the face of this absolute-chasing bunch. For starters, they don’t seem to be aware of how ironic their chase to create the ultimate “thing” is.

They will never meet this goal. No matter how hard they try. For no thing can be ultimate without a relative comparison and as soon as the comparison is made they begin to wonder if there is anything better than the ultimate thing. But that doesn’t usually happen for awhile. They like to gloat and throw around one of their favorite empty superlatives—best. They love when something or someone gets to be the best for a spell.They even have a book they put out every year full of temporal bests.


Want to avoid this fate? Then listen up. You keep looking for your ultimate thing, but when will you realize that you became hip to it before you remember being hip to anything. There was a time in your development when all you did was hang out and do absolutely nothing while being taken care of (QUICK NOTE: Your entire bloody species underwent this same development, remember, you lot evolved into what you are today…okay, now read the rest of this with that in mind). Your only requirement was to take it all in and you did so gladly, but it was overwhelming. So much stuff! Everywhere! You were looking for the secret. The same one you think you’ve found. But really, you knew it all along. You knew the moment your cries were repeatedly answered at all hours of the day and night by those familiars. They always rushed to your aid. Checking to see what was the matter, but sometimes you cried because you simply felt alone. No wonder everything you guys create either gives you more time to be together or brings you together faster.

When you get a little older your cries turn into questions. No worries. There are these institutions prepackaged with answers to a great bulk of your questions just waiting for you to enter them. They employ people who are driven to bring you these answers but more importantly they ask you for some of your own. They test your vital critical thinking ability. This has a dual purpose. And then you’re dumped out to find your way and you have created so many “ways” to go that it confuses you. You may even create a new way to do something…and here we go all over again. More creation. More new ways for you all “to be.”

Don’t know if we can really fault you guys. Just look at some of us. We just get tired of you thinking you’re the ultimate thing in an infinite universe. It’s not only the arrogance that bothers us, we also have a hard time fathoming the idea that you supposedly know so much, but run around here acting like you know so little. That Texas thing was fodder for a few jokes around the watering hole. We laughed about it for a bit and then we just found it sad. Apparently some of you fear losing your identity by admitting the truth of your existence. Here’s more of that irony again. Don’t fear irony by the way. I know some of your more sarcastic types like to use the revelation of these peculiar truths as a sign of advanced intelligence. But irony is just the .14159 side of pi. See, even this nebulous concept has its roots in the fundamental nature of our very planet.

There’s no way you can accurately measure the interior of a circle because it possesses no edges. But edges are not exactly finite either. Just stand in a corner on an extremely windy day and watch what happens. The swirling wind cannot get all the way in that crevice. The fusion of two lines at relative angles creates an infinite angle. So even your square has its issues. It’s ironic or peculiarly true. The square and circle are shapes that are supposed to contain things but their inherent nature suggests a radiance that flows out and in simultaneously.

The cross on the left is the X rotated. The measurements are exactly the same. What the cross on the left suggests is a larger square. If we follow this hypothesis and outline this square we will soon find a larger one within it as well. This phenomenon is both progressively and regressively infinite. And you find this out by drawing so-called finite lines within the square and then turning them. Turns out the square can square itself via the circular turn.

When you look at the circle its infinitely arcing nature suggests a race to the central point, but what you quickly find is there is no finite central point. How can there be a center amongst infinite arcs? The circle seems to expand the more you look for its non-existent center. A wheel gains momentum because of this simple energy. If you view a wheel as a series of arcs you will notice a sly trick. The wheel rolls due to a series of “falls.”

The point where the triangle’s apex comes in contact with the line below is the point of moderation. The wheel can roll in either direction depending on the the energy ratio…

The hamster runs to the right of the wheel and if the wheel was detached it would move in that direction, but in what direction do the wheel’s arcs fall? They fall ‘back’ or to the ‘negative’ left.That’s how it gets its perpetual motion. From infinitely falling arcs.

Oh yeah, you want to know why you perceive your round planet as flat? It’s because you cannot perceive the entire circumference of a sphere. You can’t perceive any side of the sphere. All you see is a disc with relatively diverse shading that “suggests” a sphere. Light facilitates this graduation of relative shades. It is the graduation of shades that exposes the sphere, but these grades must correspond with one another to make this work, like this…

Notice how subtle it is there. But it’s just enough to give it all away. The reason you see this…

…instead of roundness is because your eyes cannot see the entirety of light on Earth. You only see a fraction of it that’s why when outside it seems as if you are standing in the center of a disc covered by a dome. No matter where you move you always remain in the relative center even though you are moving about a sphere. Because of this your position is always geometrically perfect. The only reason it seems to be imperfect is due to the relative diversity around you…

Also, our planet’s imperfect or oblate spheroid shape provides a point of relative contrast around the equator. Maybe that’s why you don’t want to believe you originated from around there and why the people who reside there are sometimes considered savage. They deal with two incredibly necessary forces for life, heat and wetness. That’s the equatorial ratio. Those of you who moved to more temperate climates enjoyed the beautifully contrasting diversity of the four seasons, but seemed to forget about the equatorial sacrifice that made such beauty possible. The equator is like the “cotton field” that the Earth works to bring wealth to the north. Some of you guys went down there to exploit the land and people, but really you found your soul. In essence you went back home. But home is kind of troublesome. Famines. Genocides. Disease. How could such a thing as parliamentary government evolve from that? White liberal guilt evolved out of a responsibility to take care of the so-called motherland and its people. It comes across as pandering and weak to some, and sometimes it is linked to a self-hate, but really these people love “their” Western culture so much that they want to touch its soul. When these two disparate forces merge you get these irresistible grooves…

…it’s a perfect marriage of temperate and hot. Just like the clouds that provide eventual shade from the burning sun. It’s just pi baby. Your world is literally a lot more round than you think. Just look to the lights in the sky, all those flat-appearing discs illuminating roundness at the expense of their own truths…

Notice how when you get closer to light you see its truth. The sun is not the smooth light we perceive, it is a fiery mess. The exhaust of this burn is what we see as light. The sun is a core. A core that sacrifices its surface every fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second. You cannot stare into the sun because it is constantly blasting you with its radiance and all of this is facilitated by a nuclear reaction, the same nuclear reaction that gives the wheel its energy and your heart its beat. But where is the absolute core from which this pulsates? It is impossible to find. In order to find the core you would need to find a way to occupy it, as soon as you occupy the core the core becomes you and then a new problem arises. Where is your core?

It doesn’t exist, it’s nothing, but that’s what links you to everything. That’s why the ‘reaction’ happens there. Nothng but infinite space and infinite opportunity.

Sometimes I think we understand this pi concept better than you guys. Just check out some of our structures. They’re seemingly geometrical imperfect to you, but when you start to realize the engineering prowess and ability to focus on a singular goal…

Yeah, like those, but we do it better. Don’t interrupt me. Okay, where am I going with this? Oh yeah, just celebrate the gray. It is the gray that exposes the truth. Because of relativity light illuminates diversity, but it can also wash it out. Kind of explains your struggles. You guys love using this power to blow each other to smithereens. You even celebrate victories when you do this. We fight too, so I understand. We fight for the same exact reasons.

Your eyes are your brightest lights. The pupil is like a black hole sucking in light that the brain interprets and shoots it out to illuminate your surroundings. Because of space you can perceive diversity. If your mind is at ease then what you see seems to radiate. If you are not then everything sucks. Truth is, it’s all a dream. Enjoy it. We do…


Your belief system should be able to hold up to the scrutiny of the truth. See, the truth or evolution is just the process that got you here and keeps you here. Why does it do this? Could it have something to do with that obviously benevolent secret we talked about earlier? And if so where did such awe-inspiring beauty come from?

This may come across as elitist or snarky to some, but I find it really funny although I believe everything in that story is true—true to those who believe it. The interpretations are the shades of gray. It reads as a beautiful allegory that expresses the undulations and ages of evolution. Am I wrong to think this? Who or what does this interpretation hurt? Your jealous God? Well, who created jealousy? It’s a peculiar emotion that can tilt either way. To madness or understanding. If it tilts overwhelmingly to understanding then what’s so wrong with that? Isn’t that the path to enLIGHTenment? Isn’t that what you are all chasing? Aren’t all those books you read and churches you pile into and art just ways to get a little closer to that? Why so afraid?

Even if you literally believe in this story remember that God had an eternity to dream up His creation and God’s dreams are so profound that remnants of them become dense…

You can only wonder what these beasts looked like and how they behaved. But you guys love looking for diverse relationships and when you do this you begin to make eye-opening discoveries and your collective understanding of these long-extinct creatures grows, but is it the truth? How will you ever truly know? Just think of your past, when you recall it doesn’t it feel like a dream? You lived those moments, but the further and further they regress the less tangible they become. How you make those memories dense is by finding immediate corresponding densities…

I know you guys don’t want to believe these guys preceded your divine entrance, but just learn from their mistakes. They may have grown too big for their environment, something had to be done to release the pressure

We’ve watched your religious practices very closely over the years. The lambs are particularly upset, but they’re coming around. You guys have an exhausting number of ways you reconcile the two great universal forces of love and fear. The loving bits are pretty much the same, it’s those fearful bits that are all over the map. Speaking of which…


Let’s say resources are getting low, but the population continues to rise. How would you regulate this disproportionate ratio? You wouldn’t be able to stop people from having sex no matter how much you made them fear it. Ironically, the fear makes it more titillating for them. They get off on it. Well, what if evolution produces homosexuals to protect resources from the gluttonous human mass? These people are not likely to reproduce, but they tend to be more than willing to take care of the the younger ones that nobody seems to want to bother with. These people are society’s cushion. They gather in little holes at night only to surface to add a little peculiar beauty to your lives. They are allowed to be themselves when you need them to be, but you seem to have a problem when they want to be like you.

Some of you find their lifestyle abominable because it is assumed that they are having sex for sex’s sake which seems to be a perversion. For some reason the idea of sex without reproductive possibilities bothers you (or does it?). But how do we know that this is the sole intention of sex? Your understanding of the link between sex and pregnancy evolved and is evolving. Sometimes you have sex and nothing happens so how would you know there is a link? Oh yeah, this stuff

If you catch one of these you can transmit it to others and in this way you begin to see a link between this pleasure and pain. Why? STDs may be a moratorium on arrogance because it is arrogance that leads to excess which leads to…

Direct hit. When the planet’s orbit cuts into the orbit of an asteroid disaster “can” happen. It’s just a matter of relative positioning. But this positioning is tied directly to how we behave on this planet. Our orbit is not concrete, it evolves as well. These direct hits are the result of everything that preceded them. The evolution of the asteroid as well as the planet coming together to perform a mathematical miracle. But it’s really nothing, when you have infinite time and space to muck about anything is possible. Also, following such an event the Earth will cool and prepare itself for another wild ride. It’s probably been through more of these than we think. The Earth is a living breathing organism, it will not allow itself to be harmed. It will get rid of us all before we destroy it.

You will not be punished for loving. The only punishment you receive is from your peers. They don’t understand your relative rarity and why you choose to live such a peculiar life. But nothing about it is peculiar to you. It’s just love, the only thing that’s peculiar is the impression it leaves on others. Gays may be your soul. Your strong foundation. For they have toddled along, taking care of you in more ways than you can even imagine while you told them over and over again that they were going to Hell. Truth is you don’t burn as much because of them. They find sublime beauty in what makes you weep because they weep for you. Well, not anymore. It’s time to release some pressure…

…but there’s always a sacrifice, thing is it does’t have to be that painful if you do it out of love…

This all may seem weird to some. That’s okay. It’s just ignorance. Embrace it first and then educate yourself. Not on the internet, in the streets just like that cat many of you call your personal Savior. Yeah, Him. What would He do? Would He judge or try to understand? In other words would He fear you or love you?

Your Soul…Right In Front of Your Faces…No Need To Fear It…Or Deny It


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