The Spirit of The Soul

I think time is going to be quite kind to this album. It’s a haunting mix of tribal beats and distinctly European-style synths and sensibilities that left some perplexed and others fascinated. Some of the themes correspond to the guttural purpose of tribal music—the need to reacquaint oneself with the internal soul, while celebrating the expanding external spirit. But the juxtaposition with the relatively cold European techno-refinement creates something that I think will not be totally understood until we better understand that we are all the result of this same marriage. No matter what color your skin is, what country your parents came from—the prevailing dominant culture isn’t “American” or “Western” it’s what this album represents. The marriage. The only thing that makes us diverse is the ratio of soul to spirit. Neither one is better or deeper than the other. The soul is infinitely regressive and the spirit infinitely expansive.

Those of the temperate climates found their spirituality via the diversity of climate and the majesty these fluctuations wrought, while those around the equator found this same “spirit” within their soul. Now what happens when these two come together? We have to come together, it’s in our DNA. We “banged” and split into all of these diverse races and cultures due to our diverse migrations, but our drive shows us that we possess an innate need to return to one, not to fuse together, but celebrate our differences via an acknowledgement of our overwhelming similarities. I’ll leave you with this bit from one of our equatorial ancestors…

“What!? You ventured way up there near where the sun rises and sleeps for long spells while I stayed down here where the sun does not relent, it arcs over our heads everyday, its either hot or wet and in order for us to prosper we need a near perfect ratio of wet to hot. Well, you know, that’s why you left. We waited for you to come back, but we weren’t expecting you to be so damn mean about it. We’re family after all. Yeah, you changed a little, so did we. I can see it in your face and your art, but I know who you really are that’s why you can’t get enough of me. Oh, and I like what the Americans did. Nice touch with the biracial president, still don’t know why they keep calling him black. Isn’t he OUR baby? Those Americans and their ridiculous addiction to absolutes. They really need to get over that if they ever want to get over themselves. Problem is they think they’re perfect and everybody else has problems. They run around here like a bunch of know-it-all teenagers. It’s amazing how some of the old-heads can keep their mouths shut for so long. These kids may be precocious, but sometimes they need a wise individual to make sure they don’t step out of line.”


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