Self Oppression

The establishment does not want to be labeled as a bunch of heartless oppressors and these focused ethnic studies, no matter the racial group, share a consistent strain of white oppression. Ironically, by banning them they give credence to this idea of institutional oppression because it seems as if the alleged oppressors fear the truth. But this truth isn’t ubiquitous…oppression is the result of a fearful power-hungry minority. A minority of incredibly intelligent people who know how to manipulate the fears of those who “look like them” in order to get them to hate those who do not. By doing this they give the people they lord over someone else to lord over—this makes it possible to justify greed…

“Hey, if I exploit these inferiors I too can live in a gated community and drive fancy cars and then my peers will become my superior inferiors and their inferiors will…well…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

The methods are more subtle these days as people are becoming more hip to the tricks. Arizona and Texas bucked this new approach and I actually find the transparency refreshing. It exposes the true fear under the surface by completely obliterating the artifice that is the surface. We may get riled up, but we must thank them for their candor. Also, race is not the only factor used to make these distinctions between superiors and inferiors. It’s actually becoming passé. The amount of money in your bank account and how long you’ve had that money are quickly trumping the race card. And how does one amass wealth? Education helps. Education is another distinguishing characteristic between the superior and inferiors. Of course, if one possesses a remarkable talent they can acquire riches consistent with the educated elite, but they are often relegated to roles as jesters. When these entertainers begin to celebrate the excesses of the power structure things reach a level of absurdity that would make even Samuel Beckett jealous.


The reason many see whites and other lighter-skinned peoples as oppressors is simply due to a migratory “decision.” Caucasians are the result of a northern migration to more temperate climates where they experienced the “blessing” of “new” seasons—fall, winter and spring. What do you think witnessing such majesty does to a people? They may have thought they were chosen or entitled. Especially since their forefathers only experienced a precarious ratio of hot to wet. Question is what compelled some of us to leave (exodus) and why did some of us stay (sacrifice)? Whatever the reason, those who left would looked down on those who stayed especially when they returned and noticed a stark contrast between their culture and the culture of those who evolved from their ancestors. They also noticed distinct superficial differences. They were light and their ancestors were dark.

They were building “civilization” up in the temperate regions and their ancestors were still doing that tribal thing. Oddly enough their tribal roots never escaped them…just look at the Brits who fought so much with the Irish and Scottish or the plight of the Romani people in Central and Eastern Europe or the pagans and countless other groups throughout Europe and Asia who were/are relentlessly persecuted for essentially being a reminder of what the temperate-dwellers left behind. If you don’t like looking back just look at the clashes between the West and Arab nations. We lob the uncivilized insult their way because they remind us of our religious roots. The relatively “cool” versions of Christianity we gather in churches whose accoutrements rival state-of-the-art sports arenas to celebrate didn’t start off this way.

Instead of acknowledging the soul of our beliefs we drop bombs on people who are bombs. All this does is fuel a perpetual cycle of violence and we don’t learn a damn thing. We say they hit us “first.” Really? Let’s not play this childish game because the initial attack is only relative to our life-spans. We can trace this aggression all the way back to the “split.” Yeah, there is an Adam and Eve parallel there. Maybe the Bible as well as the other fascinating religious texts are the inspired word ABOUT God…don’t think prophets were stenographers…kind of boring…it’s more divine when it’s inspired.

Interestingly enough, the so-called lack of progress of those around the equator seems to have been a blessing…just look what’s currently happening to “civilization.” The lust to place value on creation is backfiring. There is no inherent value in the things we in a sense “worship.” Things such as houses, cars and assorted trinkets whose value is arbitrary. Yes, I’m making comparisons to biblical ideals because these ideals evolved for a reason just as the superior/inferior dynamic evolved long before we considered ourselves human and I think this dynamic was the result of a choice, a seemingly arbitrary choice, but there must have been a reason for the “split.” We may have thought this split defined who was inferior and who was superior—we thought splitting the atom was something, but what about subatomic particles? This may explain the stark distinction between the Irish and the British, one seems to celebrate the soul, the other seems to deny it with the hopes of being received by the spirit. But you can never run away from your soul, matter of fact for whatever reason we always go back…poor, poor Africa…

It’s just evolution baby and it shouldn’t be too surprising that evolution is under attack right now. It’s kind of like someone with rural or inner city roots who amasses great wealth and success…then something happens “back home” and this forces them to recall their roots…roots that the success and wealth have removed them from. In essence their success created space between their inner truth and outer truth. At this point the person can distance themselves from their roots by denying them or rediscover who they truly are by embracing them. As a collective we do both, but if you look around you will notice people coming together to weather the result of the storm unchecked greed wrought. There is much more of that than there are aggressively myopic Arizonas and Texases.


Photo by this person

I must make a clarification…when I refer to the equatorial region as our home…I do not mean we all descended from Africans or black people. These are “human” created distinctions. At the time of the split we probably looked more like this…

Yes, I know, this bothers some. How could “monkeys” create iPads and combustible engines? Well, the same way this…

…becomes this…

…but I’ve never heard Marv Albert say this: “That former embryo attacked the basket with reckless abandon! Wow! What a move!” Our current form is nothing but an illusory rest. Everything evolves every fraction of a second. The beauty is the realtive peace of our existence. We don’t “feel” evolution, but it is what drives us along our journey. In essence it is our subconscious soul and there is nothing scary about that. Frankly it’s the most beautiful thing there is. All of this ridiculous diverse matter behaving in remarkably similar ways. The way matter forms, uses energy and breaks down is consistent no matter the form. Just look at how we carry-on…our inventions, regardless of type, contain many like elements—for starters your home, your car, your PlayStation and your cell phone all contain plastic and require energy to run and to be produced. We consider these things artificial matter, but there is nothing artificial about them because WE created them. Even if you think life on Earth is the result of some alien experiment those aliens, even if they are invisible beings, must adhere to these rules. In this way existence is a mere illusion.

We live amongst a mess of diverse cultural influence and to try and stuff things like this in the box marked Black Culture is silly. Its influences simply won’t allow this. Cultural conservatism is ironic because culture is nothing but a composite. What makes it superficially unique is the arrangements of its pieces, not the pieces themselves. Culture is just a beautiful illusion and when you realize that you burst out of the box because culture is nothing but different ways of doing the same thing. When you fuse them together…well…you get absurd peculiarities like the United States of America which shows you how a little friction and a lot of love attract “particles” from all over the globe.

I must thank my great friend Yvonne for inspiring this rant. I try not to editorialize on here, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.


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