The Living Spirit

The above picture is from the sequel to this fascinating set of pictures. What I find fascinating about these pictures and others like them is how they force us to reexamine our concept of time.

Our planet, our solar system as well as our galaxy are all drifting through space so in essence the space around you is being constantly refreshed. Space’s rate of change is like none other. As you sit there reading this the space around you is changing rapidly. It may not feel like anything is happening and that is due to our deceptively dense atmosphere.

The trick is that space is constant, it’s not moving at all, matter moves about it, and as matter moves it leaves an “aura” behind. Nothing metaphysical about this as this aura is composed of physically existing particles. In our case some of these particles include perspiration, dead skin and hair, the “stuff” you leave behind in toilets (sorry, but we’re all adults here) as well as other matter. As this matter breaks down it becomes less dense than our atmosphere and floats about it. But how does that explain the presence we feel when we enter an old cathedral or visit an historical battle field? Do some of the particle remnants hang around by adhering themselves to matter? Of course. That’s why public bathrooms and locker rooms smell the way they do and these particles also hang in the air once they become lighter than it. But what about the spirit that imbues these places? Is it real?



Quick. Think about a dog…what kind of dog are you thinking about? In what setting did you imagine the dog? What was it doing? Now here’s the big question…where does that image exist?

In my head man. In my damn head.

Okay, well then download it for me. I want to see it.

It doesn’t work like that.

Why not? Maybe one day we will be able to download our visions much like the performance capture used in Avatar. Imagine a time when we will be able to experience each others dreams…actually, we already do. Isn’t Avatar Jim Cameron’s dream made dense? Okay, so if we are able to actualize our subconscious visions in film, art and interactive entertainment then why can’t the universe? Remember we do not expand faster than the universe. The more intelligent we get and the more things we invent tell us more about how the universe really works and since there is no limit to this progress there is no limit to the universe’s progress. A computer program is a less efficient version of a seed. Our complex machines pale in comparison to immune systems and the engineering marvels that are skeletal systems. But here’s the crazy bit…we are “programming” evolution subconsciously by merely existing and experiencing the diversity around us. We are the creation and the creator.

Our beautifully diverse religions are our way of interpreting this truth. I think we err as “modern” humans when we read their corresponding texts literally. They are divinely artistic in their approaches to explaining complex concepts like DNA or particle physics. When you realize this, these books open up in ways you’ve never imagined. Your belief becomes dense, but this dense foundation does not take away from the spirit which hovers above. They actually work together to create each other. Yeah, it sounds weird, but if you click the hyperlinks it will make sense.

Okay, so let’s get back to the images in our heads. When we dream these images are more vivid and since the sensory receptor that is our body is resting the brain gets to play all of these cool tricks on us so we get to feel things as if we were truly there. They feel almost-real, but this almost-reality only becomes apparent to us when we awake. Our waking state provides the contrast, when we dream the most absurd things happen, but if we fall into sleep from the “real world” and remnants of this real world invade our dreams shouldn’t we be at least tacitly aware of the fact we are indeed dreaming? The type of absurdity we witness in our dreams does not happen in real life…or does it?

Is supernatural phenomena the overlap of our subconscious and conscious worlds? Is it the point of fusion? Perhaps so. Take some of these…

…and you may see the Cookie Monster and James Brown playing Jenga in your living room. This is amazing because all you did was fuse one naturally occurring substance (the mushrooms) with another natural occurring substance (you). The hallucination appears very real, but those who are sober do not see your personal reality just as I do not experience your dreams and you do not experience mine. Our individual dreams, much like our individual experiences when we are under the influence of mind-altering substances create multi-dimensionality. This multi-dimensionality exists in our waking state as well. Your brain processes the world differently than mine. An overlap occurs when you try to get me to understand your “point-of-view.” Some of us choose to pen novels, sing songs, make films or write meandering blogs about subjects we barely understand in an effort to fuse our intellects. We seem to possess an innate drive to share our perspective or merge dimensions. This phenomenon exists everywhere, just look how these pictures show the multiple dimensions of dust…

But where do the multiple dimensions of our subconscious “exist” and can they be made dense? I think so. Probably as dense as our dreams appear real. In other words a ghost will appear almost-real in relation to reality just as our dreams seem almost-real in relation to reality. Okay, now we’re cooking…but how do these supernatural densities form?


Well, much like how DNA links us to lettuce and everything else our respective subconsciouses may be linked in a similar way. Here, let’s experiment, cross your eyes and look at the picture below…

    click for larger image

By splitting the point where your eyes fuse you create space in the picture that doesn’t actually exist. You perceive dimension where there is none. Here’s what’s happening…

Your sight seems to merge at a central point. You can best see this when standing in the middle of the street. That point where the lines converge is called the vanishing point. The point of “seeming” merger fluctuates depending on what you are focusing on. I say “seeming” because if you hold up an object in front of you and close your right eye and then your left eye the object will see to jump side-to-side, but what is its true position in space in relation to you. If you snap a picture of yourself holding the object the truth of its position is relative to the perspective of the picture, so where does the object exist? Can its position be pinpointed? Only in relation to perspective. Your eyes absorb and then reflect light—that is how we see. If you look directly at a light your pupil gets overwhelmed because your are disallowing it the ‘negative’ space it needs to perceive depth. The light just rushes in. When you turn away to a ‘negative’ space you see the ‘positive’ after-effect. It is similar to the release of exhaust. Light is magnetic energy, as a result it…

Oh, just wanted to jump in and remind your readers that this is all the theory of a naïve loon who has too much time on his hands because he cannot get anyone to hire him, including fast-food joints and meat processing plants. Go figure, right? He’s effin’ crazy.

Well…thank you for that. Yes, he is correct, this blog is the result of wondering about all of the things we take for granted and approaching it with the tenacity and spirit of a blissfully naïve child playing with toys. Okay, back to work… your eye’s negative pupil attracts the positive radiance of light…kind of like a black hole. And what is a black hole, the result of an imploding star or dying light…hmmmmm? More about that in a later post…the one where I try to explain why and how light works…I don’t know why I do this to myself. At any rate, moving on…

The pupil actually fuses with light after the initial surface friction. If you look into the sun or an incredibly radiant light this friction becomes intense, your eyes water and your eyelids want to close to protect them. You also feel the heat against your skin, more surface friction, and then it fuses with you.

But wait a minute man, I’m not a negative space. I’m matter, I exist.

But you are literally more nothing than you are something. Here, let my man Carl explain it…

Density is an illusion, everything is held together for relatively different periods of time. You are the result of a literal fusion…mom’s egg cell, dad’s sperm cell. There is a bit of initial surface friction and then fusion and then the magic happens and then you happen and as you grow you shed matter every second of everyday and then you die and break down into particles, just like how you started out. Your density is tenuous at best. All matter is tenuous at best, even light. Light is pure energy and it is the energy that literally powers us. Turn off the lights and see what happens to us. The planets will drift off, crash into each other and everything falls apart. No more relative periods of existence, no beautiful loving illusion, just dark death. No wonder we seem to have this inherent dislike of darkness and why light is deemed to be superior. No matter the culture lighter seems to be better, but check this…light needs this negative to exist. If we lived in a universe of light we would not be able to perceive the relatively diverse matter it helps to create. The ratio of darkness to light makes “existence” possible. Conversely light needs matter to matter. Something to attract it, if not its radiance just stretches through space and as it does so it becomes less and less dense…in other words it breaks down. Think of a stars like large gears…

So light is energy and our favorite ball of energy, the sun is nothing but a churning constantly refreshing ball of fire whose core may be cold as its surface is hot. Something tells me the core of stars are so dark and so cold that they may appear like frozen space. The core of the core is where the nuclear reaction happens. Like an ice cube when it drops in (I have to thank the glass of water next to me for this theory) relatively warmer water—it cracks and the energy of the crack reverberates throughout the cube and sends energy outward. In the case of a star the energy powers the radiant expansion and the radiant expansion powers the radiant implosion on its return to the core which “cracks” the ice again to send out more radiance. Yin and yang.

A star like our sun has a family so it behaves a bit differently, it has a purpose and all of these diverse orbs that spin around it may actually be it at different stages of its development…it just caught up with these stragglers at just the right time to save them from an eternity of fire…uh oh…got the chills when I wrote that last line…seriously. The sun sacrifices itself so that we may live forever in relative cool. Oh but wait, it gets all polytheistic out there too…look at all those other planets whose relative positioning makes it possible for our blue pearl to exist. But how did we know this before we knew this? Oh yeah, that’s right, this fire burns deep within us. It is the God gene. The light created us and we create the light upon death, our matter becomes fertilizer which powers the very substances we consume to sustain our relatively weaker fire. But what about the divine beauty of our religions and art? How does this spirit touch us? How does it reach former atheists like myself?

You slick intelligent design spewing mutha—

Oh brother, once again, the design isn’t intelligent, intelligence is the design. It is incredibly myopic to think that your intelligence which is nothing but the ability to make diverse relationships through space is exclusive to our boney asses. Moving on…the spirit which drives our inspiration literally communicates with us. Just a moment ago a cracking ice cube sent me on a tirade about a star’s cold core. I’m not saying that was a an act of God, but I am saying that. Let me explain. For whatever reason my mind works in a way that sees a relationship between an ice cube and the core of a star. I have nothing to do with this. It is merely the unique composition of my DNA. My genes, which evolve, are not unique, it is only their composition that is or more accurately their relationship. This relationship is why Michael Jackson could do this and you cannot…or can you? Think of your genes like Taco Bell ingredients and yourself as one of those “brand new” items they’re hocking every week. DNA is much like a spirit as it is passed down from people long dead, all the way back to the ooze and even before then and before then and…well, you know. We are the literal walking dead.

DNA gives us the ability to do these things, but how does it “talk” to us? I can dunk a basketball, pretty well mind you. But I grew up loving sci-fi flicks and wanted to be the next Robert Zemeckis. HUGE Back to the Future fan here. Yes, all three, the second one turned into an obsession for the nine-year-old Spaceman. What business did I have playing basketball? Well, I found out early on I could touch a basketball rim, but my friends could not. As I grew I was able to get by whole hand above the rim and then my entire forearm. It was my ability to jump that initially got me interested in this fascinating game. It was a chance opportunity in the junior high school gymnasium that launched an obsession. Just messing around with friends. But why did that chance opportunity happen? Sometimes I wish it didn’t because I absolutely fell in love with the game, instead of running down to the local court I could have stayed home and penned my own science fiction masterpiece.

Isn’t that what this blog is?

Enough of you funny guy. This struggle to understand “why” things happen lies at the base of our fears and desires. It is a wondrous concept that works like a ratio. Our reasons can tilt to positive or negative. If you drop your phone and it breaks you can be raging mad or brush it off, even if you are genetically predisposed to being a hot-head you can prevent the fire from coming to the surface where it will no doubt cause detrimental surface friction and later negatively fuse with those around you.

“Take a deep breath…it’s just a phone…it’s just a phone…but why God, my life was in that phone. I‘ve got a meeting to get to and how am I gonna find out how to get there? I had an app for that.”

That’s when someone stops, helps you gather the bits of your phone and maybe through a smile offers a comforting joke and that’s when you ask, “Hey, do you know how to get to Orion and 27th from here?”

And that’s when they say, “Get the hell outta my face.” Look, I don’t mean to be a jerk, but can we get back to the 3D picture theory? I hate to say it, but you were starting to sound a little interesting when you were rambling about that.

Okay, well the picture below shows what happens when you cross your eyes and look at the picture…

The purple line between the red and blue ones represents the alternate reality that you are perceiving. An alternate reality where you see three-dimensional depth against a one-dimensional surface. Each eye can individually perceive two dimensions yet both together only perceive three. But if your eyes are facing forward shouldn’t you perceive the world around you like this…

Why does our sight converge to a “seeming” point?

What lies beyond he horizon is more road and the horizon doesn’t even truly exist. It is an artificial barrier because with each step you take it refreshes. Your eyes seem to be deceiving you. But what is drawing them to that point in space? Light is absorbed by the pupil and the brain processes the ratios of light to dark it is receiving and gives you an image to “see.” Actually, your eyes don’t truly see anything, they capture light, it’s all in your brain that is why it is easily tricked…

Your brain seems to search for clues as it processes the diverse ratios of light to dark and in the process it makes relationships between these ratios. Sometimes it makes mistakes and you get the phenomenon above, but check this…what or who perceives the truth of the checkerboard before the smaller “deceitful” squares are removed? If you, me and the camera that’s recording it see a warped checkerboard then that must be the truth of the board. Actually, like all truths it is relative, relative to our perspective. A perspective that is facilitated by how light keeps our eyes in their comfortable positions. When you cross them it requires a lot of force because you are working against the magnetic force of light.

Just look at your hand. No, really look at it. It’s amazing how you can make out so many details, but what you’re looking at is a composite that seems to be missing a “middle” layer. When you alternate closing your right then left eyes you see this. This happens because when one eye is open your brain has to perceive relatively simpler ratios of light to dark hence the two-dimensional view. When both are open there is a fight for the “nucleus” of your sight. You can only focus on “one” point in space. The word one is in quotes because the two eyes never completely merge at a point in space, there is still a point in between that cannot truly be perceived yet we trust our eyes so much. When you cross your eyes you create a sort of nuclear reaction that exposes this region and you see two perspectives of everything and that exposes the limits of your ocular perception. Our vision is nothing but a fusion of two two-dimensional dualities. This may explain the way we behave we do. This may explain our lust for absolutes. But the reassuring bit is we still believe regardless of the limits of our sight. Just take your pick of religion or philosophy or art and get lost. That’s what I do when the spin gets me down.

WHAT THE @#$%!?

Last night I had a dream where I was talking to a guy I have never seen before and he was a fully realized being, with his own inflection, blemishes, mannerisms and personality quirks. Where did this guy come from? Perhaps he was the result of rearrangements of my DNA as well as bits and pieces from people I may have seen, but only my subconscious registered. This must also holds true for other living things as well as the environment, mood and overall dynamic. Dreams are performance captures of infinite diversity. Fall asleep with that on your mind. The diverse matter matter that occupies your dreams may not exist, but there is a possibility that it may have once existed or will one day exist because with infinite time and space anything is possible, even miracles…

Miracles are the result of perspective. If you were on another part of the globe you didn’t see this. For those that did it had a profound effect on them. Imagine seeing this when that fire was raging in your belly…I’m talking about when you were a child or even better when our species was more child-like. I’m talking about those cats that built Stonehenge or worshiped solar deities. Yeah, our pagan soul. Such a dismissive term that groups many diversely beautiful belief systems under one umbrella. To see how far these religions reach just look at the raucous affair that is the black American church…

The black church is the fusion of European-style Christianity and traditional African religions filtered through the absurd diversity of the Americas. When you hear Mahalia Jackson sing you can feel it in the pit of your soul because that’s exactly where her voice comes from…the pit of our universal soul. Even in the mainstream church you see signs of Christianity’s rural roots. Here’s one of my favorites…

Go outside and look at a street light (their muted glow works best for this experiment). I won’t say anymore, but something literally touches you. If you are fortunate enough to be near a body of water just note the reflection on the water’s surface and how it creates a special path just for you. You could be standing on a beach with a thousand people and each will see their own path, but they cannot see yours. Frustrating huh? We’re aggressively social creatures yet we cannot get inside each other to really see what watch the other sees. Just wait though…we all will one day. Just remember, you have an infinity of “us” living within you who perform miracles everyday…don’t let the cats in lab coats remove the wonder from that crazy acid. It’s the most intoxicating drug there is because it makes you uniquely you. Embrace everything that you are because every last bit is the result of a sacrifice…a sacrifice we all make.


Humans believe they were created in the image of God. Well, how about this…what if there are infinitely diverse images of God occupying the infinite universe? The beautifully nebulous force of wonder manifests itself in many different ways. We may think we possess a superior form of it, but this only relative to other species. Other species who we can only understand on a surface level. Just look at your dog or cat. Do you know exactly what they are thinking? Their thoughts don’t merely vacillate between being hungry and sleepy, they wonder too. The elements of their wonder are no doubt different then ours, but its purpose is the same…to connect matter with other matter…much like the synaptic connections in your brain. It is an expanding, integrated network of intelligence powered by matter. Yes, it is a tangled sublime mess and there are more connections or relationships than we know. These connections link through that awesomely mysterious, yet deceptively dense matter called space and much like superficial densities “bangs” happen.

When these bangs happen inside matter relationships are created in space as a result of the particle break down. In outer space where there are no absolute magnetic bottoms matter may stay forever linked, on Earth where we have a 360 degree magnetic bottom matter can be separated. For instance if you break a cookie in half in space the particles (crumbs) may collide, break into smaller particles and those smaller particles will collide and break into even smaller particles and so on. Amidst these infinite collisions will be infinite fusions. It is these successive collisions and fusions that eternally link the cookie’s two halves. On Earth the crumbs tumble to the ground where they fuse with whatever matter occupies the surface. The breakdown is infinite just as it is in space, but the link is broken due to gravity. Gravity allows for diverse particles to be spread around the globe. My explain that lettuce bit above. In space they maintain their connection as bits and pieces journey to further and further reaches. If there is an anti-bang then the matter may come flying back together.

Anti-bang? Seriously?

Okay, I’m talking about magnetism, I was just having a little fun. Magnetism is the force that can draw particles who have banged apart back together, but all magnetism is is the infinite chain of collisions and fusions. This is the magnetic field. It is the same energy that holds you together. When you die the energy is released and you quickly break apart just like the crumbs that fall from the cookie.

Asteroid impacts, hurricanes, earthquakes—we think these are randomly occurring natural phenomena, but the only thing “sudden” about an any of these things is our sudden awareness of it at the surface. the better we understand relationships between climate, what lies below our feet and above our heads we will be able to better predict these things, but something tells me we may be in for a surprise soon, perhaps not a dire one, but something majestic like nothing we have seen in some time. I have no basis for this, it’s just a feeling in the pit of my stomach, the same feeling that inspired me to start this blog a little under a year ago. Don’t hold me to it, it’s just a hunch or more accurately a hypothesis. We’ll see…

When you wonder about something you are drawn to it. The more different it is than you the more interest you take in it. Even if you fear it, that fear is a powerful force of attraction because you will not feel safe until you know precisely where it is. The closer it gets to you the more likely you are to reject it. The thing you fear cannot be on similar ground. But when you subvert the fear you open up the possibility of fusion. Wonder makes this possible, fear is wonder’s arch rival, but it is a necessary foe for it shows you the power of wonder because wonder always overpowers it and it is wonder that “creates” it. We wouldn’t know that a snake’s bite could be poisonous unless we got bitten first. The sublime bit is that it only takes ONE bite for us to figure this out. One sacrifice begets infinite enlightenment.

Photo by this person.

This picture captures a fraction of the infinitely successive moment that is time. Time is much like a flip-bookeach moment is a new surface laid over the old one, but these surfaces are infinite as each one contains infinite layers. Pictures are fascinating because they amazingly capture one of these infinite layers, in essence they are frozen space and it is light that makes this a possibility. No wonder we we get lost in them.


For you technically inclined folks who want to see an aural interpretation of the Holy Trinity detailed above give this experiment a run. You’re going to need two sets of speakers. Set up two speakers, sit in front of them and enjoy the rich spatial goodness of stereo sound for a bit. Make sure you are sitting a little bit away from the two speakers so that you form a triangle with you as the apex. Now take just the monaural speaker of the other set and plug it into the same music source. Next place it in between of the two stereo speakers.

Play your music.

It sounds flat. What’s up? You now have a left and a right with one mono source in between and all you get is one flat sound. Why can’t the other two create space anymore? The sound is flat and dense because the central speaker merges the two. To make the sound radiate again you would need to put the middle speaker right in front of you while leaving the others behind. It gives you a chance to really hear the distinction by creating an arrow that points directly at you. When you record vocals for an album you make sure they’re flat to punch right through the space created by the left and right channels. It is their distinctions that create the illusion of space. The mono source provides a flat foundation which allows the spatial musical accompaniment to envelop the listener. The flat voice grounds you. Add a reverb effect to the voice and you expand a bit, but if you completely obliterate the mono base things sound a bit spacey.


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