TRICKY ENGINEERING: Solving the Gulf oil problem

Say we lined the Gulf Coast with a frozen wave, taller than any wave we know. Think of it like a dam with a Conan O’Brien hairdo (can’t wait until he gets to redefine a genre on TBS). The wave will not be built “on” the coastline, but in the shallows below.

Lining the perimeter of the spill will be underwater turbines with curved blades to absorb the force of the “clean” water coming in. This creates friction and will allow for a larger wave than normal to be created. This “clean” wave will splash into the oily water and create a reaction that breaks up the oil particles by using the force of relatively cleaner and more powerful particles. Since you’re dumping more and more water on the spill you are shifting the relative ratio. The spill is nothing but an overwhelming ratio of a foreign body to a native body. It can be broken down with the clean water, but it will always exist, just in a relatively less dense way and these smaller particles will spread out over a more expansive space, but it’s effects may still be felt because in some places it may become dense again.

The big temporary rigid wave along the coastline should be made out of a substance similar to the substance that lines the coastline. Something like sand. Coastline’s are integral as they contain a forgiving substance that allows land bodies to use the force of water to wobble back and forth a bit as to not agitate the fire below the earth that causes all that to rumbling. Sand is like this awesome cushion and coastlines angle so that the waves get a chance to release their energy and return to their body. Coastlines “understand” the ocean’s they buffer. Remember, waves bring remnants from far away lands to the coast. They also bring matter from below the surface to the surface and sometimes this matter washes up. We learned this trick early on and engineered vehicles to do the same. See, we’re very perceptive. That’s our gift, the ability to spot diverse relationships. We call it intelligence. But that’s only one part. The first part is wonder. We have to wonder about these processes before we use our intelligent brain to make said wonder dense. The density is intelligence.

More inside. I even manage to get the Egyptians involved. You know this wouldn’t be a Tricky Relativity joint without a guest appearance from those wise engineers.


Photo by this person

Okay, back to sand…wettened sand becomes an odd substance that is dense yet malleable and it can be constructed into diverse objects that over time may become incredibly dense. The massive frozen wave will not only absorb the impact of the powerful waves the turbines are throwing it’s way, but it will also act as a filter as it will absorb some of the oily residue.

It will also return the mixture of oily and clean to where it came from. This creates a counter churn, this creates more friction which creates more energy to power the cleaning process. This splash will contain what is essentially the vaccine to the spill…the lesser oil particles give the more prevalent clean water particles a weaker form of the “enemy” to beat up on. Since this relationship is clearly defined they refuse to fuse. Oil and water don’t mix. But the crazy but is that they actually do. Water can be oily and oil can be watery based on the relative size of their particles. Just because they don’t mix doesn’t mean anything. Sugar and water don’t mix, sugar’s particles just break down easily in it and we profoundly enjoy this harmonious relationship of an illusory mixing. Fruits are great tricksters. They somehow fuse sugar, water and plant flesh together to create something we cannot get enough and turns out is good for us. These three never mix even though they appear to fuse. Fascinating.


And there is nothing artificial about this and there is always a force required to create life. Who created this synthetic organism? Doesn’t that being require energy? Yes, WE do. Ay yi yi, we’re always patting ourselves on the back like we invented the wheel…we only discovered it.

Once we clean up the spill we can break down the frozen wave and store it somewhere and reuse the substance again. Why would we reuse a “dirty” substance. Well, the longer it sits somewhere the more opportunity it has to evolve. The sand could learn to overpower the oil by virtue of its relative size. But we will never detect a clearer defined relationship because it is through the relationship in which we define it. Yes, that is a lot to try and wrap your head around. The relationship defines the relationship. It’s crazy, but it’s where I got this idea from. Also, the substance may expand like when you add yeast to sugar and it ferments it or turns it into a sharply sour substance that makes you feel good in a different way.

The oily water particles and clean sand create a new relationship. Prior to the introduction of sand oil and water had a distinct relationship when they only occupied one another, but now they have fused by virtue of their relationship with the sand. Their wetness is foreign to the sand’s dryness. If this substance is left out in the sun it may expand as heat will give the oil energy and vaporize the water. It is this “duality” that facilitates the expansion because the hot oil gives the vaporizing water a jolt, but the vaporizing water also helps to cook the oil…how does the water get this hot to do that? Yeah, it’s an infinite cycle, but it’s all driven by the dying sun. It won’t burn forever, it just beautifully seems that way. It’s death gives us life via its spirit or reflection that we call light. We see this while it’s doing this. Also, if you clicked the hyperlink above attached to the first instance of the word sand you would find evidence of another dimension to this get down. Just a crazy idea folks. Maybe like the one that launched the pyramid frenzy of yesteryear. And since we’re on the subject let’s get a little crazier…what if the size and time of completion of the Giza Pyramids was intended to be a lesson. The largest one or Khufu was built the longest time ago and the smallest one or Menkaure is the “newest” of the three.

This doesn’t make sense, isn’t bigger better? Well, we are finally starting to understand that size is relative and as a result big things come in small packages. All three of the pyramids are wasting away, but unlike our trinkets they waste away at blissfully slow speeds. What if they used similar technology to the oil-water expansion model to develop dynamic bricks that expanded in the sun? Yes, this is crazy, but what if that was the technological advancement of the age. Gentle fusions that weren’t really fusions because fusions are illusory. Perhaps it was the acknowledgement of this truth that launched an empire that stretched over thousands of years. It was this truth that allowed them to construct structures that withstood the tests of time. We marvel at them more and more with each passing year.


In most pictures of the Giza Pyramids the middle pyramid appears to be the largest, but it’s actually smaller than one and larger than the other. The flanking two pyramids actually seem to be the same size. But when you look at their bases you can clearly see that they are staggered. Something looks funny here. Look at the picture below to see how the illusion works.

pyramid view

If you are on the ground and view the pyramids from the angle suggested by the red arrows you will see the pyramids as they actually exist. If you view them from the angle suggested by the orange arrows you will be duped. The circle encompassing everything shows you all of the the different degrees of which you can view the illusion. If you walk along this circle the pyramids will seem to dance. They will go from the illusion to the truth to the illusion to the truth to—you get the point.

Perhaps the staggered sizes are a suggestion to future civilizations…if the pyramids were indeed “grown” under the sun then that means at one point they will die. The staggered size and relative positioning give this away and it’s made even more profound that they chose to do this even as they begin to master the art of pyramid building. Hey, just a crazy thought and isn’t that what this internet thing is for after all? Since when did we (the huddled masses) have a place to just let it all hang out. Well, we once did, but we started thinking we were better than all that. Isn’t it delightful how ironic evolution is?

And just think…the pyramid is the only “perfect” structure that equally experiences the effects of light. It is a fusion of four three-sided peculiarities. This merger is only made possible due to the imperfect trinity. All four come together to create a point. I wonder if we’re supposed to get it. Might explain these and this.


The turbines need only be powered by the water coming in, but they will contain a powerful “motor” to turn against the water if need be…this would come in handy during storms. If the turbines fight back they influence the wind patterns since the friction created changes the temperature of the water. We will not be able to stop a powerful storm, and we should not try to because that may make the storms more powerful as they evolve to fulfill their necessary tasks which is to churn warm air from around the equator to create temperate climates. By absorbing some of the blow and returning it we spare ourselves a bit. Less damage, more lives saved. The motor will be a coil of sorts. It will have to be a dense and deep coil that will absorb the energy of the ocean and rotate in relationship to this energy.

There is no “brain” here. The coil does all the work because it requires a great circular energy to be created, much like the energy radiating from the sun…when the coil is later linked to something that allows it to expel this pent-up energy. The coil uses the object that collects the energy that powers it to power the thing that collects energy. This regulates a peaceful moderation. It is the positioning of the turbines that controls the amount and nature of the water that comes through, but you can’t abuse this because it is the force on the coasts that assists the land masses which are essentially scabs that never seal, they just hover over the flesh which is fire. Water is the force that rocks the land masses to sleep while the fire rages below. We see signs of it often. When the fire cools it forms new scabs. It’s just green energy. This cool rocking via sandy coastlines or towering rocky cliffs that reject the water. Think about how these two dynamics would effect the people or beings who witnessed them. Also, these tenuous wounds we exist on are transforming and breaking and we barely feel it because of the blissfully slow rate of change.

If we perceived all growth at the pace of the video we would lose our minds. Relative growth which is nothing but multidimensional existence is the force that keeps us relatively cool. Doesn’t make sense? Click this link and zoom in and out or go for a walk if you want.


Oil is nothing but liquefied death. Fossil fuels are the result of matter decomposing without the benefit of oxygen so what it does is purge its own supply, but with the absence of light it takes a lot of energy. It once living after all so it has a lot of pent up energy within it, energy it burns to fossilize or freeze and it then uses this frozen energy to break down or split. We burn this relationship or as well call it oil to power the devices and vehicles that bring us together. Life requires energy to exist, when we die we decompose because the energy is trying to create space to get out of us and go back to where it belongs. This energy is essentially nothing even though it is composed of diverse somethings just like fossil fuel. Oxygen and the sun facilitate this journey back, but in the absence of these two forces the spirit still finds a way to the surface. We found oil because we were supposed to, but what’s next. When we burn this stuff relentlessly this happens…

…and too much of that is not good for anybody…even bottom lines because you cannot adversely affect the well-being of those you wish to separate from their money and expect them to part with it so readily. Gotta save it for those health care costs or to move away from the factories, overpasses and airports. Too much damn pollution. Well, there is a lesson the Black Gold is trying to tell us. When we burn it we burn our ancestors so to speak. They’re sacrifice powers our lives. There has to be a way to thin it out a bit and get more “life” out of it. This spill may be showing us exactly how to do that. My crazy idea may not be that thing, but there’s gotta be something there. I just don’t know….yet…got more wondering to do.

You are an absolute nut. Wow.

Thanks. But if this worked do you know how many jobs it would create? Now that would be nuts.

Just think about it…the particles that compose you require consistent movement to perpetuate the illusion of fusion


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