How would you attempt to fuse with space? Space is a constant force. It is the only substance that stays still. Is it possible to fuse with it? What if there were matter so small it could not be seen within it? Matter so small that an electron microscope or Hubble space telescope couldn’t even see it. That would be a “virtually” invisible force existing within space, but I thought space was invisible…wait a minute. Remember, no matter how small the particles it breaks down or splits ad infinitum. Fusions happen when particles group together. Fusion is a grouping, not a true blending. Fusions are essentially illusory. For sugar water to exist sugar has to maintain its “sugarness” and water must maintain its liquidity to create the illusory fusion of sugar water. The water allows the sugar to break down fast. Sugar is forgiving in this way, it does not require a lot of friction to break down. It “dissolves” the moment it breaks the surface and with a little twirl it virtually disappears.

Space is like the water, matter the sugar. Both need each other in order to exist. “Sugar water” is the definition of the relationship. In the case of space and matter, time is the definition. Matter does not create existence, it is the relationship of diverse matter through space that create’s the illusion of existence and thus time because everything is connected. Remember, the sugar never fully blends with the water. There is always space between the two substances, but our nose and tongue cannot perceive this truth. We perceive sweet tasting and smelling water which is an alternate dimension of the sugar:water ratio.

Oil and water aggressively expose this trick…right at surface level. We say they don’t mix and have even crafted quaint little colloquialisms around this fact. Truth is no two particles “mix.” It is the ratio of the particle breakdown that creates this illusion. Think of it as universal binary code, but the ones and zeros are both relative. A one is only a one if the zero is less than it…kind of like this: IIIIIIII to I I I I. The I I I I contains more space, the IIIIIIII is more dense. When particles decide to relate to one another in space these ratios are created. These are the constantly fluctuating definitions or relationships. When you introduce more than just two particles all sorts of crazy stuff happens. But there’s even something crazier than their miraculously harmonious relationships and that is…well, you have to click to find out.


There is a force in space that steers these faux-fusions or mergers and that is the relationship. What? Yeah, this equation always spits you right back out. The force that steers the shapes and duration these mergers remain seemingly dense is governed by how the relationships behave. In other words how the ratios tilt. One is more nothing than the other is something or negative and positive. The relationship is the attraction.

When the ratio gets too close to a similarity, say I I I I to I I I I and the particles are of a different nature…like oil and water…then what becomes the nature of the relationship? A perfect union? Perhaps. But one particle group will eventually break down to redefine the relationship. Add one cup of water to one cup of sugar and over time the sugar particles will settle to the bottom as they begin to “reunite” with each other in the space of the cup…and they become more dense as a result. By limiting the space between each other and avoiding splitting they tilt the ratio a bit. A quick twirl of a spoon and the sugar is moving about the cup again, but because of gravity…matter all around this sphere is forcing itself to a single point in space, one that nothing reaches…because of gravity the sugar particles will keep on trying to reunite. The water helps this process by vaporizing or sacrificing itself to the cooler air. The air seeps in-between the water particles trying to get to that same point and when it reaches a density it cannot quite maneuver enough particles through it is squeezed back to the surface taking smaller particles with it. In our atmosphere this forms these…

…which are air and water made dense by virtue of gravity. Gravity is the force that brings objects together, but they never truly collide…

It is the force of which they are brought to each others attention that dictates the nature of the illusory collision. The particles that compose each car meet each other through space and at such a great force that their immediate reaction is to split to create space so that they can “fuse.” But they never truly fuse. They just look for pathways through the particles. They avoid collisions. Fusions are particles avoiding collisions. Remember, a particle can split and split and split ad infinitum. This is what governs the planetary wobble which we experience directly via our heartbeat or those lovely rhythms our species evolved…

When the force of the blow is similar, say the speed of the cars in the crash test video, an immediate distinction has to be made to avoid penetration by a foreign body. When the two are of similar composition the settle around not in one another quite easily. Mix salt with sugar to see evidence of this phenomenon with two surface similar, yet fundamentally different particles, but when they groove together they create magical accents which lead to experimentation that leads to a perfect marriage. Relationships are created and defined (via an infinitely fluctuating ratio) through space. If those cars were travelling much much faster they would appear to fuse as the particles would have to split at ridiculously fast rates to avoid a collision in space. The smaller the particles break down the more liquid like they get. Water is a relationship of two seemingly invisible forces…hydrogen and oxygen…together they become visible…what are they composed of? What assortment of diverse particles make up hydrogen or oxygen and why do we need two parts of one and only one part of the other. It’s a trinity with two similarities and a peculiarity or point of diverse triangulation. The odd particle creates a fusion between the two likes by virtue of contrast. This contrast becomes water.

Interesting how a major entertainment conglomerate is behind this, what does that say about what we’re being drawn to. Avatar is interesting, not only for the environmental message it wears on its sleeve, but the story of a wounded veteran finding a better life through a green economy of sorts. Just think about the possibilities of war veterans returning home to a brand new industrial economy that benefits the place where it harvests its bountiful resources. In the movie Jake becomes one of the Navvi and his lot in life changes.He’s able to run, jump, play, make love…all that good stuff. He is given a new life through th ecosystem of this planet. It’s a fusion between human and Navvi that’s not really a fusion because both parts live on inside the Jake Sully character. He is a new breed of sorts by virtue of the distinct relationships that define him.

It’s all ratios.

Remember, we define civilizations by their art and culture that means one day a future civilization will define us by films such as Avatar. Just think, we spend quite a bit of our created valuable resource to create and then later experience these stories. What will a future generation think? Forget that, what do WE think? What happens if we take a step back and look at ourselves and our environment and really start to assess this relationship. That’s all history is. It looks at the environment and the people and rubber stamps it based on what was being shouted the loudest and what was burning the brightest. But we have absurdities like Wikipedia that create history every fraction of a second. In other writing our literally writing our history as we live it. We are basically creating more space between matter and in this way becoming more hip to subtlety…

Using an iPhone requires a level of manual dexterity once reserved for artisans. Just look what happens when you hand one to an older person and tell them it is a “phone.” Unless they are tech-savvy it will appear to them like some foreign object and when you proceed to show them its functions they may marvel at the level of focus required. Just study someones eyes while they tinker with a handheld device. What makes these objects interesting beyond the fact that they are so small yet allow us to roam about man-made space is the fact that they are our personal lights. We’ve always entertained ourselves by staring into space and looking at lights. How cool it must be to have a device in your pocket that not only shines like a light, but when you look deep into it there are all these little bits of matter that do all sorts of ridiculously diverse things. We pat ourselves on the back for creating this, but it was far from our idea. We were wrought from this universe so why do we think our ideas and inspiration come from somewhere else. Well, that’s because they do. Wanna see the future? Go to a national park…look around…the next big thing in technology is right there. it’s just waiting for a big bang.


We call the 60s an era of friction. Two forces rubbing together…black:white, gay:straight, pro war:anti war, woman:man…and let’s not forget all of the cross-connecting relationships. That’s a lot of friction there. Some definite “pops” happened. But it was the this odd idea of free love that was interpreted ion so many different ways that got us through. On a basic level all “free love” means is that you are free to love. It is the manifestation of that concept space provides the area for particles to see one another. How they process these relationships seems completely up to them, but when they create space before splitting they get a better idea how to navigate the waters.

Love how he just brushes off Hale Bopp

We may think we have choices when figuring out which space to split into, but what we repeatedly find out is that another larger particle splits to give us room. We don’t have to force a split. If we do it hurts as there is no room to expand which is all division is. Expansion via sublimation, but it is this sublimation that creates larger and larger matter, but when you start to think about it there is no such thing as small and large without an angle of relative contrast…

We see three shapes around us. These containers of sorts. Those shapes are the circle, the square and the triangle. Snowflakes show us what this marriage is capable of…

The square is composed of four equal-opposite angles. The circle possesses no angles, only points…points that can be triangulated. Notice the absurdity of the tri-angle. It’s just a false fusion of two parts to one or 2:1 or fused to make 3, but look around, there are several more points in space…an infinity of them to be exact and they all “matter.” So here we go…here’s the story of matter simplified…

2:1 becomes 3 by virtue of their relationship, have to account for : as it represents “something” although it is just the point at which to triangulate the relationship, it’s literally where the ratio tilts. After it becomes 3 new relationships emerge…I I I and II I or II I…and those can be divided up to create all sorts of absurd relationships. Numbers are our way of containing these groups, but they don’t work because our 3 quickly becomes infinity which is immeasurable all starting from a simple ratio of something over nothing.


Water is an odd substance because we can see its surface and penetrate it and when we do we become part of it. We increase its mass by virtue of our existence. It fuses with us, but not really. Even trickier is that our bodies contain so much of it. Every organ. And notice how our particles behave in it.

Frozen rain creates the spectacle that is the snowflake which is crazy because we see a rain drop as an orb, but we seldom ask what is that orb made of. Why does that drop seem so perfectly contained…

Notice how the shape fluctuates due to how it travels through space. It is losing smaller bits of mass as matter around it force it to split or vaporize. When it splashes…

…it seems to shatter, but all it is doing is splitting incredibly fast, so fast that it appears to blend with the clear water. The swirling bit is just the drop expanding to offset the overwhelming ratio. The water may appear pink afterward because of this. That pink-colored liquid is the triangulation or the relationship of these two bodies existing amongst one another.

water particle

Hydrogen and oxygen are made up of ridiculously tiny particles and those particles are made up of even more ridiculously tiny particles. They are different, but similar enough to create the density that is water. Water breaks down easily because the speed that space separates its particles is much much faster than that of a rock or tree branch. This allows it to break down easily in small or large quantities. It possesses great force because of this. The more water in an area the more force it has. Luckily coastlines are angled and contain a buffering substance…sand…that breaks down almost as fast as water. Just enough to absorb some its force while still remaining dense enough to allow the crashing waves to return to where they came from. Coastlines keep all that power from taking over the land masses, but sometimes there are disruptions and warm air rises too fast and there is not enough cold air to compensate and things start getting crazy…

The warm and cold air particles want to merge. Wind gets involved to try and make things even, but all that does is create the storm, because it gets in between the spaces. These two forces want to smash together, but they cannot, it is an impossibility…so much so that wind gets involved to prevent them from bending space to make this happen. But the wind is created by the cold and warm particles. They churn together so hard that the particles have to split at great speeds creating space as they split. This forceful creation of space forces a concussion, this concussion is felt as wind. The very force that protects the particles from each other. If the wind cannot hold them back because the splits are occurring in less and less pace then this happens…

We say it strikes, but it seems to be a rapid switch of hot and cold by virtue of their profound attraction. The particles are feverishly splitting as they fight against the concussions created by their constant splits. The force of them merging and splitting within the respective new bodies is powerful…hot particles mingling with cold, cold with hot…this force tries to open up a space to exist and we perceive that opening as light or electricity. It’s fascinating how lightning finds these interesting paths to travel through. It seems like it’s already mapped them out. It is quick, precise. The merging particles must have started to form a nice dense chain that when they finally merge the light illuminates the chain. This illumination, which was powered by merged particles splitting within one another, is the same force that disbands the hot and cold particles attempt at dominating our inner space. Save that nonsense for outer space. Speaking of which, notice the shape of the storm…

All that fighting to prevent what is an impossibility…an actual fusion between two particles. But warm air and cold air particles are the products of their respective environments. Warm air is warm due to the fact that water vapor or the spirit of water is warmest around the equator. As you move north the vaporization process is slowed hence cold air. Cold air is nothing but warm air with more space between the particles that’s why things freeze in it. The dearth of warm particles attach to matter and create relationships through space by trying to stay still. This is why ice cracks…

The paltry warm air particles are trying to release the grip of the cold air particles which if left to their own devices would stay locked together. Extreme cold would feel like occupying frozen space…so cold you can’t move or feel anything. Cold air particles move about regions of the planet where strange phenomena like this happen…

Air particles would feel like they are chosen in such a place, not much room to move around relative to your buddies around the equator. But then the sun disappears and it’s dark and cold for awhile. But then this happens…

…and that means either the sun is returning or it is dying. The lights in a way prophecize the return and the death. Please note: when I use language like ‘prophecy’ I am not using it to substantiate a belief, the event substantiates the language. We find enlightenment through religion because it is the dense understanding of the cycles and ways of evolution and the religions are unique because our diverse climate-derived upbringings influenced our interpretation of this process. But even with all of these diverse interpretations there is a consistent strain. Does this mean the stories celebrated in our world’s religions are fake? Far from. They’re actually “realer” than we know.


The poles exhaust their excess water around the equator while using the heat mined there to sprinkle majesty on the temperate regions. One spin around the sun makes this dance possible. The seasons, much like a prism, expose the diversity hidden between the so-called duality of warm and cold…the seasons in this way are like subatomic particles. They give us a view into inner-space. Warm and cold air buffered by swirling wind which is composed of ridiculously diverse particles creates diverse seasons or ages as the air travels from equator to pole. But what is wind? The perfect union of hot and cold. What? Yes, it’s all tied up. Wind is the technically advanced relationship that prevents the irascible children, it’s “lesser” state from trying to stop time by creating a truly frozen density. Space works so hard against this that when matter gets close it can only create these guys…

Diverse matter trying its damnedest to do the impossible and fuse at a point in space. Space fights back and causes the whole thing to switch “on.” And the particles begin spiraling around each other incredibly fast, so fast that at first they cannot be seen , but as they collect more dust the begin to show themselves. But there is a force in between the particles that allows them to split so fast and maintain these swirling dance that creates the illusion of illumination. Light is illusory because it is composed of particles that appear to be similar, but are actually infinitely diverse, we can’t perceive this diversity because it is moving too fast. Because it moves so fast it burns a lot of energy. We feel this energy as radiance or heat. The mass stays together because each particle is chasing the core. The core is nothing so that sends them back out and they rush out to split into vapor. The speed this vapor reaches us determines the light’e relative speed. Yes, light speed is relative, it has to be, space is the only constant, but remember, space is full of infinite something.

And water came from this light. When it gets a chance to cool, its diverse particles get to stretch their legs and start forming relationships. These relationships or ratios relate to to the ratios and before you know it fire is turning into water and water is healing other particles to create rocky land masses and all sorts of other peculiar particles are getting together to form life which is a sublime manifestation of the star’s energy. It’s diversely derived energy. Now the question must be raised: is our sun a dying planet or a young one? Are we a burgeoning star or a dying sun? Both. We exist because of diverse particles creating relationships…stars are made up of the same particles incessantly moving, never stopping for a look or a sniff…it is this sacrifice that makes life possible because when a star starts to cool it needs a light to make sure it doesn’t freeze to death.


We split the atom we create a magnificent concussion or explosion. An explosion is nothing but the impetus of creating space. It is the big bang. The concussion that is created by the blast represents the expansive reach and power of space. The infinity of outer space is constantly created by these constant bangs or splits. Matter has to form and breakdown ad infinitum so that space exists ad infinitum, but remember, space is nothing but matter, just too small for us to see. Infinitely small…but sometimes gravity gets involved and brings a bunch of these diversely sized particles together and that’s when matter happens. The sun shows us how a slowly banging ball of matter creates space via radiance. It’s radiance is its true magnetic force as all objects that exist within it or come in contact with it behave differently. They start to orbit around it in relatively diverse ways. This orbit is what shapes them to mirror its spherical shape and it is the “perfect” shape and predictability of the orbit that may be responsible for our myopia. We just keep spinning around and around and it feels like were not going anywhere, but the whole thing (solar system, galaxy) is falling through space.

In regards to the split…or the force that simultaneously creates matter and space…we call the ratio of matter to space time. The split is deceptive because each particle is composed of smaller particles and those smaller particles are composed of smaller particles. When we look at our planet from space we see a sphere, but it is composed, but on ground level we walk on earth and earth is composed of all these little bits of matter and these little bits of matter are composed of smaller bits of matter…never fusing, just relating to one another in diverse ways.

It’s just pi. You cannot draw a line between two points of a circle because its arcs are infinitely regressive. Your line is chasing one of the points that comprise it, but this particulate points are far from absolute. That’s why pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Because it is infinite it can reproduce itself infinitely. A circle’s confines are illusory as it contains an infinity. That’s a lot of pent up energy. It is the trinity and then some. Remember, God is not the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit, but all three and through all three we are granted eternal life. Seems like we’ve known this stuff all along and if you’re not Christian don’t fret, trinities begetting infinity exist everywhere.


All right, so then who’s fooling us more? Space or matter? Their both in this together. They are the “:,” we are the “:.” All this bickering over doing “this” or “that” when it’s “or” that gives it all away…how ironic…


No wonder this song sounds like a future civilization’s riff on a Jackson 5 track while dropping a staggeringly profound message on society…yeah, this album is the bee’s knees. Janelle’s beauty is an awesome flip of the Lena Horne ideal and her creative streak akin to the exotic child of a well-to-do ancient Greek upbringing, but her hipness reminds of Harlem, USA circa 1920s with her yearning for a post-racial future through the oddity of American absurdism…and she even gets naked and descends staircases with her scattered approach…and the whole thing seems rooted in the playful soul of the 1970s. Forget it, it’s impossible to place this one and that’s why I dig it.


These peculiar charlatans have rubbed us the wrong way over time due to the fact that they employ one of th universe’s great tricks and that is constant movement to trick us. And before we were aware of the trick involved some of these tricksters used their skills to get us to do and believe in all sorts of different things…why do you think there is so much secrecy surrounding it? This ability to successfully deceive puts one in a position of power…just look at how the magician captivates an audience…

These days they call themselves illusionists and they make no claims to be super beings. They’re just trying to make a buck and the enlightened bit is that we know it and just shrug it off. Some of us find it kind of cool. This is fascinating. Our boredom and complacency sometimes hurt us, but its primary job seems to protect us…that’s why it leads to all sorts of socially fun times…picnics, amusement parks, nightclubs, bars, churches, et cetera. Satiated curiosity evolves into complacency and that’s why we’re always pushing that proverbial envelope to create beautifully realized worlds…

Spike Jonze’s “I’m Here”

…but it’s all smoke and mirrors and we know this and we don’t care. We just munch popcorn between laughing, shrieking and crying. Our stories take us on emotional journeys because they are sublime manifestations of the truth of our fascinating existence. An existence that is illusory…and even if we know this that doesn’t mean we have to stop munching on the popcorn or cease any of those particulate emotions that make this ride such a blast. Matter of fact, knowing leads to enlightenment which exposes more truths, but we needn’t be overwhelmed because we will always have each other and that’s the great secret behind the great trick.

The Message
If you haven’t figured it out already the title of this post contains three distinct messages and the only way to decipher them is by creating relationships. Here’s a hint: look for the familiar bits first. That’s how we create relationships and come together where we “touch.” Yes, touching is an illusion, it’s just an intense friction, but boy does it feel good. And sometimes when you feel a touch you look around and there is nobody there…or is there? Oh, and here’s the big secret…we’ve known this before we ever wrote it down…it’s all about…


That is the most satisfying relationship we’ve found. Everything we do is for love…even all that scary stuff…but we need not fear its source any longer because its source is infinite even if all matter breaks down it’s what keeps the breakdown around.

Many of those who have talked about the peaceful fusion of the people have been cut down with the hopes that this will somehow lessen their message. It never does. The legacy is what they lived for. The assassins as we often call them seem to act like the wind that tries to get in between the dueling warm and cold fronts… which s ironic because it is created by the so-called collision of these two forces. Those who wish to curb the inevitable through taking out the messenger were ironically created by the messenger. The assassin is created by his or her perception of the relationship the messenger has with the people. Typically it is the love the people seem to have for the messenger. This is seen as weakness since the messenger’s message is one of love and peace. How can there be love and peace if God is vengeful? If we start loving one another won’t God get jealous and strike us?

Why? Why would that happen when we finally subvert the ill-effects of fear? Some loving God right? It is fear that drives this kind of thought. It’s an irrational fear of something that “may” happen and if it does happen it is up to us to make the relationship between it and God’s wrath…and once again it is your perception of this event that governs how you act…furthermore, what rule lies at the foundation of all of the world’s religions? It is a simple truth: treat me as you want me to treat you…or the Golden Rule. “Eye-for-an-eye” retaliation sprung from this, but if I hit you that’s me doing something to you that you weren’t thinking of doing to me…but maybe you were that’s why I hit you…You were plotting I could tell. So then you hit me back. I knew you would hit me back. That’s why I hit you. If I knew you weren’t going to fight why would I waste my time trying to start one?

Picture by this person

The assassin misses the point. They sever the relationship between messenger and receiver with the hopes of obfuscating the message by creating friction between what the message intends to unify, but they cannot kill the message. The message always lives on because it has to so that we do. It cannot be killed. It cannot be put in a box. It cannot be stopped. It presses on by any means necessary, but if you open yourself up a little the means are quite peaceful…we call those blessings…even if they don’t seem like such…it is our perception of them that defines them. And with that said I leave you with this cut from the ridiculous faux-fusion who we defined as Michael Jackson…

Interesting take on particle physics…another part of me?….hmmmm?


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