Gotta find some way outta here…

What’s going on? Our digital technology is advancing at blistering speeds and these advancements seem to be facilitating the invention of alternate realities. Everything from videogames to Facebook to mobile phones to 3D technology—all working in collusion to build multidimensional yet interconnected alternate universes that allow us to escape the multidimensional yet interconnected universe we currently occupy. I find this fascinating because although we have been fusing universal elements to create “new” matter for a while, we’re now beginning to create space. We call it virtual space, much like our dreams which take place in a subconsciously created space. We may travel the world in our dreams, but we never leave the bed. Truth is, there isn’t anything virtual about cyberspace. We were wrought from this universe and for whatever reason we are genetically driven to create or more accurately engineer such an entity.

Videogame creators boast about how their digital worlds include large maps with buildings you can enter and explore. When we buy personal computers we concern ourselves with storage space. Why? Well, we’re attempting to digitize everything. Once tangible items are becoming intangible items. Music, movies, books, pictures, maps, paperwork and much more are finding greener pastures in cyberspace…but what if a good-sized one of these zaps us? There goes all of that precious data. Makes you really appreciate these…don’t need a 320GB hard drive to store them. The crazy bit is will we ever be able to leave this world and completely enter a cyber one? The only thing that needs to be fooled is our brains and it’s not like that isn’t already happening. All of this cosmic movement lulls us into a sense of being. Just spin around a bit…faster than your equilibrium can keep up with and what happens…feels like everything is moving…well, because it is…imagine perceiving the universe like that…it would be maddening…that’s why we have to be tricked.

We’re creating our own Matrix of sorts because we are part of one…that’s why such stories are told over and over and over again and why we sing songs about rowing boats and why we possess this innate need to get the hell out of our heads. Sometimes we are willing to risk life and limb to achieve this exodus of the self. The human being has created his own prison…one with bars made of putty and because we fear the warden and his many guards we subvert our desire to be free and this hurts us in more ways than we know. But check it out, the guards fear the warden too. Why do you think many of them judge us so much? They’re trying to prove themselves. They want a promotion. But how do they know what the warden is looking for in his guards? The interpretation of the employee manual is evolving all of the time. For starters, the language it is written in in is not the language in which it was originally written. So right off the bat they are reading an interpretation and then interpreting the interpretation. The one thing that endures all of these evolving interpretations is that thing we write a million and one songs about.

One thing that I find incredibly interesting is the level of violence in the alternate realities we create. Perhaps they evolved to allow us to purge these habits, but what happens when the pedestrian you plow into as you round a corner in one of these games has a virtual family…would it be harder to take him out? What if your actions were tracked and you developed a virtual rap sheet as a result? I know this sounds crazy, but so does this stuff and it’s becoming more real everyday.

I really think we are subconsciously trying to heal ourselves through subverting fear. We gather online to shoot each other in the head and laugh about it…and it’s even more fun when we shoot our friends in the head. This transposition of violence to an alternate reality may be an indication that we are getting tired of fighting. And this may be partly due to the suicide bomber phenomenon which confuses us so much. If someone willingly kills themselves to kill you how on effing earth can you hit them back? But we still managed to do it somehow…and well, you see how that’s working out…and the hip thing is we’re not digging it…we want our troops to come home. We don’t hold grudges like we used to and frankly, I can’t wait until we give it up all together. We’re getting there, one step at a time.


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