Mass : Gravity (How Forever Works)

A marble tossed in the air behaves differently than a bowling ball tossed in the air. The energy of the bowling ball’s ascent and descent is determined by the nature of the gravity present. If “light” gravity is present the ball’s ascent and descent will appear slower. If “heavy” gravity is present the ball rises and falls at a faster clip or it may be impossible to launch the ball in the air at all without a force greater than the force of the heavy gravity. Gravity is a remarkable force because it is what we use to determine the (relative) weight of matter. Since the nature of matter is diverse we notice relatively diverse ratios between matter and gravity or M:G if you’re nasty.

The tricky bit is that the nature of gravity is determined by how matter behaves in it. Without matter there is no way to make a relative comparison. We perceive this relationship as time. The bowling ball’s ascent and descent take different amounts of “time” based on the level of gravity. But time is a construct; it is our way of measuring the rate of change. To measure this rate of change we need a point of triangulation or simply put a relative contrast point. On Earth it is our beloved surface. Humans love their surfaces. Seldom do we dig deeper or look beyond what is right in front of our faces. This phenomenon may be linked to what I like to call the Myopia Gene. Not a real gene, but a false limit to our perception that may explain why we carry on the way we do. Now back to the bowling ball…


When we toss the bowling ball into the air it must return to the surface from which it was tossed. We measure the height of its ascent and speed relative to this surface. What happens when you get rid of this surface? Well, you get outer space. But even in space we’re not free from surfaces. Matter attracts other matter. Our solar system is a perfect example of this. Our planet’s gravitational pull is only measurable in relation to our moon, the sun and the other planets. Without these points of triangulation we wouldn’t know a damn thing. Our days, weeks and years are determined by this relationship. But once again, these passages of time are just an illusion. Time is no more than a dynamic way of measuring the rate we change positions in space. Because we are linked to our sun and galaxy we seem to forget that the whole mess is falling through space. The position of every particle of matter is constantly changing. You may think you’re sitting in one spot right now, but in actuality you are rapidly moving through space. Our atmosphere tricks us into thinking we live within something, but its surface is tenuous. Matter cuts right through it all the time…

Gravity may be one of the reasons for our, at times, crippling myopia. Those of us who subvert the effects of gravity. People such as frequent travelers, astronauts or deep sea divers tend to have a broader perspective of what’s going on because they are literally afforded a broader perspective. It is also no wonder wealth is associated with those who spend much of their time above and below the surface. Of course, there are exceptions and those exceptions tend to be people who are rooted to their bottom hence the expression: you can take the person out of the (insert place or culture), but you can’t take the (ditto) out of the person.

You do not need to travel the globe to get a better sense of the broadness or scope of existence. Just peep the evolutionary wonder that is the internet or your nearest large city. In order to absorb the wonder of diversity one must first quiet their own magnetic bottom or in more plain terms ego. This is a tough thing to do because whenever we only perceive differences in contrast to ourselves. One of the easiest ways to subvert the overly aggressive ego is by looking for obvious similarities. Here’s a free one for ya…you and that other person are both human. Start there and you will be amazed at how far that alone takes you. Oh, and do not be dissuaded by the fact they may find you peculiar. Remember, you’re trying to subvert your own ego. If you allow their need to cut you up into a plethora of distinctions to break your concentration then you lose. Here, Gandhi explains this phenomenon a lot better than I can…

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Mahatma Gandhi


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