What’s Really Going On?

Seems like we can’t talk about this stuff without gettin’ all weird. Why? We actually understand each other a lot better now than we used to. For some odd reason we act like we’re still strangers. An off-color joke slips out. We want to laugh, but cannot because some may find our laughter offensive. Why? Are they so uptight that they have to deliberate on what is funny before they are allow themselves to laugh. That’s kind of like having a bureaucracy between yourself and joy. The laugh is a painless release. Remember, we just endured an intense realization of a damn near absolute truth. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s just a joke. Part of that eternal order…

Somebody cries. Somebody laughs. Balance. Right?

Well, we’ll see. Everything’s all out in the open now. It’s also all in there in the open too.

Below you’ll find some of my ramblings on this issue and like all writing on this issue the issue’s issue-ness is heightened by the decision of the writer to remark on it. But sometimes you gotta say something. Especially when the gesturing no longer works. When the eye contact no longer works. Sometimes you just gotta make a noise…


“Yeah, I can see that. No need to yell.”

“Oh, well, sorry, what do you want to do about it then?”

“Maybe not yell so much about it.”

Oh, sorry, the ramblings…
Self Oppression
Don’t Retreat, Instead – RETHINK!
The Power of Fear


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