The Art of Or

    DISCLAIMER: I have received some flack for this article…all over the place, meandering, stupid…apparently they don’t know my MO, if I don’t hit those three hallmarks then I’ve failed as a blogger…just so you know most of these articles are written in a naive colloquial style, but when you click the hyperlinks something happens…just click ’em, you’ll see.

Dear People of the United States of America, the whole multi-culti lot of ya,

For whatever deep-seated, we gotta-get-over-it reason we (USA) are nipping at each other. All these rigidly defined eithers and ors rigidly defined by how much either and or they are. So since it seems we want to dice up our amorphously bordered and more than less amorphously divided country into a rigid box then how about we exhaust our little family quarrel within the confines of a rigidly defined box.

We’re big boys and girls now and we don’t need another uncivil war. It’s time to show the Old Heads that we can get through trying times on our own. So let’s get our Chelsea/Manchester on in a raucous but amazing way. Here’s what we do…we pair up two teams made up of the country’s greatest players from the Red State and Blue State regions. The players will not be selected from where they play professionally (we gotta give this a World Cup local spin) players will play for the region in which they grew up. That means the Red State team gets Drew Brees and both Mannings, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Terrell Owens, Ocho, Brett Favre!, and I don’t want to even think about the defense…Just saying Ray Lewis makes me not want to do this.

The Blue side gets has some standouts too. I’m sorry folks, I’m not that up on the NFL yet, so give me time to update this while I learn, but feel free to comment on who you think would comprise these two super teams. Oh, and the half time show will include a mix-up of crazy diverse performers from the different regions. Once again, the Red States seem to take it again! Come on east-coast hip hop, recall that crazy mash-up between north and south that made this up there (even Gershwin slipped on it). You’re already doing it. Same thing goes for Cali. You don’t think Cali has a side just as deep as the rural South but we, I mean ‘they’ do…I slipped up there, I actually got kin folk in both hoods, north and south, but the west is where I rest. Sorry about all that, now get to the commentin.’ And don’t forget about those north and north-midwest cats.

One more, thing, although some of the players will be playing contrary to their political positions, the soul of their game emanates from the regions that wrought them. When these players meet up professionally with these regions trouble can jump off. I don’t think people outside of rural areas know exactly how deep the roots go there where football is like Gladiator played out weekly in a much more benign way. It’s away for them to peacefully release tension together. It’s an amazing thing to witness and a feat to pull off. The different groups down their find a synergy somehow through shared cuisine, speaking rhythm and love for the place where their “daddies” came from too. And his daddy too. There is a long history between two so-called dualities down there: black&white. But look at what blossoms. America’s soul….

But don’t forget about the Old West. Where people once came from all over the country in search of gold. Don’t think that seeped into the swagger over there. “One day people will come to this country thinkin’ gold lines the streets. You know why? Because darlin’ where I’m from gold lines the mountains!” Imagine shootin’ that to a lady if you’re an out-of-town cat from the west. Sounds kinda like something Matthew McConaughey would say. That kind of bravado turns into cowboys and of course Hollywood…the place that resides near the beach oasis. Okay, football may be rough for us (I’m goin’ with it), but we will definitely get you in basketball with the help of our northeastern blue brothers. We love these games because they allows us to forgive each other for whatever beef we have…all right, I’m done for good this time. Your turn. Have fun. This is Fantasy Football…

P.S. Pop culture is our way of mocking our fears and enjoying every last minute of it because in the end it’s harmless, some of us grow out of it, some don’t, but it always is….so what.

Sometimes pop culture’s provocateurs they scare us…only because they’re trying to more with their craft then make it just taste good. Kind of like how ancient culture remind of us the essence of a time we have never experienced. When you dig your heels into what makes us tick, and pop culture is the most trusted watch because we’re the ones moving its hands…so it ticks loudly. This loud tick gives us figures who mock what we fear becoming. The movies, music, TV shows, books websites, et cetera speak to our inner being. They’re telling us about the future peoples whose hope will have expanded so much that they can be driven by a delusional dream of gold-lined streets, but it only sounds like a delusion. It can be true if you want it bad enough you will do good to get it. It doesn’t matter who’s a the controls of our media if we understand that its product is created by the dreamers. We respond to the dreamers, just look at what we do to escape the “real life” of the infinite puppet strings that the other dreamers warn us of…..

We gather to dance to popular sounds in night clubs, we play games through virtual space, run out to see epic movies that both conjure up fantasy lands and imitate real ones….and sometimes on smaller scales we get fantasy and reality…and they only connect with us if the way they juggle a set of laws correctly. You can have children’s toys carry on deep philosophical debates and the proceedings warm our hearts instead of making us cold. In order to do that it must connect through its surface. The surface is the exciting “light” that gets you to look. I wish there was a way to put this all on a flag that when people look at it they feel hope before they think ‘physical’ country, which wows us in all of its natural incarnations). A place that is kind of like a dream when you get out and see it. It literally is all over the map with its diverse scope of people. A dream scenario like this football game would definitely expose the lessons we learned from our staggeringly deep veteran bench. Oh, and this last tirade didn’t count, I was whispering.

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