Practical Prayer

When we vocalize our concerns we render random thoughts into a dense proclamation. This weighty admission galvanizes our thought process—our subconscious along with our conscience (pray about something often and hard enough and it stays with you) gets working on a solution to the problem. Oftentimes the solution guides us to seek the counsel of others be they family, friends, pastors, priests, rabbis, gurus, etc. It doesn’t matter who, but it’s always someone or something else.

Prayer has a clever way of bringing us together. If I am suffering internally and I’m drawn to you to assist me in ending my suffering we have done something profound to shape the evolution of our species.

I told on myself to you…you listened and you refrained from judgmental preaching, instead you asked questions…questions that inspired me to reflect before I attempted to answer. Questions that challenged my preconceived notions.

Our religious texts are full of these sorts of questions. No, the verses don’t have question marks following them, that’s our job, we provide the peculiar punctuation by considering how they apply to our life.


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