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I just can’t stand the current guy!
I like the current guy!
I will vote for anyone who isn’t the current guy!
I want the current guy to be reelected!
(time elapses)
Yay! The current guy lost!
Damn! The current guy lost!
Whoo Hoo!!! Yes!!! I cannot contain my glee!!! We won!!! We won!!!
AUUGGGHHH!!! No!!! I cannot contain my anger!!! We lost!!! We lost!!!


We teeter back and forth based on the respective densities of these supposed dualities that lie at the extremes. That’s just a fancy way of saying we are ruled by whoever’s fatter, and this is maintained by whoever we think is phatter. Okay, now that was pretty corny, but it makes sense, right? We know very little about policy. Whenever one of those VOLUMES is released like one of those bills or reports on findings (if you clicked the link I don’t care if you thought it was corny) we just look to places like here or here for summations that are consistent with whatever side we cheerlead for or we go here or here to get to the meat of it and have a laugh or two.

All right, so we gravitate towards the one who sits at the head of the cool kids table or if we’re super savvy a small group latches onto one person…spare me your rants about the link, every group gets their turn “under” the sun, and then they overcome it by evolving to withstand it. Now that was a cumbersomely obtuse attempt at a mystical sounding turn of phrase, but in the end it’s just an eyebrow-raising way of saying you gotta withstand in spite of the haters. No matter what THEY feel about US WE cannot feel that same way about THEM or else WE will not rise. It’s that fulcrum where the teeter totters. But if one must kick and the other must be kicked to maintain this back and forth incessant energy then isn’t that kind of effed up? Why can’t everybody, no matter how much stuff they have, at least feel full elsewhere? You know…full in spirit. No matter what definition you use to label this ratio of yay to nay it exists. You don’t have to call it a spirit if that’s a little too metaphysical for your taste. Regardless of the label, it’s like this…if I ask you how you feel you will check this nebulous thing (the mind) first and then report back to me and this report is nothing but a ratio of how you feel about your life up to the point when I ask the question and how you feel about future possibilities. In other words you ponder your past and future at the same time. Every time we do this we are subconsciously addressing the fact that those two periods of “time” actually influence this very moment in time…or in other words…RIGHT NOW!!!

Okay, needed a break there. Right now is the fulcrum, the “or” in the ratio. The middle. The moderator. How we feel about the past and future dictates how we feel about right now. If we believe in a brighter future and forgive a dark past we feel pretty good. Doesn’t mean you have to aggressively rebuke the past because some people still live there because to them it is bright (your relative perception is your relative reality). We have to be mindful of the fact that they call that place home, so be nice even if you don’t like the color they painted the house. Conversely, there are those who live in the future, those postmodern cats talkin’ all that crazy stuff. Gotta respect their home too. And in the middle of that rests those blinded by right now…they are the fulcrum and they are the moderate conservatives and liberals who only look to the past or future when they need help.

Mom? Dad? Son? Daughter? Help us. Please help us.

…or if we’re doing better than them…

Mommy! Daddy! You’re losers! See how you messed everything up! or Look at what the kids did now!? See who they picked to run our country! This is what we get when we let them have a say!

But each one of these groups needed help from the group they are now berating to get out of their jam…it doesn’t matter if one group thinks it’s all the other group’s fault. All that leads to is back and forth bickering at the center of the teeter totter which creates a whole lot of tension and that makes it very difficult to moderate the back and forth and as a result the lever risks destruction at a nuclear level because there are still densities at its extremes. The density of the fulcrum itself has a major roll in the tilting back and forth. Hold on let’s switch this up…

There we go, same principle, but better fit. The point of the tilt is very very important, if it is not finely engineered it will favor one side over the other…even with equal loads in its scales. In order to be this finely engineered it would need to be non-existent. We aspire to engineer such a piece of machinery. We can’t. We won’t. No matter how small we go it will always be smaller, just like this…

It is a chase to God and to bring this back on track…whatever group or country leads this chase is seen as the most powerful. It can be feared or loved or feared and loved. There’s a ratio. The nature of that ratio dictates how it conducts itself and this goes both ways. It’s how the power shifts. The fear comes when the temporary chosen ones start to feel that their power is being lent out and not returned. In other words, its influence makes others powerful and there is a fear that this may shift the balance of power. The temporary chosen ones are fearful because they used aggression (this is how they chose themselves) to attain their power and if they are ever to fall it will likely come from an aggressive action…so what does the chosen group do?

Preemptive strike after preemptive strike after preemptive strike.

Always a preemptive strike because WE know how THEY are going to get US…a preemptive strike!!! Yep, fear begets fear…

You hit me first!
No, you hit me first!
No, you hit me first!

This will go on and on forever, but sometimes this suddenly happens…

Whatever man, yeah I hit you, sorry, wanna stop doin’ this?
No, I want to keep on hitting you!
For how long?
Until I feel I’ve hit you enough.
When will that be?
Until you die or until I die.
What about after that?
That’s up to my kids. I’ll tell them that you hit me first and they will be mad at you and probably hit you, if you’re still alive of course, and your kids.
Oh, wow, that’s pretty harsh, but my kids have nothing to do with this. Why can’t our kids just be cool with each other?
Because they are the spawn of an evil person. You are evil for hitting me first.
I’m not evil, matter of fact I’m kind of starting to like you. All this yelling and carrying on we do is kind of stupid. I’m tired of it. I was tired of it a long time ago, but I couldn’t say anything because it seemed like you weren’t gonna stop tryin’ to kick my ass.
I’m not and my kids will not. I will teach them.
Some may follow you, but I’m sure some are gonna reject you and hang out with my kids and they may realize that they don’t really hate each other. It’s just our dumb asses.
Well, then they are weak if they give in to your tempestuous ways. Remember, you are evil.
Okay, I get that part. I’m evil. But what about my kids, will you give them a chance to be not evil at least? I mean you don’t have to worship them. Just give ’em a chance to show you that they ain’t all that bad.
But you are evil, that means you can only reproduce evil.
Funny thing, your kids who reject those teachings will find out my kids are actually kind of cool and they’ll probably gonna hang out with each other. I was actually flirting with the idea of teaching my kids about you and all this fighting from my perspective and then I changed my tune…figured I’ll just tell ’em how much the fighting hurt and that it was FUCKING STUPID!
See, there you go, with that language. Pure evil. Do you talk to your kids with that mouth?
Sometimes, like when the fighting starts to wear me down.

The question becomes how long do we want to fight? Also, how many ways can we create to repurpose this aggression? Our other drive. This sensibility runs deep folks…

The need to get closer to God is buffered by our need to fight so that WE win the race and not THEM, but when we join together WE ALL WIN. This doesn’t mean selling out or relinquishing the death grip on YOUR culture…it just means that sharing it doesn’t mean you will lose it. That’s impossible, it’s evolved into being, even when it so-called disappears, there are still fragments, fragments that inspire us to ask questions about it. Sometimes the questions are asked with great zeal and bombast in such a way it gets everybody to look. And no, I’m not getting off track…in what nation were those recent questions asked?

Yep, the land of liberty set. We spend millions upon millions of dollars crafting these spectacles that detail our destruction, but what does this mean? Does it mean that we know? How could we know? We’re just lowly humans. Sinful savage creatures. How could we get an advanced warning? And why do we mock the fear behind the portent by munching popcorn in front of its celluloid manifestation? What if these films simply speak to our inherent knowledge of where our fighting always leads? To those ridiculously violent absurd ends

Each time we get all up in each others faces it never ends well…because it NEVER ENDS! We consider it a fact of life because we have made it a fact of OUR life. We believe it is a necessary factor (that link’s for you Iris, I have no idea what he’s talking about) in our lives. It is the other side of the ratio. It keeps things teeter tottering, but we don’t have to teeter so violently (like the LEGO vid above), we can rock back and forth gently so that we barely detect the movement and when we do we find the rush of it sublime. And what a rush it is! The universe behaves in this same relatively gentle way…

Our environment behaves this way too…

Even our bodies…

All of this frenetic movement working in concert to create the illusion of a still existence. You get that!? In concert! Like together! Like conspiring! Planets, moons, the sun, trees, oceans, mountains, your heartbeat, your circulatory system all working in tandem to maintain this awe-inspiring ratio: the pace of movement to our perception of movement. When it happens fast, big and loud we can see it, together. It radiates. BOOM! BAM! It destroys us! But this explosion isn’t all bad…click the previous link for the flipside or the BAM! BOOM!.

The ratio that maintains all of this movement so that we perceive time which we subsequently use to calculate changes is an incredibly well-balanced one. Almost divine…or not. You don’t have to believe in its divinity. Its based on its relation to us. We aren’t as well-balanced. Also, it’s engineered so precisely in order to seem like it’s not even there. That tricky tricky relativity tamed by a perfect ratio. A ratio that is perfect because it is infinitely relatively diversely imperfect and its divinity is also relative because no matter how close we try to get it’s always relatively more than us, but we get to be part of it and that’s pretty hip.

Take us home Nina…

Don’t fear the illusion. It exists for the most beautiful reason…I am therefore you are. Sorry Mr. Descartes, switched it up a little. Sometimes you get tired of thinking. Sometimes you just wish you didn’t know a damn thing. Oh wait, I didn’t switch anything at all.


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