We ain’t got nothin’ to lose?

I’m livin’ in that 31st century…tryin’ to figure out where we’ll be…while the haters are screamin’ and bein’ mean to me…it’s okay, because we will all see…not a portent, just an inevitability…BC, AD…no difference…it’s all existence…remember the tree…and the serpent’s tricks…when you fear you give your demons power and it all begins to make sense…but where’s the evidence…just using fear to maintain your side of the fence…we’ve been doing this too long, doesn’t matter the tense…past becomes present and the future is the result of all this bullshit…keep judging, pointing fingers, don’t relent…and let the absurd madness commence…BC, AD…like I said, no difference…unless we wanna change it, I’m done, I’m gone, that’s my two pence

Sorry, that was just a lame attempt to bump this article.


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