Does Integration Equal Disintegration?

We all may hate each other, but for some crazy reason we cannot stop having sex with one another. Will this drive to shtup, that we literally fight to suppress, render the dark light and the light dark? If so, why does the idea of losing our racial identities terrify us? Could it be that we fear the Big Lowest Common Denominating One? The evolutionary asteroid impact on our DNA. It hits and we all turn to ash. All the same. All one. Death. This may explain why we fight anyone who tries to mix with us. Ironically, it is the NEED to fight that exposes the intensity of our drive to mix.

The fighting works for a spell. We can slaughter those who try to mix with our tribe and we can keep things “pure” for a time, but the inevitable mixing WILL happen…because the fight against it is inevitable. The fight is inspired by the fear of death or extinction. And since we only care about our own mortality we will kill others to maintain our existence. The existence we fight to maintain may be our own, our family’s, our religion’s, our race, our nationality, et cetera.

We perceive an external similarity based upon an internal interpretation…or in other words, for me to determine who you are I need to first figure out who I am. If I determine you are not like me then I cannot mix with you for fear you may pervert my sense of self. But that’s all hogwash because I have no idea who the hell I am! I’m leaning on the others who are like me for tips on how to BE ME!!! They are the ones who are helping me cultivate my behavior. Actually, we’re all leaning on each other and as a group we are leaning on our ancestral past and our ancestors leaned on their ancestral past and…well, you get it. It’s infinitely regressive. It’s a chase backwards to find that pure ONE. The one that didn’t have to lean on anything. It’s why we’re always carrying on about our rich heritages and why we get fightin’ mad when someone says anything negative about our proud heritage. We all think that it is our people whose heritage goes back to the ONE and ya know what? We are ALL right! Remember, the cell splits and it can perform this miracle because the “virgin mother” cell contains all the data it needs to recreate itself and the duplicate cell contains all the data it…….well, you get it, just more leaning. Here’s the tricky bit, there never was a true ONE because another ONE had to beget that ONE. More leaning.

My Story, Your Story, Our Story
I came into this world literally and figuratively naked. My mother looked like me. My father looked like me and the people in my village looked like me and we developed a culture in relation to our environment. Then something amazing happened. I saw you. You looked different than me and you behaved differently. Your culture was developed in relation to a different environment. This forced me to reassess who I was and you to reassess who you were. This was an integral part of our psychological development and what did we do? The same thing we do today? We fought.

Instead of realizing that our fundamental differences were the result of a fundamental similarity—our cultures and appearance evolved in relation to the environment—we played the adversary game. And we did so under the auspices that we were defending a confident position. But really, we were both lost. We didn’t know ourselves like we thought. We needed to meet each other to learn more about ourselves. It was our genetic destiny. It still is our genetic destiny. We will always feel lost in this place until we stop fearing the inevitable. Even if our descendants end up looking like the woman in the picture it doesn’t mark our collective death because every last one of our cultures and races is in that face and a lineage that diverse will no doubt spawn a ridiculously diverse cultured people and don’t worry, Shakespeare’s works will still be relevant, the trappings of avarice, malice, dishonesty, betrayal and the like will still plague us as we find new ways to divide the cells. Plus, we cannot forget about our environment. No matter how much mixing we do it will still color and shape us, but like I always say, I may be black on the surface (confusing a bunch of folks now, check the last post), but that’s not my purpose. I feel Afro-Caribbean British Northeastern Native Western American. Yeah, it’s weird…and the order can be switched up any which way, and before I became aware of any of those distinctions I thought I was just…well, me.


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