The One

I’m often being told that there is only one God and that God is typically the God of whatever religion the person I’m talking to is a member of. These folks seem to be rather absolute-hungry. So eager to put God in a boxfour cozy walls to contain their ideology and they close the flaps and seal it shut from the inside. “There! No more outside influences. Now back to what I was saying about the one and only true God.” Wait a minute, the walls of these boxes are pretty thin, you can hear what’s going on inside the other boxes. The sound may be muffled, but you can hear the passion in the “other” voices. Some of those inside your box seem to be getting a little curious. Looks like they want to break free.

Hey, I wanna see what’s going on outside.
No, you must stay inside this box.
It’s the one true box. Those other boxes are boxes of deception.
Yes, seriously. They ain’t talkin’ about nothin’ in those other boxes. You were lucky to be born in this box. You are a member of the chosen ones.
But what about the people in the other boxes?
They’re doomed.
Well, we should warn them.
We will. We’re planning on sending some people out to break into the other boxes and “make some suggestions.”
Can I be one of those people?
Actually…no…you seem like the type who may be charmed by what they have to say.
I promise I won’t.
You say that now, but I know your type.
So then I’m doomed to a life in this one box?
You’re not doomed, you are chosen.
But I feel doomed.
What am I going to do with you?
Let me out of this damn box!!!
But I want out! I want to see what else is out there.
Evil’s out there. You want to hang with evil?
How could it be any worse than this?


We gotta fix this plurality of religion. Since the members of the each religion believe in God maybe we need to come up with a comprehensive definition of the one true God. If we could define who that one God is then we could all get behind that God and then we could form one unifying religion! All right, problem solved! Well, not actually. In order to develop this comprehensive view we will have to include everyone equally and even if we get everyone on board the minute someone feels left out BAM!…a new sect and then like cells dividing more and more new sects and then new religions and then we’re right back to where we are now.

It is difficult to define God because God is such a nebulous, formless concept while our existence contrasts such an ethereal thing. We are dense, “formed” beings that come in many different varieties. How are we going to agree on what form the formless God is? The masculine ideal has seemed to work (for men). This archetype presents God as a father figure and us as His unruly children. That form is easily understandable, we get that, we can relate it to our “world.” We understand the father/child dynamic. Many of us fear our fathers. How often have we heard our mothers say…

“Wait ’till your father gets home!”

…and cowered in fear as we anticipated the return of our father. We knew we were in big trouble and if we were smart we cleaned our rooms, washed the dishes, vacuumed the living room—essentially, we did whatever we could with the hopes that our father would have mercy on us. Yes, we did wrong, but we get that now. We understand the consequence of our errors. “Daddy, please don’t beat me!”

This concept is easy to grasp because it plays to a very simple evolutionary constant—men (on average) are physically stronger than women and the threat of masculine strength being used maliciously should be enough to get the weaker women and children to stay on the one true path and who defines that one true path? You got it! It’s those guys with all the physical strength. But a problem arises…


    “Bathing Nymphs” by Palma Vecchio

Those damn temptresses! How is a man supposed to engage in the violent homo-erotic spectacle we call nation building with all of them running around? It is damn near impossible to resist their feminine charms. Men have work to do—destructive/constructive work. They must conquer, destroy and create new civilizations from the rubble and then prepare themselves for a rival group of men to come along and conquer, destroy and create new civilizations from the rubble—this process continues ad infinitum under the auspices of protecting the women and children. They must murder the other’s women and children in order to save their own. This seems like a noble cause because the survival of the women and children ensures that a future generation will exist…and when that future generation matures they will also need to fight in order to ensure a place for the next generation.

Although the constant fighting seems bad we’re actually just aping the universe. We muck about the planet for bit, die and then our matter breaks down via the process of decomposition and the universe uses this matter to create new matter. However, the universe’s method is a bit more languorous and gentle. The war method is a tad brutal in comparison and since we cannot stop fighting maybe we are damned for all eternity. But what if men did not perceive their attraction to women as a fight? Yeah yeah, I can hear ya. All the men out there are shouting about how much they love women. How do you even know that? All you know is that women contrast you in a literal positive/negative way. The pieces fit and the feeling of the “fit” is rather nice, but where does the love come from? Is the love a “by product” of the inevitable attraction? What if the love comes from a recognition of the sublime strength women possess? A strength that is not manifested through fisticuffs. A strength that can endure heartbreak, rape, violent abuse, childbirth—all without having to create tools of murder to exact revenge. Do men fear the peculiar strength of women? A peculiar strength that uses perceived weakness as its primary weapon. Men “want” women, but how does a man acquire a woman who expresses herself in a different way than him without compromising his masculinity? How can he justify his destructive behavior which is a manifestation of his sexual energy? How can he be The Ultimate Man amongst a plethora of others claiming to be The Ultimate Man? Is this why we make God The Ultimate Man? Without the fear of a powerful man women would act on all of their emotional whims. “They’re too damn curious! Why can’t they just play their role!? Us men are busy trying to protect them! It confuses matters when they start ‘thinking.'”

Yeah, it’s a BS cycle. Men protect women and children from the aggression of other men by aggressively destroying the civilization of the other man, thus killing women and children (I know, I’m repeating myself). The defeated man now considers himself less than because he could not protect his women and children. See how this little game perpetuates itself? The men sustain it off of the fear of the women and their own fear of being considered weak. If the women do not fear the men their physical advantage becomes irrelevant. A woman can then do whatever the hell she wants to do instead of letting her fear be used to instigate fight after fight. What happens when the feminine ratio tilts away from fear? Will men continue to fight for their “honor” or will they chill out and perhaps consider more intellectual and spiritual pursuits? Will they subvert their own fear of being considered less than a man when they realize they can win hearts by being a little smart, a little funny, self-deprecating? Will they recognize they have a hand in steering their own evolutionary fate? Or will they be annoyed by all of these questions?

If everything about women is confusing does that mean men are simple? No. It just means one side embraces complexity and the other embraces simplicity. There are men who embrace complexity and there are women who embrace simplicity. At the end of the day it really has nothing to do with gender. The gender is the surface dressing. Men can “feel” like women and women can “feel” like men. One oft-used cliché about the differences between the genders is the fact that women are able to express their affection physically with one another and men are unable. Hogwash! That’s what war is! There may not be any embracing, but the ‘soul’ of what drives it is the same. The internal struggle against insecurities is manifested as aggression. The fight allows the two sides to have ‘sex’ with one another. The climax is victory or defeat. When two people engage in a fight they make an incredibly intimate agreement…

Disagreement: FIGHT……….FLIGHT

Interestingly the only “true battle” occurs between FIGHT and FLIGHT via the stark contrast. But who wins? It’s all a matter of perception. If you are driven to fight and your adversary flees you may feel as if you lost. However, if you flee and the “fighter” catches you and subsequently beats you do you lose?

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Oh yeah, I forgot there was somebody who said this a lot better than I could ever dream of. Thanks Gandhi. Still just a matter of perception. Even if the fighter kills you all he wins is another opportunity to fight and he may defeat many other sexual partners, sorry, I mean adversaries, but one day he may meet his match and that renders all of his previous victories moot, but your spirit, the spirit of peace lives on. Your sacrifice influences others…so does his.

This symbol represents either/or, but nothing about it says good or bad. What is good and bad is a matter of perception. But notice how we respond to pain. It hurts us. We cry. We don’t “like” it. The pain derived from a cut reminds you that there is a vulnerability…an opening in the flesh that bacteria can invade and cause all sorts of problems. Same thing happens when we fall in love. We are “opened up” and become vulnerable and all sorts of problems arise. It seems we have a choice between one or the other, yet the difference is only superficial. Well, not really, because our perception is based on something much deeper…literally…

What a fascinating machine our bodies are. They are brilliant feats of evolutionary engineering and they are far from complete. Matter of fact our bodies will never be completed. They are constantly evolving. Evolution is the machination behind change, but what is the spirit or sensibility that drives evolution? Think of evolution like a factory that produces an infinitely diverse range of products that never leave the assembly line. The assembly line would probably look something like this…

Now what is the nature of the force that programs the machines that create the products? Is it benevolent? Is it malevolent? Is it a feminine or masculine force? What if it is an infinite ratio of all of the above and then some? What if it’s nature is influenced by our nature? What if our nature is influenced by its nature? What if we ARE it and it IS us? What if we perceive it as MANY and ONE because we are one and many? What if we fear the world and consider its fruits sinful because the world that produces them can kill us in a myriad of ways? What if this is why we believe we are born imperfect? What if our perception of life as a cursed blessing is a necessary function of evolution? What if death is necessary because it gives us an ultimate point to fear? If there was no threat of death we wouldn’t live. It is life that drives evolution. We live, we learn and this influences genetic adaptations…

    Oh, those sharks keep eating me, maybe I need to adapt a harder shell. I gotta live.

    Damn it, that turtle evolved a harder shell. Maybe I need to evolve sharper teeth to bite through it. I gotta live.

That’s right, we all gotta live in order to feed this infinite intelligent beast we call the universe. A relentless cycle of living, dying and mutating drives this thing not forward, backward or side to side, just onward. Where? We don’t know. That is the beauty of it. Fear ensures that we look after ourselves and protect life so that future generations will have a chance to live. Life is our blood sacrifice that begets eternal life. But the cool bit is how you handle this sacrifice determines your perception. What is it that drives the overwhelming majority of us? It’s that sappy stuff. That love stuff. That’s the wonderful gift we are given so that our lives don’t feel like an evolutionary science experiment. Seems like the sensibility under the surface is kind of kick-ass. The love stuff feels pretty damn good. Okay, now it’s time to get a little controversial…


This bright light literally keeps us alive. It disappears in the evening and returns in the morning. It illuminates our world. It literally raises food from the ground. It performs all sorts of miracles. Now try to think about how our ancestors perceived this force of nature. Before we knew it was our spinning planet that created the illusion of its rising and setting. Before we knew it was a big ball of fire. Before we knew of its position in our solar system. Before we became aware of our galaxy. I know, this is hard to do. Our knowledge makes us cripplingly complacent sometimes. We think we know what the sun is. Yes, I said we think we know. Our knowledge of our most beloved star evolves so we actually have a lot more in common with our ancestor’s than we think. Why? Because we still have a lot more to learn. We will always have a lot more to learn. Please, just throw out everything you know and go outside and look up at that big bright light that renders our atmosphere an awe-inspiring hue…


A stark contrast to the black of night with its cold stars and cold moon. Why does this occur? Why doesn’t the sun remain “out?” Why did it have to go away and leave us in the darkness? Where did it go? Will it come back? There’s no guarantee…

    Maybe we should do something to ensure its return.

    Hogwash. You can go ahead and pray to it and worship it. I’m tired of dealing with its stifling heat. Yeah it lights everything up, but there’s gotta be a better place.

    Hey, I understand your urge to leave, but I’m fascinated with this light. I’m going to go after it.

    Okay, well you guys go and do that. I’ll stay here. Just make sure you come back and see me some time.

    Oh, we will.

    Okay, I’ll be here.

Was it this fiery orb that inspired our diverse migratory patterns our first glimpse of what we call God? In other words did the acknowledgement of the sun’s importance in our lives an awakening of sorts? Was that the moment we noticed the “hand of God?” Was this when we became aware of the interconnectedness of everything. Was this a moment of enLIGHTenment? If so, why do we throw those who worshiped it under the bus? We dismiss them as heretical pagan savages. Why? Why MUST we dismiss them? Or better put, why do we fear the origins of our boxes? Perhaps we think by removing any worldly ties we can become more like the nebulous sensibility. if we aspire to be like our father perhaps he will have mercy on us. Perhaps he will choose us. But first we must get away from the fire. Our pagan ancestors worship the fire. That’s why we left them for something else. Yes, we may have evolved right alongside them in the fire (equatorial regions). But we were born again when we discovered the ritualistic seasons. The constant beat of the sun was replaced by four vastly different ages

We escaped the fire and found relief. The better place. Confirmation that we were indeed chosen. Instead of fighting the sun, we fled. We knew we couldn’t defeat it. But when we migrated to the temperate lands our surfaces evolved. We lost our protection. We went from dark to light. Not black to white—throw out what you know about race as an inferior/superior concept. This isn’t an us versus them thing. This is just an “us” thing. All right, getting back…our surface lightened as we adapted to our new surroundings. We might have even thought of this new surface as superior because it evolved in relation to the beautiful majesty of the four seasons. It seemed we escaped the brutal wrath of the sun. Finally.

    Now this place is all right. Yeah, the sun comes in, does it’s job and then somehow “cools off” for a spell. During this cool period the trees begin to shed their newly colorful flesh and everything freezes. Fortunately a lot of crops grew so we spend this time sheltered away consuming the fruits of our harvest. The days are really short and the nights really long, but something happens after our longest night. The night’s start getting shorter and then the sun reappears and…

    It’s beautiful, isn’t it? A damn near miracle. I get to experience it over here. I’m digging my new digs too. The sun doesn’t sting like it did “down there.” Plus, it’s kind of cool being the first to see the sun everyday. Especially since its glow pales in comparison to well, you know. This is doing wonders for our sensibility. It’s just nice to know that you are the sun’s first stop. Funny thing is, I cannot even remember what it was like “down there.”

    I know! Just look at us and look at them! We have finally shed the darkness! All of that traveling. All of that walking. The sun kept on flying by, watching us, but we showed it, didn’t we?

    Hey guys, there is nothing wrong about being “down here.” And don’t you forget about those Days of the Perfect Ratio…those points where the day light equals the night light. You probably don’t remember those days, do you? They happen after you come out of the cold. A little after the Day of the Great Darkness a Day of the Perfect Ratio follows. It’s that moment when the sun stares at us for the same amount of “time” no matter where we are. They’re mesmerizing. An equal ratio. Finally. Do you remember those moments? I’m sure you do. You probably just call it something different now. That’s okay, as long as you remember the point of it. The Day of the Perfect Ratio signifies the eventual return of the long days. The Great Wrath. We already have to endure the constant solar onslaught, how could it get any worse, well, soon after the equalizing moment happens, when darkness and light face each other head-on, light wins the battle. But behold, if we hang around and keep the faith, another Day of the Perfect Ratio comes and darkness wins. I know, I know, this is tedious to you. You could never feel the rhythm of light to dark. You always wondered what we were always carrying on about. All you saw was hot light and hot dark. But there was a beat. You may not dig it now, but one day you might.

    Highly doubt that. I’ve got this.

    That’s the same old rhythm, just slowed down and played with different instruments. But I like it. Actually, I didn’t even think such a sound was possible. Those four seasons switched up the beat a little. Maybe one day we’ll get to marry the two sounds together.

    Yeah, maybe one day.

    Yeah, maybe one day.

    When are you gonna come back down? I wonder how that new superior skin of yours will handle the sun.

    Ha. Very funny.

The Magic
Some of us even went so far “north” or “upward” that we witnessed this peculiar phenomena…

Eureka! More confirmation! The sun does not loom over us like it did “down there.” It dances along the horizon for half the year and then darkness falls for the other half, until, as the video specified, around Easter time when the beautiful lights flit about the night sky…and then the sun returns. While the north experiences the light, the south experiences the dark and vice versa. Such a perfect harmony, but there’s one problem. We cannot “occupy” this land…

We stopped short. So all of this action spurred on by the sun. The ball of light that provides the energy for all life on our planet to grow. It literally pulls matter out of the ground…

The matter may be diverse, but it requires the same light. Once again, it’s that MANY and ONE absurdity. Perhaps this absurdity is The only true One and since it is composed of many it theoretically doesn’t exist. I know, sounds confusing, but it’s not. Through acknowledging what powers existence we became aware of what created the energy. Diverse matter smashes together to create an object that we perceive as light. Yes, I said WE perceive as light. Oh no. Do I really wanna go down this road? Let me think……..yeah, let’s do it. But first, let’s lighten things up a bit with this beautiful work of staggering genius…

Okay, now wipe away the tears, brace yourself, this is gonna be a bumpy wild ride…


Stare at the picture for about 30 seconds and then look at a white surface

Space is filled with diverse particulate matter. Stars are formed when this diverse matter collides in rapid succession. The diverse matter is falling through space at many diverse angles. An infinity of them to be exact.

In the video, the cross is constructed in a way that when viewed from a certain perspective…

…it appears that the balls are rolling “up.” The device must be constructed in this way because of how gravity behaves on Earth. In space, where gravity behaves differently due to the lack of a magnetic bottom, this phenomenon can occur. Four particles can converge at those seemingly impossible angles. But here’s a twist, matter on Earth can collide in the same way if it is lighter than our atmosphere. Take dust for instance…

Well, I meant the dust that collects on your mantle or treadmill, but this stuff behaves the same way. Matter that is “lighter” than the gravity present can collide at absurdly diverse angles. Even parallel angles. How? Well, two objects can be falling through space side-by-side, but during their journey if one or the other makes a slight adjustment they will eventually collide. The adjustment can be a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of whatever relatively tiny unit of measurement you fancy, doesn’t matter, in infinite space they will eventually collide.

This happens because there is no limit to the angles of collision. All points in space are central due its infinite nature. Stars are illusory anchors in space because the constant convergence of matter latches them onto these infinite central points. In the picture above the parallel lines seem to bend in the center because of the converging lines that run peculiarly relative to them. That was just fancy talk for they’re coming from many different angles. This fact along with the perpendicular intersection that anchors our eyes creates the warping illusion…

When you look at light you are seeing a series of crosses intersecting in diverse ways. We anchor our eyes on the cross that is composed of a perfectly vertical and perfectly horizontal lines relative to our anchor—the Earth’s surface. The surface of our planet is our point of convergence. We perceive everything from this point of convergence and we perceive the space and distance of objects around us using angles which expand away from and to this point. These angles are regressively progressive or progressively regressive. It’s up to you. This illusion…

…demonstrates how this phenomenon works. Both black bars are the same length and width. The rails seem to converge to a point—a vanishing point. But we know that the track does not end at the point where the rails seem to meet…

The angle of the lines are the same. The only difference is the space between the lines. This spacing creates drastic differences in the way we perceive objects in-between them. The illusion exposes the how our eyes are drawn to to a point. Like a vacuum. What lies beyond the vanishing point is infinity. Not only in outer space, but terrestrial. If you walk around the planet you will not fall off an edge. Even indoors you experience this phenomenon. If you happen to be inside, just look around you. Notice how you can perceive the entirety of that window, but as you approach it you have to “look around” to view its entire space. Convergence points are the anchor that grounds our visual perception. Without them we would not be able to perceive the space between matter.

The Infinitely Progressive Regressive Core

A star is powered by its infinitely progressive regressive core. Imagine a series of roads converging on a single point

No matter the speed of the vehicles or the nature of the vehicle, if they all converge at that central point at the same time an earth-shattering/earth-creating force is created. It is a BIG BANG! Now imagine a steady stream of vehicles of relatively different nature and speeds attacking this central point. The first concussion from the initial collision would provide resistance for the other converging vehicles. This will slow them down a bit and as a result the collision at the central point will not be as violent as the initial bang…and this creates a chain reaction of sorts that we perceive as light.

A star is fascinating because it is creating an infinity of intersections. It’s radiating from its core. Matter is constantly “falling” to its center and the energy created by the impact shoots “out” while more matter falls inward…


The structure in the Escher drawing above seems impossible due to how we perceive dimension based on a relative anchor. Something has to make sense to us first before we can “see” anything. That something is a point of convergence. The planet’s surface is one point of convergence because matter adheres to it in 360 degrees…

The relative convergence creating machine that is our solar system is responsible for this. It creates a magnetic bottom and because of this matter of relatively different sizes and weights can gently stick to it. I say gently because it doesn’t require a whole lot of force to separate from it. Go ahead, give a try, jump. Notice how you come back down. Now imagine the people in the picture above all jumping at the same time and you will get an idea of how this convergence stuff works. It anchors our perception because of the magnetic bottom created by all of this manic spinning around.

In space matter behaves like water when it collides because there is no such thing as a true fusion. A collision is two particles perceiving each other and then trying to get out of each others way. The “shattering” happens because each particle sheds matter in order to maintain its existence…

The collision looks violent because certain densities refuse to vaporize completely because the driving force is minuscule. The dust you see is the result of surface vaporization. For example, punch a brick wall and a few bits of your skin’s surface will vaporize in order to prevent your hand from fusing with the wall, but your entire hand doesn’t vaporize. Instead, you feel the “force” of the blow throughout your arm and body. In order for your hand to vaporize it you would have to throw a ridiculously fast punch. A star is the result of ridiculously fast punch after ridiculously fast punch which renders the matter into vapor. It’s a constant onslaught of bangs and as the particulate vapor tries to escape they collide with other particles. All of these repeatedly centralized impacts create the illusion that matter has found a way to anchor in space. In order to do this the matter must sacrifice itself. Say you are floating through space and all of a sudden masses of relatively different sizes and shapes traveling at relatively different speeds collide around you…all at the same exact time. The size of the spherical shell is dependent on the size and speed of the matter and how much of it is converging toward you. But when it collides all at once it is instantly vaporized and some of the particulate vapor will shoot toward you and some of it will rocket further into space in 360 degrees, but for a moment, you will see a perfect sphere surrounding you…

Okay, now let’s take you out of the middle because the particulate matter “descending” inward will collide and vaporize and the “ascending” particulate matter will reach a similar relative point before that matter descends toward the core which is still being created (infinitely created). I know this all sounds complicated. It’s driving me mad trying to explain it, I just wanna bang a drum!!!

When one of these miraculous collisions occur it’s like hitting the center of a drum. The taut surface of the drum reverberates outwards in 360 degrees away from the impact, but there is also a negative reverberation at the point of impact and that is where the sound emanates. Make sense?

No. This is a rambling mess.

Okay, sorry, this is what I get for trying to give the formless form, but I’m not giving up just yet, watch this…

A star is nothing but a regressive/progressive or convex/concave machine. During the vapor’s “ascent” or movement away a slew of collisions are occurring within the ball it creates due to the energy created by the first collision. When the outer vapor “descends” or moves inward it collides to form another smaller sphere, then, just like the collision that created it, it vaporizes into smaller particles and those smaller particles move away and inward in mathematically perfect proportions. Why is it perfect? Because the initial collision that gave birth to the star was perfect. Well, relatively. Remember, the matter was of different sizes and shapes and traveling at different speeds. The perfect bit is the fact that they converged at the same exact point in space. Now each particle reaction will be perfect because the expanding/contracting or better put—breathing sphere is a contained infinity.

Contained infinity? What in the hell is a contained infinity?

Well, the initial collision was perfect that means the ratio of particle matter that moves away and moves inward will be 1:1. This 1:1 ratio ensures the concentric expansion. A star is nothing but a series of 1:1 ratios occurring over and over and over again. When a star gets too big relative to the size of the sphere created by the initial collision it explodes and implodes at the same time. This happens when the matter moving away starts to thin out as the regressive core gets smaller and smaller, so small that it will appear to cease existing. The star experiences a solstice of sorts as the ascending particles descend further than they did during the star’s youth. Instead of being met at the midway point by other ascending particles they are met further inward and as this process continues the star will shrink in size and become incredibly dense as the regressive core is inundated with ascending matter. As matter converges and converges the star may struggle to maintain and that’s when…BANG! Particulate matter goes flying everywhere…

Photo from here

…and that matter is sent far into space where it…well, go back to the top of this mess and read it all over again. Wow. Another 1:1 ratio. From existence to nothing..but not really.

One last bit, before moving on…
Imagine standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a circle of people, now imagine everyone in the circle clapping and as their hands move away from the impact the backs of all the hands impact one another. Do this right and theoretically you would only have to exert the energy to clap once because the propulsion from the backs of hands impacting will “create” the next clapping impact and this motion will send your hands right back outward again. Perpetual energy after one initial sacrifice. The trick of course is getting the 1:1 down. One side of the ratio is clapping, the other side is not-clapping. How would this be done? Well, it would start with one big clap. One that may burn a little, but in order to power the perpetual clapping machine it needs to be a big one. The fascinating thing about this experiment is that the energy that powers your next clap comes from those to the left of you and the right of you and their claps are powered by those to their lefts and rights…so if everyone is powering the machine who’s powering the machine? Everyone! What!? That’s right. Everyone! The initial clap…if done right…powers the successive motion and the successive motion powers itself. It’s a perfect storm of sorts, just like these…


Galaxies are composed of an unfathomable amount of these perpetual motion machines whose in-and-out nature allows for cooler orbs, like our planet, to orbit them. Their radiance is the particulate vapor that literally touches us. We feel it. It spins us around. Gives us life. This radiance is real, it’s physical. Planets and other matter get caught up in its 360 degree web…

This virtually invisible magnetic web, which is being created and recreated via the progressive/regressive dance…

Things get messy when the orbs start moving around the radiant star. This diverse movement creates a churning motion. The picture of the sun above (way above) is essentially a picture of a core. The light we see is the ghostly surface (remember the bit about the vapor spheres?). This ghostly surface surrounds us so in essence we are part of the sun organism.

Our galaxy is full of stars—stars linked together by one star’s progressive bits colliding with another star’s progressive bits. This vast network of stars actually create the galaxy…and look at all that dust floating around. More particulate matter to create more stars. Our galaxy is driven through space by this network. The collisions act as a motor as well as a steering device. We go as they go. The spiral shape forms because there is no surface to propel off of, the stars propel off one another and what is fascinating is the fact that they’re doing this at many different rates yet the galaxy forms a shape.

Seems like the desire to form shapes is a universal constant. But there is no form unless there is space. These shapes can only be perceived and perceive each other through space. Infinite space. Space is the glue. The constant. It exists within us and without us. All matter is porous. What makes this space stuff even crazier is that it’s only virtually nothing. Space is dense and some of the particles that comprise it are too small for us to see. For instance, our body sheds about 600,000 particles of skin particles an hour which makes up about 80 percent of the dust in our homes. That means there’s all sorts of organic matter roaming around us invading our pores, being inhaled, and dead skin is just one fractional dimension of it. Space is thick with particulate vapor chaining itself through pinball-like collisions. I touch you, you touch Phil, Phil touches Gina, Gina touches Roberta. Roberta and I are linked through you and Phil. Yeah, we know all this stuff. It’s no mystery why social networking evolved. It’s nothing new though. Evolution is nothing but an infinite social network. The sensibility under its surface subtly makes suggestions on who and what should consider possible friendships.

    Pssst…try the apples. They’re not only appealing to the eye, wait until you taste the flesh inside. Go ahead take a bite. There you go. Good huh? Maybe you can help me spread these guys around.

    But I don’t want to consume this flesh. Wasn’t it risen by the same sun that sustains me? Isn’t that cannibalism?

    You want to live, don’t you?

    I never asked myself that question. I’ve just been living because I thought I had to.

    But do you WANT to live?

    Why would I WANT this life? It’s tough. All of this experimenting. All of this evolving.

    So do you want to die?

    I’ve never asked myself that question either.

    Well, maybe it’s time to ask those questions.

    I don’t think I’m ready.

    Yeah you are, you just took a bite out of that apple. You like the taste of its flesh. You can plant its seeds and make more. How else would you have found out about those seeds unless you took a bite?

    I don’t know what that means. I’m still not ready to answer the questions.

    Here’s the catch, you’re not supposed to unless you have to. But I bet you’ll figure out that you dig life over death. Matter of fact, I’m betting that as you evolve on this blue pearl you’ll figure out ways to live longer because you’re going to repeatedly ask yourself those two questions over and over again and each time you will settle on life. Don’t worry, the subconscious will deal with the question/answer bit for the most part. Only when it gets really serious will it come to the surface. That’s when you’ll have to really think about it. Do you want to live or die? Sometimes it becomes that cut and dry and yes this will terrify you. Why? Because odds are you’re not going to pick the death part, but sometimes it seems like it’s an inevitability and when that happens how do you deal with it?

    I don’t like this one bit. I don’t want to think about it too much. I don’t like all this wonder. I just want to know what to do. It’s gotta be instinctual.

    It is. You’re not going to be able to avoid the wonder no matter how hard you try. It’s okay though. It’s far from an accident. I’m curious too. Look at all this ridiculous life around you. I’m still trying to figure this place out. I was hoping you would help me. Sometimes I wonder why I do all this. Why I’m addicted to this change. All this shifting and reforming. It’s like I’ll never get it right, but I kind of dig it. I was hoping you would too. I mean look at the shape you call home? You can’t see it yet, but one day you will. But just look at your eyes. That’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? They look perfect.

    Yes, oddly so, I look up at the rock in the sky thing every night and I wonder what’s going on with that shape? I see it everywhere. You’re right, I can’t help it. What is going on with this damn place!?

    Keep living and you may find out. But it won’t end there. You’ll always have questions. Just keep on living. Keep on living.

    I’ll try.

    Don’t you mean we? I’m in this with you, not above you or below you. We groove together.

    Yeah, but you live forever. I’m just here for a season.

    Only in this form you are. You ain’t nothin’ but stardust. Literally. Even that brain of yours. When it all breaks apart do you really think that’s it?

    I don’t know. If I keep living will I find out?


    What do mean eventually?

    Just keep living. When your time runs out you’ll see. It’s actually going to be a pleasant surprise.

    How do you know?

    I use it to create. That’s how I know. But don’t rush it. I need you to hang around for awhile. Too much death and…well, let’s just say there is a method to my madness. There is a reason I don’t get overwhelmed.

    What’s the reason?

    Remember what I said about “coming to the surface?”


    Well, go back and check the link.

    Oh. I see.


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