We Love Japan

I’ve always marveled at how Japanese stories overtly reference scary, new, unknown agressively modern ideas via fanciful storytelling that gets its cues from an ancient wisdom. A wisdom that says a message about doom is not inherntly doomed itself. It actually serves a much-needed purpose. It reminds us of possibilites or shows us something for the first time. We find our simulated destruction entertaining because the likelihood of it actually occurring is relatively rare. Films about our destruction are far more frequent in occurence than the actual events themselves. However, when that ratio seems to even itself out we perk up a bit.

This is not the end.  It just feels that way. It feels like the worst has happened and is happening because it’s happening NOW. Our ignorance of the past and what occurs on other Goldilocks planets prevents us from this kind of scope. Not a bad thing when you consider the pain you would feel if you could fathom the devastation happening in Japan. The intricaices of the suffering would destroy us, fortunately, we only feel the loss—some thing was here and it is now no longer. This stuns us, rocks us to our core…we wonder to ourselves: that could have happened to me, why didn’t it? Our selfish impulse is the conduit for the empathetic response. Why didn’t it happen to me? Can it happen to me? We’re wired to stop and take stock sometimes.

We’ll get through this. Together. Like always. Just gotta keep livin.’


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