A space cathedral…

An important one says enthusiastically, “Time to break the Ogulan and sip the Flal@##!”

The cathedral resides on planet QANN99, where π.0017 has just been released… “It’s finally here—the brand new π. Make room space. Infinity just got a little bigger. Only .5674 ulglarkchs! Get yours today!”

Earth artist Erykah Badu, a member of a multi-galaxy diplomatic coalition (The D. Sight Poles), performs in honor of their beloved spiritual leader, Her Most Exalted Ghee, whose visage is said to remind of the center of a forever dying star.

QANN99’s own DJ[] on the ‘beat’. He rocks a hashtag medallion. It’s worn, woven, natural material, in a state not far from freshly separated from life, seconds away, fractions of those. It is the only thing many of the diplomats see. What could perhaps be considered his head is lost in the vastness of space, one notices an innumerable bounty of galaxies before anything that could be considered a body is even hinted at, thus the swaying medallion, the only thing in view…surprisingly, given that it is quite small against the invisible body it adorns…

He has been sampling the universe’s music for ages…literally. He ‘sings’ what our Earth-gravity-bound DJs spin, cut and mix. The diplomats wonder how they are even capable of hearing him…His voice emanates from everywhere, no source of origin more dominant than another, but this does not mean he is without the ability to regulate volume……One of his old stage names was Vampire Beat. This was the moniker he adopted during the ‘period of time we called the 80s’, to him, this period was of such fleeting brevity that in order to exist it must seem to last forever in what could be considered his mind.


2 Responses to “on+on=on”

  1. 1 troy December 2, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    I like that you put ‘beat’ in apostrophes 🙂

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