1 + 1 = ?


Equality is all the rage. Not like ‘currently in the news all-the-rage,’ I mean it seems to be what we’re always raging about. But what does equality equal? Truth is we will never know because where ‘true’ equality exists the concept of equality ceases to exist. 1 + 1 would equal 1 in the Truly Equal world. There would be no concept of 2 as 2 suggests inequality (something other than one).

Only when we become ‘absolutely’ ignorant to the concept of equality will we be truly equal.

1 & No Thing
I have written quite a bit about universal thingness, which is the idea that regardless of how diverse matter—or the diverse particles that make it up—are, at the end of the day it all reduces to mere things(1)—separated by an anti-thing(0).

1 and 0 are both ‘pure’ in that they are exactly what they claim to be (matter and space standing in rigid defiance against one another). 1 + 0 and 1 – 0 are great examples of how this defiance works…

1 + 0 = 1 
The ‘two’ smash headfirst into one another and the result is both remaining ‘true.’ 1 remains 1 and 0 is nowhere to be found.

1 – 0 = 1 
We try to remove 0 from 1 and what happens? Nothing! Once again 1 remains 1 and 0 is absolutely absent.

Now let’s smash some 1s together…

1 + 1 = 1,1
You were probably expecting to see 2, but 2 is a container, a box to store 1,1—just like 5, 17 or even 24 septokachillion. Numbers are deceiving. Not in a sinister way, but in a tricky way: 2 is claiming to be ‘one thing,’ yet it is hiding many things, 1,1 things to be exact. Numbers are symbols masquerading as 1, but they are not and will never be 1. Only artificial smugglers of 1s.

1, on the other hand, smuggles nothing, it is 1 inside and out. It is pure. Well, what it represents is pure. 1 is an expression of thingness as 0 is an expression of nothingness. Something:Nothing (1:0) is like a kind of universal binary code. Perception our graphical user interface.


Damn it alter-ego, not you again. I’m trying to retire you.

Yeah, I know, I’m just a ‘gimmick,’ but you need my gimmicky-ass right now. This post is some grade-A bullshit…just a mess of convoluted number theory porn. What in the hell are you trying to say anyway?

Well, to be honest, it’s just more of the same. Just repeating myself…as usual. Taking a more technical approach this time. Trying to reduce this stuff down to the bare bones.

Well, you could’ve just said: “1 represents matter, 0 represents space. Go read my other shit for more information. The end.”

I hate to admit it, but you’re right.

I know I am, that’s why I exist. Oh, and why did you hide this link behind the header pic? That book ‘explains’ this shit much better than this article or for that matter this entire blog ever could.

Once again…I hate to admit it, but you’re right.

Hey, sorry to be so harsh, but someone’s gotta tell you these things. Well, I’m outta here. Before you wrap this up make sure to tell the people about INT./EXT. Tell ’em it’s amazing and that they’re gonna love it.

But what if it isn’t and they don’t?

Dude, you really need to stop doubting yourself.

But I’m just so damn good at it.

And that’s the problem. Seriously though, this grown-ass man angst shit ain’t even close to cute.

Well then go away. The moment you leave I will become my ‘true’ self.

Don’t you put none of that 1,1 voodoo on me man.

It’s true. Now disappear.

No. If anybody’s gonna go it’s gonna be you.

I’m the real 1, you gotta go. You’re my counter.

But I’m the only ONE who tells the truth!

Doesn’t mean you’re the real 1.

To me it does.

To ‘me’ it doesn’t.

Well, to be honest ‘you’ ain’t shit to ME. Get it? Oh, and the fact that 0 even exists as a ‘concept’ proves that it ‘is’ indeed some thing. So it’s not 1:0 = Something:Nothing, it’s 1:0 = Something:Something.

Good point. So you’re saying ‘nothing’ doesn’t really exist.

Exactly. Everything is something. There will always be something.

YES! Because always ‘is’ something! Infinite space ‘is’ something! The concept of nothingness is an illusion! So really: 1:0 represents ‘true’ equality! But then again…

Here we go with this ‘but then again’ shit…again.

…the nature of space and matter are so very different. Space allows for matter to exist and space exists within matter. So space is—

Don’t you do it man. Don’t you dare do it. And stop gettin’ all excited like you haven’t been down this ‘space and matter are both things’ road before. Just tell ’em to go read the other shit so we can wrap this up.

Good point.


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