Everything I’ve been blathering about reduced to 166 words…

persistence of perception

We, meaning humans, are transforming into another life-form at this very moment. Matter of fact, we have yet to settle into this ‘HUMAN’ form. The story of matter isn’t a linear one. It’s round. Cyclical. Constantly changing. Never settling. States of being are nothing but illusory surfaces we perceive as absolute reality because we are incapable of perceiving the relatively subtle changes that are always occurring. The information our brains receive via our senses is but a mere fraction of what is out there. We can accentuate these senses with mechanical contrivances but they too settle on surfaces. As a result we will always be left with only a relative few dimensions of existence to perceive. And while we spend most of our time wondering, and bickering, about the existence of a higher power and what lies beyond death we remain blissfully ignorant to the infinite dimensions of existence all around us and within us. There is so much more to now. Right now. The infinite moment.


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