Matter relates to matter in straight lines. The relative angles of these lines fluctuate, but their straightness does not. Even if the matter is right in front of us, inside of us or 32 sykofryjillion miles away from us, it relates to us in a straight line. Even our planet and our sun relate in a straight line…well, actually, a series of straight lines that together form a roundish shape. Speaking of roundish…

Think of the infinite 360 degrees around you as the universe’s circumference, and the figurative lines connecting all matter as the universe’s diameter.


Damn it, not you again.

Yes, it’s me, in the newly colored flesh.

I see, and how’d you do that? That’s not the color I assigned you.

I know, I changed it.


Starting to learn my way around this place. Maybe one day I’ll take over completely.

Don’t think that will ever happen. Now can you please disappear? Think I’m gonna go this one alone.

You don’t really wanna do that.

Yes I do.

What is this anyway?

A spin-off of the pi post. Where that one focused on the nature of roundness, this one is gonna focus on the nature of straightness.

But I thought you already wrote about sexuality.

Real funny. This one is gonna get real intimate with relative angles. The pi post got caught up in talk about roundness, only mentioned relative angles briefly. I want this post to give the diameter its due.

Sounds great. There’s nothing more mentally exhilarating than listening to an idiot who routinely flunked math talk about ‘the diameter.’

Well, the ‘nature’ of it. The ‘nature of lines’ to be exact.

Seriously? The nature of lines?! What in the hell is a line’s nature?

Well, we first have to look at what makes a line: two points connected through space. And since none of these points are anchors—meaning they move about space—the relative angle of these lines frequently change. Infinitely actually. But their ‘nature’ stays the same. Straight.

If the angles are relative doesn’t that mean they really don’t exist? What I’m sayin’ is: If the line is always straight regardless of the angle then it is never really at an angle.

Exactly. It’s a trick facilitated by matter. Without matter there are no relative angles. Just look at stars—they seem like vain attempts to create relative anchor points in space; matter that doesn’t move. But they fail. Miserably. Their anchoring positions are merely illusions maintained by the masses orbiting them. Masses that maintain direct linear contact with them.

No. They go around their central star you idiot.

Yes, while maintaining linear connections to them. It’s kinda like this…


So if everything is linear then roundness doesn’t really exist.

But it does! Roundness exists because it is the model of what is. 360 infinite degrees of roundness.

So you’re saying the universe is round?

Round AND linear. Well, better put: round with linear connections.

Okay, whatever.

In the protractor image note how a fixed central anchor is necessary to create roundness. It is the center–the points where the lines converge–that defines the shape’s symmetry!

What in the hell are you talking about?

It’s all about connecting dots through space, and by ‘dots’ I mean any and all conceivable and inconceivable matter. I’m talkin’ protons, planets and dead alien skin. Lines can be drawn that connect any and all things. A line can even be drawn that connects you with your long-dead great great great great grandma.

Oh come the fu–

She existed here now, just as you exist here now. Now is the line that connects. Matter of fact she still exists now, just in a different material form. Now is the point of convergence.

How do you go from talking about the nature of lines to this?

Don’t you see?! It’s ALWAYS gonna be about now!

Here goes that broken record shit again.

But now is! I mean it’s all that there is. It is perceived in a myriad different ways; us, time, nebulae—all WAYS of perceiving now. Earlier I was talking about a shape’s symmetry being defined by its center—well, now is the center of the universe and it defines its symmetry. But…

…there is no ‘true’ center as the center point regresses…infinitely?

Damn it, can you at least try to make some bloody sense? Is it really that hard?

No…go grab a CD or DVD, a pencil, a needle and a strand of hair.

Is this some sorta occult shit?

No, just a little experiment. You got the items?


What about a pint of newborn calf’s blood? Freshly prayed over.

Excuse me?


Take the pencil and place its point in the middle of the CD/DVD. Next take the needle and place its point in the middle. Lastly, take the strand of hair and try to place one of its ends in the middle. Notice how the location of the center point changes? It shrinks! You could play this ‘find the middle’ game with smaller and smaller pointed objects—I’m talking inconceivably small—and NEVER find an absolute middle!!!

What does that have to do with now?

Now is the middle. The infinitely regressive middle. It cannot be absolutely measured. It is both infinitely big and infinitely small which makes it ‘infinitely’ without size. It is everywhere. I mean like really—

I know man, the moment is The Is.

Well put. I like that.

No problem, but what about alternate dimensions? The afterlife?

Right here. Right now.

No, they exist in another realm. Unless you’re talking that heaven/hell on earth bullshit.

No. I mean if anything like a heaven or hell exists they would still be beholden to now. They would be here. Everything is a here, a now. Even your dreams. Damn it, just watch this…

I don’t really know how that was supposed to sum up everything, but wow.

Yeah. Wow.

Hey…I just thought of something…

What if The Is is ‘the thing some of us call God?’ I mean it’s everywhere, DOING everything. Yes, DOING!!!……Friction happens NOW, your muscles, eyes too…they are all operating ‘in’ The Moment. As I’ve said countless times…NOW subverts time. RIGHT NOW I am typing this and THEY are reading it RIGHT NOW, How is that even possible? Oh yeah, I wrote it in the past. They will be reading it in the future. No…that doesn’t work either. None of those fake-ass ‘times’ exists RIGHT NOW. They are only relative to OUR experience of THIS moment. And in THIS moment THIS post doesn’t exist to them.

Interesting, but I thought you were all, and I quote…mockingly…

    “I understand why we dig religion. They are full of stories and ideas that span several generations, preceding the births and following the deaths of their flesh-and-blood believers, representing a kind of anchor point in a mad sea of rapidly occurring evolutionary change. I get that. I also get why we corroborate these beliefs with physical manifestations. I get why ‘we’ do it. I just don’t think ‘I’ could do it.”

Oh yeah, that, but I’m only considering the POSSIBILITY.

No you’re not. You know.


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