What if NOW is the TIME for avant-garde-marcel-duchamp-urinal-as-damn-art-because-he-said-so kinda patriotism? In a TIME when we are dealing with absurdities like young-white-kid-kills-20-strangers-some-of-them-children-we-become-so-damn-confused-we-start-blaming-machines/black-kid-gets-killed-by-cops-his-SAINTHOOD-is-questioned maybe we need to try something NEW.

We are the afterimage of every last one of our ancestors. They may have not ALL been optimists and dreamers, but I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that SOME were. I also know for certain that a very small, I’m talkin’ microscopic-as-hell, number of those dreams ever left the realm of imagination……until RIGHT NOW!!!! They hoped for BETTER, MORE, SOMETHING ELSE……and we can give it to them! RIGHT NOW!!! It doesn’t matter if they’re not HERE to SEE it. They are INSIDE us…swimming through our blood…triggering neural impulses within our brains. And that’s not some poetic mumbo-jumbo, that’s REAL!!!! Their DNA is all up inside us…so fuck it…let’s do THIS for them!!!!! They’re ALREADY doing IT for us.

Click the image below and follow the directions to see Jasper Johns’ “Flag.”




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