Nah, we’re good…


America’s basically an evolutionary Large Hadron Collider. Don’t know what we’re trying to discover by repeatedly smashing humanity’s polar opposites together though, but that might just be what makes this place so (terrifyingly) fun. And although we fight an’ squabble—like it or not (and I mean this LITERALLY) we are fucking FAMILY!!!! Dysfunctional-as-hell. All kinds’a illegitimate. But that doesn’t change these blood ties. Tangled up strains creating the cognitive dissonance that IS(!!!) the American experience!!!

We are ‘relatively’ GOOD here and we WILL get better but we MUST value our citizens!!!!! That means WE—me and you and everyone we know—have to do a better job of VALUING one another!

Oh, and fuck THEM okay. Whoever your THEM is. I don’t care if I’M your THEM. It’s not ABOUT them, it never has been. It has always been about YOU and YOUR(!!!) pursuit.

No one defines your pursuit. Once again: NO ONE DEFINES YOUR PURSUIT!!! If you say ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘homophobia’ define it then you must’ve never REALLY pursued ANYTHING worth’a damn…probably just some weak-ass, flimsy ‘societal role’ you saw somewhere, thought fit you and threw on…but when you align your pursuit with your unique (genetically and/or God given) gift no pussy-ass ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’ will EVER be able to FORCE you to pursue a LIE!


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