The moment when we are first MADE aware that there are good things and bad things is an incredibly trying time for us. Attempting to reconcile with such a confounding duality like good and bad is maddening. For starters: Why does bad even exist? Why can’t things JUST be good? ALWAYS?!

Because we KNOW! Our knowledge of bad prevents us from being good. But there is no way for us NOT to know bad. Good and bad are relative. We can’t have one without the other…

Or CAN we?


A comprehensive ‘knowledge of good and evil‘ is an absolute answer to this perplexing question: “What IS good and what IS evil?” You can see why Eve was so ‘tempted.’ That is one juicy piece of information. What I find most divine about this part of the Genesis tale is its absurd irony.; overwhelmed with temptation she takes the bite and it turns out she was ALREADY good?! but there was no way for her to have known this until she was MADE aware that she took the bite which she wasn’t ‘supposed’ to do?! Her true ‘sin’ here was her CURIOSITY. Oh, and we are ALL Eve. She’s no outlier, so stop blaming her for everything (well, I take that back, it is ‘kinda’ all her fault1).

So……we ponder the concept of absolute moral duality and it never quite makes sense to us, but we’re not quitters so we try our damnedest to force an understanding and it is this struggle that evolves into an intense, unrelenting awareness of relativity2 (read: ‘the punishment’). We just don’t GET good and evil. Speaking of which

We may consider an individual like Adolf Hitler evil, but what ABOUT him is evil? Conversely, is there anything ABOUT him that is good? Why am I talking about a long-dead person in the present tense? Because he represents someTHING that STILL very much ‘lives’ WITH and WITHIN us. He has become a ‘relative point of evil distinction’ which we measure others against. Case in ‘point:’ I’m sure many of you have seen images like this…


…around the net. The implication is that Obama is ‘bad.’ Like REALLY, REALLY bad. But how does this phenomenon even work? When we see Hitler’s face we ‘see’ bad BEFORE we see anyTHING else. But how does ANYONE—from a 10-year-old child, to a Holocaust survivor to YOU and ME—know just how bad someone or even someTHING is? In the case of Hitler, everything we consider evil about him (and others like him) is a THING, an ACTION, a PHYSICAL HAPPENING. Yes, thoughts precede these actions, but thoughts are actions TOO!!! The reasons we have for why we do what we do are a mess of relative diversity. Just things reacting to other things. Nothing’s REALLY truly dense. No foundations. Just lies! ALWAYS lies.

Since there is no way for us to truly understand the nature of good and evil maybe we should just throw in the towel, chill with the obsessive need to force absolutes on every-damn-thing. But do we, by default, turn around and embrace the dizzying infinitely diverse dissonance that is relativity, which may be the thing that is screwing us out of realizing our unique, individual, NON-relative, absolute goodness? Relativity puts us in a place where nothing makes sense; a state of perpetual chaos. And it SEEMS so real, but since it’s ALL relative NONE of it TRULY exists. It’s JUST relative. In other words: Infinite relative diversity cancels out its diversity by being infinitely diverse. In other symbols: ∞ ÷ ∞ = 1.

This means we don’t have to ‘worry’ about relativity. Matter of fact we can use it to our advantage…WITHOUT embracing it…

I think it’s safe to say that many of us fear our deepest darkest secrets being revealed to strangers (or even people we know intimately). But what if the act of revelation in the face of INTENSE fear (possible public shaming) was tantamount to being, dare I say, Christ-LIKE? What if public revelation is an ACT that can TRULY save us? How much longer are we gonna shoot fear? Bomb it? Bodies fall, buildings crumble, but IT remains. Maybe it’s time to do something different; let it all out. Free ourselves from the ‘demon’ of relativity by divorcing ourselves from the notion that we MUST be only ONE thing.

So what if you’re confused about who you are. Let that be known…in all its idiosyncratic, confusing, contradictory glory. All those words by the way—are nothing but relationships! And since relationships are things that means there is nothing REALLY idiosyncratic, confusing or contradictory about idiosyncratic, confusing or contradictory (once again: ∞ ÷ ∞ = 1) therefore there is nothing really revelatory about your revelations???!!! You’re just talking the shit OUT of you; purging nonsense that has plagued us for-fucking-ever. The only NEW thing about it is the fact that it is happening to YOU! Oh, and if your dirty laundry turns some folks off, so be it; if they don’t like it they can simply delete you; it’s not that hard.


Please do not fear the mythical language (savior, demon, Hitler) I’ve been using in this post. Truth is there’s really nothing ‘mythical’ about it. It’s actually the manifestation of some of the realest shit we know. Take demons for instance, which are kinda like artificially intelligent beings created by our fear (fear bots); and just like an aggressive spy-bot on your PC or an enemy AI bot in a first-person shooting game, their mission is to destroy…and their method of madness, their big bad weapon of mass destructive chaos is……shit talking. That’s it! That’s how they break us down. They’re the internal, perpetually negative voice that has us thoroughly convinced we can’t be BETTER. And I don’t mean ‘better’ in a way relative to others, but relative to ourselves! But we can beat them. By letting them speak. By letting them show us who they really are. Which is full of shit. And all we gotta do to let ’em out is reveal! Get it all out of our systems. Cleanse our souls.


That’s WAY too hard. Instead, let’s just…


…talk shit about the people that are most frequently (and passively) passed in front of our faces. It is SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH easier to tattle on others…and a lot more fun too. One ‘cool’ thing about this talking-shit-about-lives-we-wouldn’t-dare-live phenomenon is its inclusiveness; doesn’t matter your race, sex, gender, religion or sexuality—we ALL seem to love talking shit…brutal shit too. But I get it. When we talk shit we get to play one of our favorite social games3: the At Least I’m Not game. The game where you find someone whose shit you believe is shittier than yours and shit on them…relentlessly… “Yeah, I may be fucked up, but at least I’m not THAT(!) fucked up.”, then others hovering around your same At Least level rush to corroborate; which helps to ensure that the lot of you stay right where you socially are, and that is VERY important. You wanna maintain your level. You wanna stay as far away from Absolute Least as possible. Very few co-signers ‘down’ there. You’ll be all by yourself ‘down’ there. But you know what?…

It might not be all that bad. You might be able to FINALLY get some REAL shit done.

1. The existence of women prevents men from being an absolute thing; so in a way she is responsible for his lack of moral perfection as he must now ‘consider’ another being. Another being who is like him, but VERY(?) different. He hasn’t even figured out what the hell he’s all about and now he’s got this ‘weaker’ being (that is ONE thing he is CERTAIN of) claiming that SHE is the ONE who gave him LIFE?!

    “No way!!! It was ‘a’ HIM who gave me life. There is no mother of man, only a father! THE Father to be exact!!! An’ he looks just fuckin’ like me!”

Now if that ain’t some interesting inadequacy-exposing shit. Also makes you wonder why we’re so concerned with social media turning us into an army of narcissistic sociopaths, when many of our religions hinge on this very concept. Almost every religion posits that its male followers are chosen individuals who are just a mere step down from the God that created every-DAMN-thing that ever was and ever will be. Here’s the fucked up part: They’re ALL right! Every last one of ’em. Every last religion. But the women are VERY MUCH a part of the afterimage too. EveryTHING is.

2. ‘an intense, unrelenting awareness of relativity’ is essentially what THIS part of existence IS. Maybe there is an ‘other life’ that is devoid of such relative hang-ups. Another ‘type’ of awareness ‘after’ this one. Hmmmmmm…

3. Next time you’re out at a crowded public place dial into some of the conversations going on around you. See how quickly you can determine what they are ABOUT. I bet the vast majority will be about people who are not there. I also bet that the remarks will be of a disapproving nature. ESPECIALLY if you happen to be at a place frequented by people on breaks from work…and THAT right there should tell you something…

    “Let me get away from this job I hate for a staggeringly brief moment to talk about the people I hate at said job with one or a few of the people I either like, kinda like or merely tolerate from said job…who will later become fodder for lunch break chats when they are not present. And yes, I know that I too will provide them with material when I am away, but hey, that’s just the nature of the beast.”

It is INCREDIBLY interesting how making and co-signing disparaging remarks about other people is perfectly ‘okay,’ ‘normal,’ but when someone strips themselves bare and reveals uncomfortable truths about THEMSELVES(!) we look on in horror. This is VERY telling. Perhaps we fear the confessor because we feel challenged by their boldness. We could NEVER see ourselves being so bold; hence the tinge of vicarious embarrassment we THINK we are feeling FOR them, but in reality we’re feeling BECAUSE of them. It is a defense mechanism of sorts. We don’t wanna go anywhere near ‘there’ even though we know that in order to free ourselves from the burden of fear (false limitations) we must. It’s just too damn hard!!! There’s no way we can talk shit about ourselves! Out loud???!!!!

But maybe we should give it a try. Even if it’s something ‘small’ like admitting a jealousy, a phobia, a weakness…just #befree.

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