Sinful-Sex Spawn

Waterhouse Nymphs

    J.M. Waterhouse, Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)

If you (were able to) look back on the long history of sexual unions that preceded and are responsible for your birth you would likely find that many were absent of love or even consent. This may be where all the ‘born into sin’ business comes from. We feel ashamed of our history of unsanctified (by love) unions. We want to be ‘holy,’ but how can we be holy if we’re the product of SEVERAL loveless roll-arounds? In other words: We are here BECAUSE of lust; dirty, dirty lust for the even dirtier flesh. We are heathens by birth. That’s a helluva burden to bear right off the existential bat. But there is a silver-lining. A GLORIOUS one. Love found a way through all of that ‘dirt’ DIRECTLY to YOU. You are HERE and you possess a gift for the world. A unique, special something and only YOU know what it is. It’s that thing you REALLY want to do, but can’t because everything else keeps getting in the way. That thing that could inspire others to open their gifts which in turn could inspire others to—you know the rest. It’s kinda like spreading love when you think about it. Oh, and what if this is the only way to break the ‘curse?’


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