3 apples

We live our lives aware of only ONE soul. Our own……yet we are the product of an infinity of souls which means the soul of EVERYONE who came before us is within us (and we possess the souls of everyone who will be). Now look around. The ‘souls’ are out THERE too! Grab an apple. Take a bite. Notice how you feel ‘different?’ A sweet taste rests on your tongue. Substance in your belly. But the apple IS you! How can it ‘make’ you feel different? It’s just another story created by the infinite soul; one of an infinitely diverse collection. It is comprised of many different faces and exists in many different places.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be worried. I mean I created a whole website devoted to exposing relative diversity. My goal has been to find the absolute core principle. The ONE true thing that rests under the infinite layers of diversity. But does IT ‘want’ to be discovered? It seems to escape me every single time I THINK I get close. I’m always running into more layers, infinite layers to be exact! That means there is NO one true thing. Only infinite true THINGS!!!! But where does the soul of it reside?

Oh yeah, that’s right!…

It IS the soul. Thank God we dig all this trickery or else we—

Wait a minute. Thank who?


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