It’s so damn weird how we IMMEDIATELY label someone if they hit a few of the stereotypes for their race, sex, nationality, religion, look, clothing preference, etc. You know the routine: Say there’s a girl who is pretty AND occasionally does some stuck-up shit she becomes a ‘typical’ stuck-up pretty girl who ‘thinks she’s all that’ before we find out ANYTHING else about her. But maybe we WANTED* to hate her. Maybe we were LOOKING for a reason to and she delivered us a stereotypical gem. Now we have a place for the hate we were harboring. So do our hateful-ass friends! They wanted to hate her too! We talked about it constantly! Well, not about ‘wanting’ to hate her. We would never expose ourselves like that. We just speculated about her and what she would ‘more than likely’ be so AS SOON as she did some ‘stuck-up shit’ we were ready!

Let’s say our Stuck-Up Pretty Girl™ becomes aware of this perception. Let’s say it is ‘typically’ held by girls who aren’t ‘typically’ considered attractive. Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what ‘our hero’ is gonna do next…

    “Jealous bitches always hatin’ on me because I’m cute. They WISH they could look this good.”

She lets her OWN hate go. And OF COURSE the Jealous Bitches™ are gonna fire back. After all, she just fed them a big-ass piece of ‘hate-justification.’ And although Stuck-Up disagrees with their assertion about her character, she is now playing THEIR game (and that’s all they really wanted). A game they are VERY good at…

    “Bitch, who do you think you are? I ain’t jealous of you. Stuck-up bitches always thinking someone is jealous of them! I’m just mad that you take all those selfies in that dirty-ass room of yours. And if you so pretty, why don’t you have a man? Tired bitch.”

And this shit will keep going and going until someone gets fed up and closes the loop. Oh, and don’t worry if the person you WANT to hate doesn’t return the favor. Remember, it’s not about them. They were only a couple of stereotypical beats anyway, not a REAL person.

Ain’t that awesome???!!!

That means you’re sure to find other people to hate! All you gotta do is check off a couple things and you’ll be in there hatin’ the fuck outta their swimwear…and with so many REASONS to choose from how can you lose? Seriously, how many ways can you lose?

* Why do we WANT to hate? What do we get out of it? Maybe hate is a resting place for our insecurities. Oftentimes the people we want to hate make us feel uncomfortable (be it because we’re jealous, confused, afraid, etc.) and a way to reconcile with this discomfort is to place the things that make us feel uneasy in nice, tidy little boxes. Out of sight out my mind, right? Well, not really. A curious thing happens when we actively TRY to dismiss a person or group: they don’t quite exit our minds like we had hoped. Ironically, we become defined by them

If you click the ‘defined…’ link above you will be taken to a list of ‘hate groups’ active in America. I kinda have a problem with this designation. It’s kind of self-righteous. WHO gets to say who hates who? WHAT gave them that right? Oh, and for the sake of this post I hate irony.

While I got you on the line…

I know people tire of this ‘hater’ stuff. I’ve read the complaints bemoaning the fact that everybody THINKS they have haters nowadays, but really, this is nothing new. Maintaining hate delusions has been kinda our shit for a while now. We gotta keep at least one boogie-man. Someone who seems to have a legitimate REASON to hate us. That makes it easier to hate them (fuck Eurasia!!!). The internet isn’t CREATING a hate culture it is EXPOSING what has always been HERE. One would think the internet would possess zero hate. Everything we LOVE is on here. Why not just seek out what we love and not what we hate? Why complain about something WE DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING WATCH/READ???!!! Why not just spend our time lost in a love delusion. Surrounded by all the digital things that bring us joy?

Oh yeah. I almost forgot.

Hate brings us joy.

It is a celebration of our concession to fear…

    “Damn it! What am I gonna do?! I can’t take being trapped in this SELF!!! It’s not that I outright hate it, I just don’t GET it…and I look around and I see all these people that seem to have no problems at all; comfortable-as-hell in their own skin. Why? How are they coping? I can’t deal with this shit! FUCK!!! What am I gonna do?

    “I got it!

    “I’ll just fire invective after invective at them. If I can hit ’em, rattle ’em a’litte I can expose them for the imperfect messes that they truly are. I’m going to KILL their exceptionalism. They will no longer be BETTER than me. Things will be balanced. Things will be fair.”

But what happens if all our shots bounce off? What do we do then? Maybe we can amass an army like the girls above. Come at the source of our hate screaming, sharp pointy objects held menacingly overhead. But what if that doesn’t work either? What then? Do we continue our descent into hate…or do we do something else?


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