Weird Alien Shit


I’m about to say some shit about turning the other cheek, but I must first divulge that I have not lived my life according to this (don’t know if I actually could) so it might help if you pretend these are the words of someone else. Someone with the gravitas to say something like this. Anyway, here goes…

The most ‘violent’ thing about violence is the THOUGHT (the quiet rage) that precedes its physical manifestation; the ‘act’ of violence is rather sterile, cold. It’s ‘just’ violence: Physical bodies colliding with other physical bodies resulting in relative destruction of said physical bodies. In the case of our physical bodies, such collisions can result in death which reduce us to flailing gravity slaves; all our unique mannerisms vanish in a flash…

But where do WE go? Our essence may no longer be piloting our bodies, but WE are still very much alive. Our bodies don’t die either. We have just been ‘freed’ from them and they have been freed from us (at least I would like to hope).

And to think, all this action ‘expanded away’ from a thought. A peculiarly intoxicating thought; one that sends us out, looking for fights that we WILL MOST DEFINITELY FIND. But what would happen if we AGGRESSIVELY ‘fought’ the urge to fight?

The ‘enemy’ would bomb us relentlessly, take our land and replace our history with their own. No one would ever know we even existed.

Damn. THAT’S what turning the other cheek gets you?!

Yes, but divinely no…too……

The Cheek Turners weren’t ACTUALLY obliterated. They are STILL very much here…in US! We may not look ‘like’ them, but they are most definitely HERE.

Colonialism’s on-paper purpose may be to acquire a few new lands and SEVERAL new subj(ugated people)ects, but its REAL purpose is…

“Just look at them. Damn. [Long legs, dark, divinely smooth, shiny skin]. Such peculiar, exotic animals. I MUST have them. But first I must destroy and emasculate their men.”

Amidst all the blood and destruction NEW hybrid people are produced that possess the genetic information of two different peoples who evolved in two different regions of the planet with two different climates (a’lotta folks like to call these peoples ‘races’); they have children of their own and then those children have children of their own and so on and so forth until we arrive here, at US.

The spirit of the so-called conquered peoples lives within us. They are our puppeteers, pulling our genetic strings, creating our MODERN world in the midst of the Relentless Bombers and their relentless bombing. War after war, from nation’s birth to nation’s death—it actually bases its identity on these fights, as a result, routine skirmishes become NECESSARY!!!! This creates a cycle so vicious that the only way to slow it down may be to do nothing in the face of it. Yeah, we’ll all die, but at least we’ll be free from the pain.


Hell no!!!!! There’s no fucking way we’re just gonna sit there and LET them kill us!!! That shit’s weird!!!! Do you know the kinda balls and the kinda faith required to die for the sins of the present so that the future MIGHT(?!) be blessed?

These kinda balls… This kinda faith…

This looks crazy-as-hell to us. We can’t RELATE. We think they are killing themselves for NO REASON. I mean, their oppressors aren’t going to change their ways any time soon. Why do they do this? Wasting life after life for nothing! It’s so unnecessary. But then again…

What other choice do we have? Maybe a sea of self-immolators marching down major city streets could force our governments to reconsider the nature of their foreign policies. Just think about it: You pop on the news and see 10-15 people walking down your city’s main drag all set ablaze. How do you think the ‘world’ would interpret such scenes? I bet they would STOP whatever the hell they were doing and check it out for longer than ten seconds. And that may be all we can ask for. A moment of consideration.

Would I do something like this? HELL THE FUCK NO!!!! Not many of us would. And I’m not saying we SHOULD. Just pointing out the absurd quagmire that constantly responding to fear with fear puts us in. It takes a LOT to pull us away from it; to open a little space where we can consider our nature. Interestingly, the images of the burning people play on our fears, but we’re not quite sure what to be afraid of. The scene is just so damn peculiar. But the nature of its peculiarity is relative. Let’s say we start averaging seventeen immolation protests a week. The peculiarity would wear thin.

Damn. Guess there’s nothing to do but keep killing each other. But why? What the hell are we fighting FOR? We say we fight to maintain the things that sustain us—land, resources and assorted what-not. But it seems like all we’re REALLY fighting for are opportunities to fight again and damn it if that’s not what we ALWAYS do! It’s like we live to fight. Or… Are we fighting FOR who and what we love? Our fights tend to have ‘good’ intentions. We mean well…


WWII was a ‘good’ war, a ‘just’ war. So goes the popular opinion. We LUST for another war just like it. A battle with clear-cut ‘bad’ guys (them) and ‘good’ guys (us) and a universal agreement to fight ‘fair’ (army versus army). The ‘skirmishes’ in the Middle East aren’t as satisfying as the WWE-esque Royal Rumble that was the last world war. The guys in the desert don’t play by the rules! They don’t fight ‘virtuously.’

What a crock of FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!! But it’s beautiful bullshit!!! We lust for virtue, but since we’re so full of fear that we have to FIND (read: pull straight from ass) a virtue in the ritual spilling of innocent blood.

We believe we are warriors by nature, but we also believe that killers of innocents will be punished…for ETERNITY!!! How can an individual who possesses such contradictory BELIEFS about themselves EVER be considered virtuous? Our very existence seems to stand in defiance of virtue: We must kill (plants, animals, people) in order to survive. That means we must take away from the land that gave us life?! Instead of embracing these inevitable dichotomies we force rigidity, arbitrary definitions; and this may be what is causing all the madness.

The fights we have OUT THERE are projections of the fights we have IN HERE. Fuck that, let’s personalize this. The fights ‘I’ have out there are projections of the fights ‘I’ have in here. And it’s fight after fight. No winners. End up stuck. Nothing to look forward to but more fights. Leads to thinking: Should I stay or should I go? And I’m leaning STRONGLY toward going. I don’t know where I’m gonna go though, I just know I feel really funny about HERE. Uncomfortable, antsy. Out there might be completely unknown, but it’s GOTTA be better than this bullshit factory, so with that I bid you farewell.

Wait a minute. Let me take this gun outta my mouth. This isn’t OUR fault. We didn’t start the fight, we’re just infinitely trying to finish it. WHO is the ONE who started this eternal game of Risk?

It was YOU, wasn’t it? Yeah, YOU!!!! You have the nerve to be different. You have the nerve to counter me in such stark ways. It’s disconcerting. Disorienting. Who in the hell are you anyway? Why are you here? Where did you come from? And why are you ‘kinda’ similar to me? That really fucks with my head. Are you BETTER than me? Am I better than you? Are we equa— No. Can’t be that. Just look how different you look…and ACT!!! But then again, you’re also ‘kinda’ simi—


This is giving me a headache. How about I just get rid of you altogether? Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

No. What am I talking about? I’m blaming YOU for my confusion. I shouldn’t do— But it IS kinda your fault. If you weren’t here I wouldn’t even be having these thoughts. I wouldn’t even know that these kinda thoughts existed. I would just be—

DAMN IT!!!! Why MUST you exist???!!! I don’t GET it. It doesn’t make any sense. I was doing fine before you got here. What am I supposed to do NOW? How are we supposed to relate? Why are you not saying anything? Say something!!! Actually, forget it. I don’t care what you have to say. You’re not me. I’m ALL that matters. It’s ALL about me.

Right? Come on, I need answers! Is there some sort of authority who can let me know which one of us matters more? I need some light shed on this. I’m about to lose my mind.


I’m done with this shit. Here’s what it is: We CAN’T love like we HATE. We are virtuosos of hate. You see all these fucking weapons we got?! One man can destroy scores in seconds. Create torrents of passionate emotional reaction. So many grieving families. So many tears. So much anger. Just machine-gunnin’ hate. BUT THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GOOD AT!!!!!!! We can’t spread love like that!!! We don’t have any love bombs or care grenades. Besides, that kindness shit doesn’t work anyway. Yeah, you may put a couple smiles on a couple faces, but the minute they leave your corny cheek-turning-love-thy-neighbor ass they’ll be right back in the REAL world with their REAL fear; and this sick, twisted ‘world’ of our terrified creation will feed that fear everything it wants and needs. Over and over a-fucking-gain.

Routine-death-and-destruction-by-our-own-damn-hands is here to stay. We destroy ourselves too damn well to stop now. I don’t think there’s another species on this planet that’s as good at protracted suicide as we are. It is in our NATURE and we cannot subvert it no matter how hard we try. All we do is fear, hate, kill, fear, hate, kill. If some lovey-dovey shit happens in-between, fine, but that ain’t US, that’s an anomaly, a miracle…that’s something else.

Truth be told: I wanna be where something else is right now. Tired of being HERE. Tired of fighting myself and blaming others for it; others who are also fighting themselves and blaming others for it. I can’t deal with this collective bullshit anymore. There’s GOTTA be somewhere I can go. Someplace far AWAY from all of this. Damn it, where is that place???!!! I wanna go. Right now.

One more thing… Why do we think we are somehow more creative than our ancestors? Why do we think their more fantastical art and literature HAD to have been influenced by real-life visits from real-life aliens (or gods)? Why can’t things like this be our ancestors’ version of things like this? Or things like this be their version of things like this. (I’m gonna get y’all to click some damn hyperlinks if it kills me) Some of you may be wondering how I can compare something that is religious to something that is not. Well, if the sensibility of the artists who created these works is in ANY way similar then the works are united regardless of what we CALL them.

How many times is ‘ancient astronaut theorists’ said on a single episode of Ancient Aliens? It’s gotta be in the triple digits.


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