Superiority’s Nature

For a while I’ve had this crazy theory (different versions have popped up on here over the years) that the CONCEPT of racial superiority may be the result of the perceived1 auspiciousness of certain migratory decisions; which may have been driven by frustration over a string of less-than-stellar harvests and/or a curiosity about the potential of climates other than dry-warm and wet-warm and/or a sudden debilitating climate event that turned our homeland into an inferno2.

Not all of us left. There were many who stayed behind. Probably for myriad reasons. Maybe some of them found the explorers foolish, maybe they feared the unknown or maybe they didn’t have the means to move, or maybe they just dug their equatorial home (after all, it was the only ‘home’ they knew).

What if those who left we’re considered brave, innovative, visionary adventurers3? A special minority of pre-people who migrated north‘ or ‘up’ and transformed into beings that starkly contrasted their ancestors. They went from dark to light; from mirroring the thing the sun saved them from (darkness4) to the thing it saved them with (light5). They became like their life-giver, sustainer; in other words: like the thing we would later call God!

Oh, before I continue, please note: this is not a tale about our recent seafaring ancestors, this is the (possible) story of our long, long, long ago family; our pre-history kinfolk.

Imagine what our ancestors thought when they ‘discovered’ seasons and temperate climates. Imagine how it affected their sensibilities6. Especially when they contrasted these discoveries with the tales about the land of their forefathers, which had been passed down through generations7; stories about ‘the land that we left behind‘ that may have become increasingly exaggerated the more times they were told (especially if it was a major climate event that prompted their ancestors’ exodus).

But this doesn’t explain why ‘down’ is bad and ‘up’ is good. Maybe down is considered bad because it is where the ground resides—the place we ‘fall’ when we die. It’s also the covering that hides ‘sinister’ stuff like this…

…and also, SUDDENLY, with ZERO warning it does stuff like this…

The sky on the other hand, offers awe-inspiring light shows8

It is a place of magic. Wonder. Mystery. Heaven. (And occasional, extremely relatively rare devastating phenomena.)

The perspective at which we view our planet—and for that matter the solar system—is somewhat arbitrary. When we venture outside of our atmosphere up, down, left, right cease to exist. From there we can view our solar system from all sorts of crazy angles. Neither of them a definitive, absolute viewpoint. The only thing that ‘defines’ our solar system is the cyclical, sun dependent movement of its bodies. The angle at which this dance ABSOLUTELY occurs is impossible to pinpoint. But low-an’-behold, a migratory decision did just that. Our ancestors saw crazy shit like this…

…and probably thought the thing we would later call God was putting on a show just for them! Had the sun moving sideways in a crazy undulating pattern for half the year and then disappearing for the other half???!!! Just all sorts of fantastical wunduhs?????!!!!! We knew exactly where ‘up’ was then.

But wait a minute…the same thing happens ‘down’ there…

No problem. We’ll just turn that into ‘south up.’…

1. How can we ‘remember’ things that happened generations upon generations upon generations upon generations upon generations upon generations ago when we can barely even remember what we did yesterday?! Well, our conscious mind may KEEP us ignorant to the truths of our (infinite) origins, but our DNA contains an infinity of ‘memories.’ Everything that we are is everything that we were and everything that we will be is everything that we are.

2. Our concepts of hell might have origins in both the intense heat of the equatorial region and the heat the matter that became us once resided in (that primordial ooze stuff). When things get too hot (or too scary) we leave and seek relatively cooler environs, but what would happen if the whole damn globe became ‘too hot?’ Where would we go then? The moon?

3. Just look around. ‘Light’ people are everywhere!!! All over the globe!!! And not just as visitors and tourists, but settlers, colonists, opportunists, claim-stakers, death-and-destruction bringers, culture bombers. Light man goes wherever he wants whenever he wan—

Wait a minute. Wait one terrifying minute.

4. The sun sees the DARK in us no matter how bright our exterior shines—it exposes a FOUNDATION of darkness UNDERNEATH. That ‘inconvenient truth’ that we often vilify, DEMONIZE.

The fact that we are made up of star (or light) stuff adds a cheeky bit of irony to the mix.

5. Some of us splintered off and decided to go towards the sun. Even claimed the spot where we settled as the land where it first rises.

What if a massive solar flare (or CME) hit us long ago and sent auroras (that seemed to originate from a particular point, like some beckoning hand of God) all around the globe. What if this was the First Wonder that inspired (some of) us to move? What if prior to moving we bickered over the point from which the wonder emanated? What if this prompted us to wander off in several different directions and to settle in several different locations? What if all of our constant fighting has been to prove which of our respective CHOSEN lands is the ‘chosenest?’ What if our brutality is nothing but a vicious ego trip/temper tantrum? What would happen if we ALL saw the irony in this? Would we chill out for a second? Reflect?

Imagine the existential crisis that the knowledge that the sun didn’t disappear, but simply went somewhere else caused. Maybe it went a little like this…

“So…the light doesn’t COMPLETELY disappear? It just goes somewhere else for a spell, illuminates some other lands? I thought The Ball of Illumination was driven by our faith in God; a God that I now know indiscriminately shares its light. I once foolishly thought my people and our land were the only things the light illuminated. I once thought it was our incessant prayers, our slavish adherence to ritual that earned its attention; every fabric of our culture is devoted to that light! Everything from our bowls to our baskets to our elaborate places of worship to our final resting places. We devoted it ALL! We thought we had to toil, to bleed for its love. Turns out its warmth is merely mechanical, its truth scientific, cold, disloyal. Damn. Why did I have to chase it? I would have never known this crushing truth if I hadn’t been so hard-pressed to leave home. What am I to do now?”

6. The constant beat of the sun may have led to the constant beat of the drum. Temperate climates on the other hand, may have inspired more languorous expressions.

7. Our early origin stories may have been spread via a combination of drawings, demonstrative gestures, grunts, and exaggerated expressions. For example, to describe the land where her people migrated from, an ancestor may have pointed to the sun (or drew a picture of it in the sand), feigned being extremely hot (wiped her brow, walked hunched over) and sighed exasperatedly; basically dynamic mime. This may have been a skill shared by only a handful of highly revered (and ostracized if their version of events didn’t jibe with the status quo) individuals. Think of them as the preacher/historians of their age.

8. Once we learned how to create our own light we surrounded ourselves with it, washed out the stars. No need to look ‘up’ anymore.


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