just me and you…

Something just hit me: I’ve been calculatingly transparent with y’all. Yeah, some of the posts feature personal truths, but those are ‘works’ that take days, sometimes even weeks to complete (mostly due to laziness). I seldom just jump on here and tell you what’s REALLY going on. No graphics. No dressing.

Here goes…

First off… I’m a real muthafucking person, just like YOU! That has to be said off top. Secondly… I’m somewhat shocked and then somewhat not by this uncomfortable space a recent ex’s ‘new’ happiness put me. I mean ‘where I allowed it to put me.’ What?! Nah. No need to flip-it-around just yet. The shit was weird. Stung a little. Raised more questions than anything else though. Questions I must put out of my mind. Only leads to me feeling bitter about an-other’s happiness and that’s that bullshit (that lonely rabbit-hole shit; huddled in a corner with multi-layered fantasies about what “they’re” doing on your mind constantly, that’s all “you’re” ‘doing’). Plus, I don’t have any space for ’em. I need room for these awesome ideas to roam around. Speaking of which, any real-life FREE 1s out there wanna help bring some of my crazier, untamed ideas into fruition. Dead serious.


I just realized I installed a ‘hate box’ in my letters section. My whiny-ass letters section. Fuck it. Let’s see what happens.


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