“my savior”

my savior

“She was a for-real, on-the-stroll, twenty-inch heels an’ fishnet stockin’ wearin,’ John collectin,’ ruthless-pimp havin’ ho. She walked back-and-forth, up-and-down streets all over this country for many, many years. But now—now she’s in a totally different world. Square job. Nice house. Luxury sedan out front. She’s doin’ all right for herself. She really values what she has too. She tells me she doesn’t miss her old life at all. She said it had its moments—the best were what she calls the fun-scary moments. Speaking of which…

“She took me into the city one night. We went to a couple cool little spots. Awesome music, people, food. Places I NEVER even knew EXISTED! We were running through alleys, on rooftops. It was fucking amazing! One of the best nights of my life! Something I didn’t know I needed. And it came right on time. But I feel weird about it. I wouldn’t have had that experience without her going through all that bullshit. She lived a crazy, real-ass LIFE. Her stories stun me to silence. Break my heart wide open. She laughs at my reactions. Like to-tears laughter. I just can’t take the depravity. The brutality. Makes me angry. Makes me wanna go back and destroy everyone who ever harmed her. She says she would kill me if I did that though. She doesn’t want me going back and fucking up her progress. She says she’s good now. Finally.”


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