Revolutions are a lot like volcanic eruptions. They appear to happen suddenly, but are actually the result of several reactions. The eruptions are what we SEE and RESPOND to. We are ignorant to the deep internal grumblings that precede them. The suddenness of the blast shocks us and the ensuing chaos of lava and ash confuse and scare us, but once the lava cools it becomes new land on which new life sprouts, and then everything goes back to being nice and boring again…until another eruption disrupts things. The relative rarity of the eruption is what gets our attention; it diverts our attention away from the humdrum, much like those sexy-ass revolutions. We romanticize the unrest because it is an aberration that breaks up the monotony that has the potential to bring about rapid change; and what makes them REALLY sexy is the fact that they are usually carried out by lowly proles just like us!!! But after the blood dries and the celebrations in the street cease, all we’re left with is a ‘new mundane.’ A new ruling class that will one day be usurped by a new batch of revolutionaries who will then become the new squares and around-and-around we go. So really, there is nothing Revolutionary™ about revolution, which begs the question: What ‘is’ TRULY Revolutionary™?

Oh yeah, this weird shit.


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