Racism or Narcissism?


    Caravaggio, Narcissus (1590s)

The lives we truly value tend to be our own and the people we grew up around and trusted with said life; people ‘like’ us. We feel safest around people who have shown a willingness to protect us and take care of us, and those people tend to be familiars; either in relation and/or physical appearance. This is why a this-person may find a little that-person baby adorable, might even feel compelled to hug him/her, pinch his/her puffy little cheeks (or adopt them), but the this-person may not be able to break free from the crippling thought that the baby is an ‘other.’

No matter how much we may ‘like’ people who contrast us, we have a really hard time shaking the perception that they are somehow different in a way that prevents us from ‘fully’ relating to them.


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