Time is like a service bot that has been programmed to do an intensely nano-focused, super-meticulous task over-and-over-again. That task: measuring the distance between objects in space and the relative rates in which those objects change. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years are all measurements of RELATIVE distance. There is also a ‘distance’ between one thing transforming into another thing (read: those ‘relative rates of change’), but here’s the rub on all of this: rates of change aren’t REALLY relative. Yes, it may seem like it takes longer for a mountain to evolve into form than a flower to grow, but at what ‘point’ does the FIRST change occur? When does a thing say “Time to become another thing now” and then START to become another thing? Also, WHERE do these changes occur? They seem to happen right out in the open: a boy becomes a man, a single-celled organism becomes a dinosaur, caterpillars become butterflies, seasons change, we live/die—but we never SEE these changes (even though they’re happening right IN FRONT OF OUR DAMN FACES). All we see are the illusory beginnings and endings of infinite, yet hidden core (nuclear) reactions; the changes never REALLY begin nor end because they’re always HAPPENING!!! Infinitely!!!

This concept is hard to wrap our brains to wrap around because they don’t want to ‘wrap around,’ they want to ‘lay it out’…linearly, beat-to-beat.

It is very, very hard for us to let go of time. After all, it’s our baby; our artificially intelligent creation. It helps us make sense of the relative, all-around us, infinite mess.

Here, let’s conduct a little experiment…

Play the following black/white strobe video (seizure warning!) and try to stop it on a point when it goes from black-to-white or white-to-black.

Impossible, right? Such a point doesn’t exist. But then again, it does! It is the point of contrast, the place where the changes are constantly happening. The point where things relate. The point of relative perception that cannot be seen, tasted, touched, smelled or measured, but IS very much there. Without it no-thing would exist. It is a place beyond time. It is nowhere and everywhere. It is something and nothing. It is the thing that exposes the illusory nature of all things…and it exists within us and all things…facilitating all sorts of relationships. CREATING our world.


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  1. 1 Spaceman's Hairdo January 11, 2016 at 6:52 am

    Reblogged this on Tricky Relativity and commented:

    Everything that we are is everything that we were and everything that we will be is everything that we are which means time is fulla shit. We ain’t got nothin’ but the moment. ‘Right now’ is the realest shit there is.

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