We like to pat ourselves on the back for our so-called superior intelligence. But what IS intelligence? And can it be quantified? It seems it is no more than an ability to notice and CREATE relationships between things. Basic intelligence could be considered making ‘basic’ relationships like say an apple to the tree it hangs from; advanced or ‘superior’ intelligence could be considered making fractional, branching relationships, like the apple to its color, to its shape, to its edibility, to its differences in relation to other types of apples and other types of fruit and so-on-and-so-forth. Perhaps the more relative angles we create the more intelligent we seem. But what if we are simply ‘obsessed’ with making relationships? A longtime obsession that we have a peculiar should-we-or-shouldn’t-we RELATIONSHIP with. Perhaps the ‘reason’ for this manic drive to detect and create relationships is to create as much distance from ourselves and the truth of our mortal existence as possible. By busying ourselves with an endless bounty of man-made relative diversity we, in essence, have subverted time. Maybe that’s why we have so many different lug nuts to accommodate so many different machines which are available in so many different stores. But is this superior?

In relation to WHOM? WHAT?

Other lifeforms? But why do we think they’re inferior? Because they don’t make as many relationships to their surroundings as we do? How do we know this? We have no idea what they are thinking, feeling. What if some of the relationships they are making aren’t manifested in ways we can SEE or interpret? Also, why do they seem to be living in harmony with their surroundings while we bumble around not giving a single fuck about anything or anyone (including those who are, were and will be)? How ‘superior’ is that?

I don’t know! There is no way to absolutely know! Especially considering our concept of superiority was created by us!!! So all we can confidently assert is that according to us we possess a vastly superior intellect. But where did our intelligence come from? What created it? How did it evolve? Maybe it’s the product of curiosity. Not our own, but a universal, ubiquitous curiosity that manifests in us and AS us (read: our very existence is a ‘curious’ response to the world around us and the world around us is a curious response to us). Now I know some may take issue with the context in which I’m using the word curious as it suggests the existence of a nebulous, disembodied awareness, but I mean this in a practical way so no need to get your myopic intelligence-and-life-are-mutually-exclusive panties in a bunch.

The apple and the being who consume it are both questions; both manifestations of a cosmic and very manic “Hmmmm…let’s try this…” energy. Manic in the sense that it doesn’t wait around to see if any of its experiments will actually work, it just keeps trying new shit over-and-over-again. Not concerned with getting anything ‘right’ or ‘wrong’…it’s JUST experimenting.

JUST like us.

Well, ‘kinda’ like us. We have been quite literally killing ourselves in a bitter internal dispute over what IS and what ISN’T right/wrong. A futile fight for answers that only creates ‘new’ questions that we will also futilely fight to answer. It’s faith, possibility and practicality all tangled up. A seemingly irreconcilable mess, but yet it exists. It IS us. And we are here.


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