Why you treat me so bad?

Wile E. Coyote’s constant pursuit of the Roadrunner seems to be less a hunt for food and more a hunt for his grand purpose: Is he fated to be the whipping-boy of his sparsely populated universe? Will the clueless, vapid roadrunner forever be granted favor at his EXPENSE? After an eternity of trial-and-error it seems he has resolved to a hey-I-get-it-God-you-kinda-hate-me-but-I’m-NEVER-gonna-stop-even-though-I-KNOW-I’m-gonna-fail-BECAUSE-of-you existence. It’s as if he is defying God via obsessively relentless perseverance.

Many wonder why Wile E. doesn’t try the same thing twice. Especially when considering some of his best ideas are only ruined by minor, easily rectifiable issues. I think it speaks to his anarchistic spirit. Wile E. is an anarchist in the truest sense. Most think anarchy is simply a temporarily absurd means to a consistently mundane end, but really it’s constant difference. One could say Wile’s anarchistic nature mirrors the universe he occupies which operates under a set of constantly shifting physical laws, but actually these laws are not as arbitrary as they seem; they are explicitly orderly in that they work to ensure the roadrunner’s unmolested existence. The only TRUE anarchist in this equation is Mr. Coyote.

Imagine living for an eternity in a world that constantly conspired to keep you away from the ONE thing you desired. Imagine that thing being presented to you each-and-everyday as if to mock you, spite you. How would you handle this? Would you give up or challenge the mocking force? Wile E. is a genius in a world that favors stupidity, but he refuses to acquiesce to it. Matter of fact, he decides to raise the bar each and every time in an effort to flip-the-tables on God. In this way Wile E. can be consi—


“Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude Spaceman, but I’m gonna go ahead and take this one myself. Also, no need to be abstract when you talk about this stuff. Look ’em straight in the eye…

“So you favor stupidity over smarts, but what are YOU? You seem intelligent. There is no way an unintelligent force could manipulate physical laws in the way you do. Especially with such obvious purpose. Would you show me favor if I dumbed things down a bit? How dumb would I have to go? Dumber than the bird? Or maybe…you just want me to continue doing what I do. Maybe it’s a challenge to you. Maybe you NEED a challenge. But what do I get out of this? Obviously not what ‘I’ want; which is more than JUST a challenge. I WANT THAT DAMN BIRD!!! I’ve been chasing it my whole life, yet you CONTINUOUSLY deny me the satisfaction of capturing it. That is ALL I want.

“And don’t hit me with that it’s-only-what-I-THINK-I-want jive. You gotta remember man, I’m ALWAYS hungry! I CAN’T stop doing what I do. And you’re not gonna stop either. So you see, we’re built the same way, but yet I lose and the damn bird wins. But then again… What is it that he REALLY wins?! Jackass just runs around aimlessly, making dumb noises. When you think about it: Nobody’s winning. Well, maybe YOU are. That is if you find some sort of enjoyment in all of this. Speaking of which, sometimes I can sense this overwhelming expression of mirth…coming from some unknown place. I kinda like that part. I kinda look forward to that part. It’s probably the ONLY thing I look forward to.”


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