B0003402 Early human embryo

This idea that we are somehow doomed from birth may be a manifestation of the fact that life seems to be about nothing BUT death. As soon as we are physically conceptualized—I’m talking in-the-womb conceptualized—we start to die. That means AS SOON AS we ‘bang’ into existence we begin our march to death. Why do we just LET this happen though? Why not do something about it instead of ‘worshiping’ its inevitability with all this blowin’ each other to bits fear-fetishism? Maybe we can be ‘saved’ if we believe in something other than this certainty? Something that will allow us to live forever. But what is this ‘something?’ This ‘savior?’ Well, I know what mine is, I don’t know what it is for you though, all I DO know is that you LOVE the shit out of it. Oh, and this crazy picture is us. Back when we were just eight cells and’a dream.


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