The E(In)ternal Apocalypse

lego horsemen

Of course dark, scary prophecy is coming true. It’s ALWAYS coming true…because we’ve ALWAYS been afraid of the same shit! I’m sure many of you have had experiences in your lives where fears (read: intense worries) have manifested as reality thanks to that busy little demon known as self-sabotage. I know I have. Speaking of sabotage…

Media exposure to real-life examples of things we once only wondered about is scaring the shit outta us! We can’t handle being exposed to the dark idiosyncrasies of our world. All the horrible, ghastly, vicious stories that confirm our deepest, darkest fears. It’s as if our nightmares have been yanked from our subconscious and are now streaming right in front of our faces. Everything we’ve ever worried about happening IS happening. In high definition. With crystal clear sound.

Now our fears are justified. We now have undeniable proof that evil runs amok. Even before the internet and its fear streams and terror feeds or 24/7 news media and its blood-an’-guts porn we wondered about this stuff. Our religious texts (as well as their uber popularity) speak to just how much we wondered. They also speak to how much we witnessed. Although the world we have access to online and via our various forms of offline media seems bigger and broader than the one our ancestors had access to, its breadth is only an illusion: We could witness twenty people doing something or twenty-million people doing something, but if they’re ALL doing the same damn thing (fucking and fighting) then the numbers become irrelevant. It becomes all about the spirit then. Or the vibe. Or the feeling we get ABOUT ‘what’ we’re witnessing. If we are terrified by what we’re witnessing we’ll manifest that terror either through fighting against it or acquiescing to it.

We worry about shit, we see the shit we worry about made real, our worry then becomes dogmatic truth. It is no longer irrational. It is ‘something.’ It exists. It is real. Oftentimes realer than anything we know. We even pile into places of worship where we CLAIM to be revering a LOVING God, but all we do is talk about the shit we’re afraid of (read: confused about). As a result we ironically and inadvertently end up worshiping the very thing we CLAIM to hate. Fear is in control…and that right there is kinda scary.


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