Checking the Box

Man…when we get a new epithet we can use to dismiss vast swaths of people we run that sucka into the ground! I’m not exempt from any of this (I really need to stop saying that, as if the number of times I contradict myself on here isn’t telling enough). There’s a new one I’ve been seeing in my e-travels: skruzzo. I’m not going to define it for you. You can hit Google for that. I’m sure once you do this’ll happen…

    “Oooooooh, I actually know a guy like that. I didn’t know they had a name! Awesome! Now I have a box to put him in. Can’t wait to throw it at him during our next Facebook debate! He’s gonna be so pissed!”

Okay, you might not do all that, but you get my point. When we notice similarities between individuals we group them. It’s hard for us NOT to do this. We’re obsessed with quantifying and measuring things. And while we’re grouping others they are grouping us. How we feel about the group in which we are most often placed factors into how we feel about ourselves, and this feeling is typically based on how others feel about the group in which we are most often placed…others ‘outside’ of our group to be exact.

One teeming-below-the-surface irony you’ll find in discussions where high-negative-perception group people are talking about whether or not their high-negative-perception is responsible for their shared problems is an intense mystification: an odd kind of ‘reverence’ for the groups whose members are thought to possess the high-negative-perception. Their LIVES become DICTATED1 by the OTHER group’s perception. And no, high-positive-perception people aren’t immune to this. Their existence is EQUALLY reflective.

I shouldn’t have to point out the irony that I just did this (especially after already doing as much at the top of this post). But I gotta do it. I don’t want people thinking that I think I am better than them. I don’t want them to develop a negative-perception of me based on that. Why though? Ain’t shit I can do about that. Besides, they will never know if I ACTUALLY feel that way. I could confirm or deny it. Doesn’t matter. They will never know how I TRULY feel. So screw them. But who are they? Who are these people who think I think I’m better than? How do I even know they exist? Oh yeah, that’s right. I’ve known some (or ‘a sum of’) people who’ve told me that they thought I thought that I was bett—

I know where this is going. To that ‘what right do I have to say anything when I’m not above this’ place. I need to stop grouping first, and THEN I can talk about it. Authoritatively. Admonishingly. Actually, if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to even speak on the subject as the concept of grouping would have become completely foreign to me. If I no longer grouped how would I know who I was talking to or what I was talking about? I would be detached, free. Not above it all, but ‘without’ it all. Is such a state-of-being even possible?

1. Even if the HNP person claims to hate the the group who negatively perceives them, a lot of what they who they are is a direct, teeter-totter-ass reaction to this perception. In other words: a coping mechanism.


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