black louis ck

My earliest known ancestor is a guy named Roger. No seriously, that’s his name. Fuckin’ Roger. No sir, admiral, saint shit in front of it. No Jackson, Adams, Winston behind it. Just fucking Roger. What family history can you pull from one regular-as-shit name like Roger? Were there other guys named Roger? Did my ancestor know ’em? Did they get into fights? Was it like Highlander? “This one name is all I got, I’ll be damned if I share it with a pencil-dick motherfucker like you!” Did my ancestor say shit like that? Was he an asshole? I don’t know.

I think when you get to the ‘Roger’ point you should be allowed to just make shit up. So fuck it, Roger was the first black therapist slave. No, even better, he wasn’t a slave, he was JUST a therapist. And not JUST the first black therapist… My great, great, great, great, how-ever-many-more great gran’pa Roger was the first therapist in fucking history. The king of therapists actually. Had a crown an’ shit. Fuck it. Why not? I could say he invented dominoes if I wanted to, how could anybody prove me wrong? What could you say?…”I don’t think a slave named Roger could’ve done that,” And I’ll say, “He did a’lotta shit before he became Roger. Being the first man in outer space was only one of them.”


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