Things don’t have to START off real in order to BECOME real. Take this ridiculously popular film franchise for example. George Lucas (and teams of other artists) created a cinematic world so dense, so awe-inspiring that it leapt off the screen and into novels, comic books, cartoon series, videogames, toys, clothing and most importantly US. There’s even a canon that fans are adamant about maintaining. Star Wars is now a thing that both fans and non-fans alike are able to recognize with very little information; a flash of a character’s face, a stab of the score or a sound effect is all it takes.

Crazy thing is: This franchise has only been around for a few decades and it’s already achieved this ‘transcendent’ status. Imagine how much REALER it will become when all of the original artists and fans who are aware of its TRUE ‘fake’ origins die off, but yet IT remains. This is a very REAL possibility as Star Wars is a thing that ‘lives’ within the hearts of MILLIONS of people all over the world (a profound density). People LOVE it and the love is what will, and has, propelled it through time. I don’t know ‘howit will evolve as it comes in contact with different iterations of us along the way, but I’m sure a core principle or principles will remain. I’m sure there will be something there that people of our age would STILL recognize.

And this my friends is how LOVE—and PASSION—subvert TIME. No matter how much a thing evolves—like Darth Vader could become a dude named Kurt Swanson—the love will be the REASON it evolves. Just think about it: The old timeless classics we sing along to; do we sing them out of hate? What about those recipes that have been passed down through generations? The stories? Is it the details of these things that is important or what they are ABOUT that is important? I’m not saying that the details are ‘bad,’ but they do ‘lie.’ Constantly. It’s kinda their nature. They’re ALWAYS evolving, changing shape, functionality, but the love…that lasts forever. Well, I (would like to) BELIEVE it does.


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    Speaking of things not starting off real, but becoming real

    Apparently the BB-8 in the flick was a puppet, but just look: The the BB-8 in the flick was a puppet, but just look, the LOVE for the character has inspired people to MAKE it real.

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